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Episode 53 & 54 - The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) synopsis & video clips including OST 아이유(IU) - 바람꽃 (Wind Flower)

Sinopsis dan video klip Drama Asia (Korea)- The Great Queen Seon Deok Episode 53 & 54/ Synopsis and video clips of The Great Queen Seon Deok of Episode 53 & 54

Title: Queen Seon Duk
Format: Drama
historical drama


Yowon Lee
Hyeonjeong Ko
Yejin Park
Taewoong Uhm
Country of origin South Korea South Korea
No. of episodes 62


Deokman (later known as Queen Seon Deok) was born as a twin but was abandoned as a baby. She was later brought back to the Silla palace, where she joined forces with her twin sister Princess Cheonmyeng to oppose Mi-shil, who wanted to seize power. Mi-shil devised sinister plans to have the two Silla princesses exiled from the kingdom, and in a secretive battle, Princess Chonmyong was assassinated by Mi-shil. However, Princess Deokman shrewdly enlisted the help of General Kim Yusin and eliminated her archenemy Mi-shil. She became the first female ruler of the Silla kingdom.


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Synopsis/summary of The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) Episode 53

Kim Yu Shin kneeling before Queen Seon Deok

Kim Yu Shin: Your Majesty!…..Your Majesty….I dare to beg you…..the people of Gaya….

Queen Seon Deok is upset

Queen Seon Deok: The people of Gaya!!!!!…..In this world where on earth now comes the people of Gaya that you are in referral……Everybody can only be people of Silla….therefore my subject

Kim Yu Shin: Your….. Majesty!…..Your Majesty!

Kim Yu shin makes a cardinal blunder

Queen Seon Deok: Bi Dam!

Wyol Ya is arrest & led to the Ministry of Audit. Then a officer came to say that he has order Bi Dam to take Wyol Ya directly to Bi Dam’s chambers. The holding officer had Wyol Ya to the Officer. The Officer asked Wyol Ya to come with him this way. Then the officer is actually Bo Gya Hoe’s mole & asking Wyol Ya for instruction on what to do. Wyol Ya inform by the Informer that Wyol Ya need to go into hiding. Wyol Ya tells him that if he runs away that it will give them substantial proof that they acknowledge & confirmed that Bo Gya Hoe legitimate existence. The informer said that if this is to be, it is risky if he stays. Wyol Ya tells the information on contingency plans for the unforeseen, make the necessary arrangement to find an escape route. The Officer asked what are they supposed to do. Wyol ya replies that he needs to escape from here. The Officer acknowledged & said that he will make the necessary arrangements

Queen Seon Deok asked Bi Dam on the progress

Queen Seon Deok: How is the progress went?

Bi Dam: We have managed to send someone to infiltration in Bo Gya Hoe’s organisation then it will soon that they will able to penetrate through to find Wyol Ya as the mastermind. We have found Bo Gya Hoe new establishment & their leader is Wyol Ya. They have reveal themselves & we are in the midst eradicating Bo Gya Hoe’s moles from all Ministries

Bi Dam looks at the kneeling Kim Yu Shin

Bi Dam: Your Majesty….Auditor General earnestly request wishes to raise a suggestion…if Wyol Ya is Bo Gya Hoe’s suspected to be the leader & mastermind…it is adamant that we have to investigate Supreme Commander Kim Yu Shin’s relationship with him to find about the truth.

Kim Yu Shin looks at Bi Dam as Bi Dam looks at him. Queen Seon Deok is given some consider thought to the matter

Bi Dam: May Your Majesty accede to your imperial consent for our investigation in regards the Supreme Commander

Queen Seon Deok is force to deal her deck

It is upsetting for Queen Seon Deok that someone that has received her benevolence would now bite the hands that it feed on. It is undermined her Mandate of Heaven or the divine right of Kings (doesn’t involve gender) or Sacral Kingship. Therefore her reign asserts that a Monarch is subject to no earthly authority, deriving the right to rule directly from the will of Heavens e.g. the Gaeyang stars. The Sovereign is thus not subject to the will of the people, the aristocracy or the nobility, or any other estate of the realm, including the religious sect that is why Queen Seon Deok nationalise the building of Buddhist temples around the country under her reign, so to control religion & in part the religion binds the population in faith & heart together with the state. If there is implication in that any attempt to depose the Sovereign or to restrict the sovereign powers runs contrary to the will of Heaven may constitute as heresy or high treason.

