Wednesday, February 6, 2008

pamper my stomach with thong yuen

I said a no no to myself when I woke up lazily this morning and wanted to go back to sleep again. Rushed myself to the shower room and had a splash on myself. I am no more sleepy but very fresh already instead. Today is just a day before Chinese New Year and it is known as a reunion day.. Everybody will be sitting together and have a meal together especially during night time for Reunion Dinner.

I had "thong yuen" for breakfast. In english it is called glunious rice ball with fillings inside. The chinese believe eating this dessert for this festival season is a reunion for the family. Normally it is eaten with ginger in plain sugar water.

Hoever, this morning I ate "Thong yuen" cooked in red bean soup in cantonese "dai hong dai zi' which means a bright future. Nowadays this type of dessert is simple to make by yourself as it is in many ready packages that are being sold in most supermarkets and hypermarkets. Have a good yummy breakfast and pampering your stomach with thong yuen will be a good idea too.


EvilaineKhoo said...

Halo.... wah your blog got many things to eat :p

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