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Episode 1 - 43 (Episode Akhir) - 43 Episode Telenovela Broken Vow mula menemui penonton di TV3 mulai 27 Februari 2013 setiap Isnin - Khamis jam 3.00 petang

Pelakon: Bianca King, Gabby Eigenmann, Luis Alandy dan Rochelle.

Sinopsis ringkas Broken Vow di TV3

Melissa (Bianca) seorang wanita yang cantik dan pintar. Tetapi dia mempunyai pengalaman pahit. Dia pernah diculik dan dirogol. Roberto (Gabby) mencintai dan berjanji ingin mengahwini Melissa.

Malangnya, sebelum mereka berkahwin, Melissa mendapati dirinya hamil (tanpa mengetahui siapa yang telah merogolnya sebelum ini). Adakah Roberto akan mengotakan janjinya atau mematahkan janjinya kepada Melissa? Saksikan drama penuh konflik dan air mata di TV3


Bianca King as Melissa Santiago - a simple provincial lass whose life turned upside down because of an unfortunate event.
Luis Alandy as Felix Rastro - the man who saves and helps Melissa overcome her traumatic past.
Gabby Eigenmann as Roberto Sebastian † - a budding politician who abandons Melissa on their wedding day.
Rochelle Pangilinan as Rebecca Sta. Maria - the scorned ex-girlfriend of Roberto who will do anything to win him back


Melissa Santiago (played by Bianca King) is a beautiful and street-smart woman who becomes the apple of the eye of Roberto Sebastian (played by Gabby Eigenmann), a rich councilor who falls madly in love with the unpretentious barrio lass. Despite the extreme difference in their lifestyles, the two manage to keep their relationship strong and even plan to get married. But the couple's fairytale romance is suddenly jeopardized when Melissa encounters a horrifying experience. One night, on her way home from work, a group of men, abducts her. Held hostage at an unknown place, Melissa is drugged and raped. Worse, she did not recognize the identity of her rapist. The news has spread in their town and it dragged Roberto's family into an unpleasant scandal. In spite of the big controversy on his fiancé, Roberto stands by Melissa and vows to marry her. But on the day before their wedding, Melissa discovers she is pregnant. Devastated upon learning the truth, Roberto changes his mind and dumps Melissa on the day of their wedding.

With her perfect world turned into a nightmare, Melissa tried to jump off a bridge and end her life, only to be rescued by Felix Rastro (played by Luis Alandy). Regardless of her apprehension towards his kindness and concern, Felix is bent on winning her trust. Soon, Melissa falls for Felix, who loved her and her daughter Eva. Complications arise when Roberto re-enters the picture and asking for a second chance.

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Episode 40 synopsis

Rosanna Sebastian (Carmi Martin) had seen on the news that the convicted Felix Rastro (Luis Alandy) is on loose. She was shocked by this news and was alarmed by the status of his son, Roberto Sebastian (Gabby Eigenmann). While the Sebastian couples were on their way to some place, Rosanna had seen Rebecca Sta. Maria (Rochelle Pangilinan) talking with Kenneth (Jace Flores). Rosanna knows that Kenneth is a friend of Felix. She then told her husband, Lucio Sebastian (Juan Rodrigo), that she is sure that Rebecca helped Felix on his way out. Meanwhile, Felix was shot by Roberto. Felix and Melissa Santiago- Sebastian (Bianca King) hid in the bus.

Melissa was very much worried for Felix’s state because he was already losing too much blood. Felix told Melissa to escape and save herself. But Melissa told him that she would never leave him there. She could not take any more leaving him behind. She wanted to be with him. She will go out and look for someone who could help them. Mayor Roberto then instructed his men that they go into separate ways so that they would be able to find Melissa and Felix.

At the mansion of the Rastro’s, Donya Ofelia (Celia Rodriguez) heard Eva Santiago (Kryshee Grengia) praying. She was shocked when she heard the child say that she was placed by Rosanna inside the dog’s cage. Donya Ofelia then approached Eva and asked her what she had just said in her prayer. Eva told her that she is happy now because she is away from Rosanna. Donya Ofelia cried and hugged her granddaughter.

Broken Vow Episode 40

Broken Vow Episode 40 Part 1

Broken Vow Episode 40 Part 2

Broken Vow Episode 40 Part 3

Broken Vow Episode 40 Part 4

Broken Vow Episode 40 Part 5

Episode 41 - 42 synopsis 

Lucio Sebastian (Juan Rodrigo) had Rebecca Sta. Maria (Rochelle Pangilinan) kidnapped. Rebecca begged to let her go and help her stop Mayor Roberto Sebastian (Gabby Eigenmann). Rebecca told him that Roberto is very dangerous and he would not hesitate to kill someone just to get what he wants. But Lucio told her that he could not dare betray his own son. He would support him if whatever plans he would be making. Rebecca said that Roberto is already insane. He has the capacity to hurt anybody. Meanwhile, Roberto and his men followed the policemen who got hold of Felix Rastro (Luis Alandy) and Melissa Santiago- Sebastian (Bianca King). He then tried to get Melissa form Felix. Because of that, it causes a commotion in the plaza. Felix and Melissa escaped from the hands of the policemen and from the hands of Roberto.