Seo Ji gets words from the Officer that Wyol Ya has been apprehended as well in Ministry of Audit & he informs Seol Ji that Wyol Ya instructed that he will escape. Officer passes him the keys to his handcuffs & a small dagger. Seo Ji keeps the key & dagger. The officer said he will provide assistance for Wyol Ya to escape & asked Seo Ji to be careful & fend for himself & leaves. The officer escorting Wyol Ya out of Ministry of Audit as the check point ask where they are going & the Officer giving the same reply to Bi Dam’s chamber for questioning & then they let them through as they managed to go outside only to be halt by Yeom Jong who asked the officer where is he escorting Wyol Ya to & he replies the same answer. Yeom Jong queries about Bi Dam’s chambers & enquire whether this is Bi dam’s direct order. The officer confirms that he is now escorting to the place as they speak. Yeom Jong said it is now & he understand & asked them to proceed. As they about to leave, Yeom Jong drew his sword at the officer’s neck. Yeom Jong said that Bi Dam is in audience with Queen Seon Deok as they speak, & queries whether the officer might also be of any chance a member of Bo Gya Hoe. Wyol Ya release from his bondage draw the officer swords & kick Yeom Jong down to the ground as they fled the scene & Yeom Jong calling for assistance to pursuit them as they give chase.

Seo Ji managed to escape from his confined room & makes his way out of Ministry of Audit, he holds a guard hostage at knife to path his escape as he asked the officer to stand aside & Seo Ji pushes the hostage to the officers & escape as they scream to chase him. The officer escorting Wyol Ya has the horses prepare for their escape as Wyol Ya mount & Seo Ji has managed to rendezvous with Wyol Ya as Wyol Ya asked him to mount the horse quickly to flee on horseback. Yeom Jong chase a moment too late. The officer give a fight but was shortly overcome. Yeom Jong order the pursuit. Then as the head for the gate, the gate closed on them. One of the guard was a member of Bo Gya Hoe & knock his colleague out cold to reopen the gates. Wyol Ya & Seo Ji rides through the gates as Yeom Jong shouts to closed the gate & give chase but the guard close the gate & bolted the gate. Yeom Jong has to slash him down

Meanwhile Bi Dam wants Queen Seon Deok consent to investigate Kim Yu Shin involvement with Bo Gya Hoe. Then Yeom Jong comes panting & call Bi Dam as Bi Dam asked what is the matter that he is interrupting. Yeom Jong informs that Wyol Ya & Seo Ji have escape from Ministry of Audit. Bi Dam asked that they managed to escape from Ministry of Audit. Yeom Jong informs that Ministry of Audit has been infiltrated by Bo Gya Hoe’s mole as well. This leaves Queen Seon Deok with no choice as she gives her consent to approve to conduct an investigation into Kim Yu Shin’s involvement with Bo Gya Hoe & leaves with sadness hastily with the Queen Seon Deok’s OST of O Fortuna version as Al Cheon follows Queen Seon Deok. Kim Yu Shin looks at Bi Dam with Bi Dam’s facial express to tell Kim Yu Shin “You are dead meat”

Bo Jong said that they had deployed officer to surveillance Kim Seo Hyeon & Kim Yu Shin’s movement recorded. Yeom Jong said that he added their observation to monitor Go Do, Guk San Heun, Dae Pung & Yang Gil & close associated with them. Seo Won Rang said within the proximity of Seorabeol there must be a military branch of Bo Gya Hoe, they proceed to sieve out the Bo Gya Hoe’s moles & weed them out from the palace, then questioning the captive to find where their location of their hide out. Bi Dam doesn’t look less interested in the report. Seol Won Rang asked what is he so deep in thought as Bi Dam brushes as nothing & asked them to proceed as they had reported. Bi Dam asked where is Kim Yu Shin, Yeom Jong reply that he is now in the questioning room

