Wednesday, February 6, 2008

eight ninjas want to have reunion meal too

Mork has been staying with me for exactly a year today.. I still remember clearly when I took him back from the Aquatic shop together with the late Mindy who has gone home to be with the Lord last year. Mork was still so tiny and small then. Cutie and adorable he was. Now he has grown much bigger but still consider not too big for his age. He is still cute and attracts my attention most of the time for his naughtiness as he sometimes acts like a big bully during feeding time. He is leader of the seven other ninjas.

Mork says: I am so clean and fresh again after a short bath under the running tap and now I am hungry. Where is my reunion meal?

The rest of the ninjas whispering to each other: Lets make loud noise by scratching at the wall of our home to get more attention.

The ninjas: Yes!! yes!! she heard us.. now we can have a good nice meal. Let's go see who is the fastest to get the food.

The eight ninjas (terappins) are enjoying their meal after fasting for three days.. I will feed them once in three days so that they do not grow too huge in size.


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