While Felix and Melissa were running, a white van stopped in front of them and commanded them to hop in. The two had no choice. They had to get away with Roberto. When they were inside of the van, Felix asked who the men were. The two men answered him that they are workers of a friend of his Aunt Ofelia (Celia Rodriguez). Felix was so thankful upon knowing about that. He was grateful that his Aunt did not leave him in times like that. Melissa, on the other hand, was also thankful that Donya Amorcita is very good to her. She did not know how to thank them. She had caused them too much pain and yet here they were helping her.

Amy (Matet de Leon) immediately went to the house of Donya Ofelia ‘Amorcita’ Rastro (Celia Rodriguez). She informed Melissa Santiago- Sebastian (Bianca King) and Felix Rastro (Luis Alandy) that their daughter was kidnapped by Lucio Sebastian (Juan Rodrigo).

Felix was very mad. They do not how they could ever have Eva Santiago (Kryshee Grengia) back. Donya Amorcita went to the mansion of the Sebastian. She commanded them to return her granddaughter, Eva. She even threatened them that she would file a kidnapping case against them if they would not return her granddaughter. Rosanna Sebastian (Carmi Martin) then said that Eva is not with them. She then said that their family is not composed of people who are convicts. She would rather be afraid of her because her nephew is a rape convict. Rosanna then said that Donya Amorcita should surrender her nephew to the police authorities. Donya Amorcita then said that she would cover for her nephew as much as they are covering for the wrong doings of Roberto Sebastian (Gabby Eigenmann).

Rosanna reminded Donya Amorcita that she should be threatened while she is still inside their premises. She could have her shot dead for trespassing. Donya Amorcita left the two Sebastian with a promise that she is not yet done with them. She would not stop until that Eva and Melissa are at peace. Meanwhile, Roberto had a deal with Melissa. Melissa agreed to surrender to Roberto if he would agree to let Eva go. She wanted to make sure that her daughter would be in good hands.

Broken Vow Episode 41

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Broken Vow Episode 42

Broken Vow Episode 42 Part 1

Broken Vow Episode 42 Part 2

Broken Vow Episode  42 Part 3

Broken Vow Episode  42 Part 4

Broken Vow Episode  42 Part 5

Episode 43 synopsis (Final Episode)

Melissa Santiago- Sebastian (Bianca King) asked her husband, Mayor Roberto Sebastian (Gabby Eigenmann), where Felix Rastro (Luis Alndy) was. Roberto told her that Felix is already dead. Melissa then asked where her daughter, Eva Sebastian (Kryshee Grengia) is. Roberto told her that Eva is in his parents’ house. She would be safe with them.

Meanwhile, Eva begged to Rebecca Sta. Maria (Rochelle Pangilinan) to help her escape from that house. Rebecca did not know what to do. She did not want to have any problem with the Sebastian couples. When Rebecca was about to go, Lucio Sebastian (Juan Rodrigo) then tried to tell her that her travelling bag was damaged. Rosanna Sebastian (Carmi Martin) then said that she will try to let things be mended by time. They also have those special memories together before. Rebecca then let Eva get out from the bag.

Rebecca accompanied her to the house of her Lola Amorcita (Celia Rodriguez). Amy (Matet de Leon) was the one who opened the gate for the child. She was very glad that Eva was fine. Meanwhile, Donya Ofelia ‘Amorcita’ brought her men at the mansion of the Sebastian. She commanded them to let Eva out. She also reminded them that because of their family the Sebastian Family would have not gone anywhere in the politics. She had helped them all throughout the elections.

Rosanna (Carmi Martin) and Lucio Sebastian (Juan Rodrigo) were very mad when they have seen their son, Roberto Sebastian (Gabby Eigenmann) dead. They could not accept what had happened to him. Rebecca Sta. Maria (Rochelle Pangilinan) told them that she could not also accept what had happened to Roberto. She still loves him so dearly. But that is his fate. He was already doing disastrous things to others. Rosanna then said that they would let Felix Rastro (Luis Alandy) pay for what had happened to Roberto. Lucio then told his wife that he had already called the police authorities and told them where Felix is.

Rosanna then said that she does not want to wait for the decision in court. She will put justice in her hands. Lucio then commanded Rebecca to go to the house of Donya Ofelia ‘Amorcita’ Rastro (Celia Rodriguez) and find out where Felix will be. When they had known that Felix will be arrested by the police, Rosanna then went to the place. She saw Melissa Santiago- Sebastian (Bianca King) and told her that she is the reason why her son became crazy.

His son, Roberto, was very in love with her and yet she did not do anything to compensate it. She then told Melissa to look at the car Felix was aboard. Minutes later, the police car then exploded. Melissa and Donya Ofelia were hysterical. They did not know what to do. Rosanna was very happy of the scene she saw. She did not care that she will be in jail as long as she had taken revenge for her son.

 Broken Vow Episode 43

Broken Vow Episode 43 Part 1

Broken Vow Episode 43 Part 2

Broken Vow Episode 43 Part 3

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Broken Vow Episode Akhir

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