Kim Yong Chun & other Ministers are debating how could Bo Gya Hoe members infiltrate the even the Ministry of Audit. Kim Yong Chun asked how could has been tainted with this atrocious incidents within the palace. Ho Jae concurs that if they could have so easily access to have escape, it could suggest that the whole palace has been spread with infiltrators from Bo Gya Hoe. Lord Sueulbu said that it may be hard to say or by any chance that Kim Yu Shin may have incite some ulterior motives. Kim Yong Chun defends Kim Yu Shin that there is no such matter as they had suggested. Kim Yu Shin fidelity to Silla is full knowledge to all presence. But Lord Sueulbu said that there is no denying fact that Kim Yu Shin’s origin is from Gaya ancestry, how can they be guarantee that there is no otherwise that he may have harboured such ambition. Lord Jujin said that the point to the matter is not indicating to that whether Kim Yu Shin has harbouring ambition, the matter lies whether the balance of power has tip the scales to weight of gold in which direction. Kim Yong Chun asked what is Lord Jujin implying on the he means of the balance of the weight of gold. Lord Jujin said that he means Kim Yu Shin & Bi Dam acting as the 2 pan balance aren’t they now sitting on Queen Seon Deok’s left & right hand. Now the currently the is that the left hand is attacking the right hand. Kim Yong Chun query whether Bi Dam is plotting something in the midst. Lord Jujin laughs that who will know of the matter

Deok Chung discuss with her colleagues that in the end Bo Gya Hoe has render Kim Yu Shin a backlash. Im Jong asked whether it was indeed Bo Gya Hoe has activated themselves. Baek Eui said that it is already a known fact that Wyol Ya has escape from his arrest. Im Jong said that it is too early to speculate the matter & it may that Kim Yu Shin is innocent. Phil Dan said no matter what he is still a Gaya descent & it will be difficult to prove his innocence on the matter. Baek Eui said that although Bi Dam & Kim Yu Shin are close acquaintances but consider how thorough Bi Dam & follow by principals that he handle his work, Seon Yeol said that no matter what it may be, this is only simply the beginning. Seon Yeol asked Deok Chung how is the morale of the Ministry of Military Affairs. Deok Chung said that the Kim Yu Shin has been arrest, it wouldn’t be of a happy occasion & from the beginning the relationship between Ministry of Military Affairs 7 Ministry of Audit has always been tense

Kim Seo Hyeon is informs that Wyol Ya & Seo Ji has escaped. Guk San Heung confirms that the moles who infiltrated in the Ministry of Audit assist in providing them the escape route. Princess Man Myeong said that does she really conform that Wyol Ya & Seo Ji are really activating Bo Gya Hoe organisation. Kim Seo Hyeon said that if this is the case, then Kim Yu Shin can’t avoid being made a suspect of involvement. Dae Pung confirms that Kim Yu Shin has now been apprehended by Ministry of Audit for questioning. Princess Man Myeong look anxious for her son’s predicament

Kim Yu Shin with Bi Dam telling him that he has never harboured any ambition or incite having ulterior motive against Queen Seon Deok’s rule, this fact, Bi Dam should be clear & aware of that. Bi Dam queries on harboured ambition…..ulterior motives…the matter doesn’t just lies in those points in harbouring those ambition. Kim Yu Shin asked what is Bi Dam implying on his remark. The matter is not in regards to him as the person but the influences that he represent, the land he had conquered in his quest & the backers & powerhouse who has render their support to him & what is the truth to their mysterious agenda, that is the important fact. Kim Yu Shin unsure the meaning of backers & powerhouse

Kim Chun Chu queries about backer & powerhouse as Queen Seon Deok explains to her nephew that Kim Yu Shin as of now is no longer just a name to a person. Kim Chun Chu concurs that he represents a group of strong powerhouse that reap a mighty influence. Queen Seon Deok that it is 2 different issue stands here in trusting Kim Yu Shin as a person or Kim Yu Shin as that representative of that powerhouse. Queen Seon Deok said that Kim Yu Shin has been shackled & bound by Gaya but as for Silla or Gaya, it is not seen as a matter that reap beneficial consequences. Kim Chun Chu said that Gaya is where Kim Yu Shin roots are from & Kim Yu Shin will not be able to forsake his roots, it will most definitely will not

Kim Yu Shin surprise that Bi Dam want Kim Yu Shin to personally with his own hands to mop up (concluding action) Bo Gya Hoe once & for all. BI Dam said that if Kim Yu Shin agrees & accept to do so, he will refer this matter back to Queen Seon Deok. Kim Yu Shin express difficulty. Bi Dam said that Kim Yu Shin is of Gaya ancestry & the leader of Bo Gya Hoe organisation already been confirmed as Brigadier General Wyol Ya & he indeed is your subordinate moreover he has made a successful attempt in escaping from Seorabeol. This is clearly justified as high treason. Bi Dam tells that if Kim Yu Shin were to mop Bo Gya Hoe & to being Wyol Ya’s head as a trophy If you sweep away the entire movement. Kim Yu Shin said does he think that Wyol Ya’s head will able to dragoon Bo Gya Hoe that it will surely have a next “Wyol Ya” to take its place moreover giving to the account that Queen Seon Deok has spend so much effort that she went through to integrate Gaya descendants to the Silla society will vanish in vain. Bi Dam asked whether Kim Yu Shin is saying this, in fear that he will lose his roots. Kim Yu Shin reiterate as Bi Dam tell Kim Yu Shin that Queen Seon Deok & him has no intention to lose Kim Yu Shin but however Kim Yu Shin needs to do a clean break to separate & forsake Gaya & his powerhouse & to start fresh

Kim Chun Chu said that the problems always lie in the balance of scale to power. Queen Seon Deok queries on balance of scale, now the current 2 pan of balance is Kim Yu Shin & Bi Dam although it was never the intent but they cross check & balance each other & this is what Queen Seon Deok has initially wanted. Queen Seon Deok asked therefore, Kim Chun Chu explains that Bi Dam’s faction consist of the remnants of Mi Shil’s former faction & Bi Dam newly gather & established backer when he gain as Auditor General & also they can’t deny the fact that there are many minor nobility who has acquaintance relationship with Bi Dam. Kim Chun Chu said that if they lose Kim Yu Shin as a counter balance the scale of balance will tip & slides towards one side & disrupts the balance of power & this will those many minor nobles of acquaintances that sides with Bi Dam may have separate agenda on their own that will increase in folds. It will be exactly the same situation that Kim Yu Shin is experience when Kim Yu Shin’s intention & his powerhouse has the clash of interest, it will surely that the same scenario might eventually happen for Bi Dam.

Queen Seon Deok said therefore she should let Bo Gya Hoe off the hook & not do anything & ignore about their resistance existence to her rule. Kim Chun Chu said that this matter is not for him to decide or act upon. Queen Seon Deok tells that Kim Chun Chu have yet not learn how to differentiate between right from wrong & that he has learn to voice debates & arguments about the after effects of the decision made. Kim Chun Chu said that the more he learn to gain knowledge the lesser the clarity is it to see what right & wrong as they are many presumption areas to consider as situation plays on the basis of standpoint & the opportunity that is different may harvest & set judgement but if it is wrong then it will also offer a change but however judgement can’t be different, this he can clearly see through it. Queen Seon Deok asked what is Kim Chun Chu implying to suggest. Kim Chun Chu said that as for now, Kim Yu Shin & his powerhouse must & can’t be pare to weaken. Queen Seon Deok gets a truth from Kim Chun Chu assessment as she know that it is the painful truth

Queen Seon Deok & Kim Chun Chu playing tutor & student as Queen Seon Deok & Kim Chun Chu debates, argues & discuss over politics as one is the present Monarch & the future Monarch to be. This is an exclusive club that even Kim Yu Shin & Bi Dam plays no part. It is Queen Seon Deok enforcing that her lines & throne retains within Kim Chun Chu.

Yeom Jong goes to see Bi Dam & asked him how did matter progress with Kim Yu Shin. BI Dam reply that Kim Yu Shin has no prior knowledge. It looks like Bo Gya Hoe was solely been led by Wyol Ya. Yeom Jong said that this will get complicating. Yeom Jong said that it will be difficult to find Wyol Ya now. Yeom Jong said during the time the suspect are to be arrest & among the suspect, Bo Gya Hoe’s suspects are hardest to apprehend. Yeom Jong said that if the burrow their operation deep, then it will be a harder task to apprehend any of them. Bi Dam asked apprehend, who mentioned that they need to apprehend Bo Gya Hoe.

Bi Dam holding a turkey plume fan

Bo Gya Hoe are training with cross bows as Seo Ji goes to see Wyol Ya to give him a list of the remaining members that is left. Wyol Ya queries that this is all that is now currently place in the palace. Wyol Ya burns the list. Seo Ji said that was a great decrease in numbers after the apprehending exercise that was conducted. Wyol Ya doesn’t matter or care if 9 are eliminated & one is to survive. He just on need a percentage of their members to survive will be sufficient. Seo Ji agrees but he said that they have left Kim Yu Shin in a venerable situation at risk. The method how they forge their escape has proven & acknowledge to the matter that suggested his involvement. Seo Ji said that Kim Yu Shin by now must have been arrested by Ministry of Audit. It is of course that Kim Yu Shin has to prior knowledge of Bo Gya Hoe’s activities the least he can retain his life but this will makes Kim Yu Shin is a difficult situation. Wyol Ya said that this is exactly why he needs to escape without failed. Seo Ji is shocks as Wyol Ya smiles

Yeom Jong pesters Bi Dam about not apprehending Bo Gya Hoe. Bi Dam said that they will or may not arrest them. Yeom Jong asked what is on Bi Dam’s thoughts. Bi dam asked why did Wyol Ya staged his escape. Yeom Jong said that it is because he is the leader of BO Gya Hoe, so he needs to escape. Bi Dam said that this will leaves Kim Yu Shin at risk & in a venerable situation. Yeom Jong said that it is because of his own survival, he wouldn’t care less that it is understandable in reason. Wyol Ya support Kim Yu Shin to great height in his contribution but yet he activated Bo Gya Hoe simultaneously as an underground resistance, this is all for the sake of Gaya. What is the final ultimate answer that they will able to concluded is that a Sovereign of Gaya descent. Bi Dam asked to guess who will that Sovereign be. Yeom Jong asked wouldn’t it be perhaps be Kim Yu Shin. Bi Dam said that it will be indeed that Kim Yu Shin would have definitely refuse Wyol Ya’s offer & this fact he is most certain that he would have refused, but them if Wyol Ya keep constant pestering to bring up this matter then technically, they will able to see a friction between the both of them to be increasing to boil. Kim Yu Shin will stubbornly refuse & disregards the offer but at the same time, the Gaya descent will apply pressure to Wyol Ya. Yeom Jong asked why they still stage the escape despite full aware that this will leave Kim Yu Shin in a venerable situation being at risk for involvement. Bi dam asked what is their reason to do so, as Bi dam tells if he rephrases the question that the answer will reveal itself

Seo Ji is surprise that Wyol Ya stage the escape is to force Kim Yu Shin to enter into a predicament & make his situation venerable to risk. Wyol Ya said that these times, Kim Yu Shin has sworn his fidelity to Queen Seon Deok & has decline the throne but however Bo Gya Hoe is been expose & Wyol Ya has managed to escape then Kim Yu Shin’s Gaya ancestry will come to question as they will incite suspicion against him & he will eventually be arrested for questioning. Seo Ji asked whether this was to force Kim Yu Shin to change his mind set. Wyol Ya said that Kim Yu Shin is not a person that alter his mind so easily however, this situation will definitely force him to comply & change that mind set out of necessity, this situation will not have any solution if he continues not to accept the throne. Seo Ji asked that the situation will conclude as…Wyol Ya concurs that it will spiral to further deterioration.

Yeom Jong is surprise that there will see the situation worsen would be the only method of way for Wyol Ya to persuade Kim Yu Shin & force him to deal & meanwhile fulfil his aspiration. Yeom Jong asked what is Wyol Ya next move will be…..

Wyol Ya said that they must help Kim Yu Shin to escape. Kim Yu Shin managed to escape from Ministry of Audit, this will see him charge for high treason. Seo Ji said that judging from Kim Yu Shin’s character, will he allow that, even if they successfully help his escape, will he follow obediently to what is being asked from him. Wyol Ya laughs that he will definitely be killed by Kim Yu Shin but however the most important fact is that once Kim Yu Shin escape, Kim Yu Shin has enter the point of no return

Bi Dam confirms Yeom Jong that the next move Wyol Ya is going to make is to stage an escape for Kim Yu Shin & Yeom Jong adds if Kim Yu Shin escape with the support of Bo Gya Hoe, it will undeniable for a fact that will implicate that Kim Yu Shin will be charge with high treason. Bi dam said that this is what Wyol Ya has calculated for Kim Yu Shin as part of his stratagem. Yeom Jong agrees that in reasoning there is a possibility. BI Dam will think this will be interesting to see that Wyol Ya’s wishes has been give BI Dam blessing & permission to do so as it is exactly what he also hope it will be

Queen Seon Deok goes to see Kim Yu Shin at Ministry of Audit questioning room as he greets her & Queen Seon Deok sits in front of him. Queen Seon Deok said that she will give him the deployment of soldier he needs in order to bring Wyol Ya’s head to her. Kim Yu shin said that if he does that of Queen Seon Deok render her benevolence & effort to the Gaya descent in integrating to society will become futile. Kim Yu Shin said that to think of all her effort she has dedicate to Gaya descent & must Queen Seon Deok turn her back or them & leave them to neglect once again & all her effort vanish into thin air. Queen Seon Deok said if she doesn’t then she will lose Kim Yu Shin. Kim Yu Shin asked whether they seem to ironically be cloaked in a déjà vu scenario of having incident repeating themselves. Queen Seon Deok agrees that it was then when Mi Shil tried to force Queen Seon Deok to forsake Gaya descent. Kim Yu Shin said that he can now stand before her it is because Queen Seon Deok stood by her firm stands to make her choice on Gaya descent, no matter what she will embrace Gaya descent as her own subject. Queen Seon Deok said he has & did but however as the Sovereign of this nation, she will not tolerate Bo Gya Hoe’s underground resistance. Kim Yu Shin said that even if Wyol Ya is dead, there will another to follow after him to take his place, this way then Bo Gya Hoe will increase their vindictive on Silla then Gaya descent will rally towards Bo Gya Hoe

Kim Yu Shin said this is the oppression that Gaya descent had suffered for 80 years & if they need to be appease, it will take & nurture a longer time to accept Queen Seon Deok as their benevolent & rightful sovereign. Kim Yu Shin said using force it not the solution to all problems, it is only through embracing them. Queen Seon Deok said that Kim Yu Shin only pay attention to what Gaya descents concerns are. Queen Seon Deok asked whether he has consider his own personal safety with even a slightest of concern then also….does he been ever given any consideration of concern about Queen Seon Deok & what she may think. Kim Yu Shin failed in his management to control & keep checks of his subordinates & his wrongdoing are nor small either accept any responsibility, be it demotion in status, confiscation of property, relinquish his designation, he will accept any punishment in stride that Queen Seon Deok deem appropriated. Kim Yu Shin asked that she may forsake him but Queen Seon Deok must embrace Gaya descent no matter what. Queen Seon Deok taken aback of a determined Kim Yu Shin as she sigh.

Queen Seon Deok at her chamber thinking this through as Bi Dam announce his arrival to seek her audience. BI Dam asked whether Queen Seon Deok has met with Kim Yu Shin. Queen Seon Deok nods in affirmative. Bi Dam tells her that Bo Gya Hoe’s incident has cause a stir in the palace that someone needs to be held responsible for the matter. Queen Seon Deok kept her silence as Bi Dam pesters for an answer. Queen Seon Deok tells Bi Dam that Kim Yu Shin is innocent & has no involvement with Bo Gya Hoe. Bi Dam has to concurs & that Bo Gya Hoe was led solely by Wyol Ya but however the court official thinks otherwise & he is really anxious over the matter that Queen Seon Deok will be troubled over this matter. Queen Seon Deok said that Bi dam understand her sentiment but why can’t Kim Yu Shin sensitive to be aware of it of her troubles that her heart is so weary by the matter & Kim Yu Shin unaware of her feelings that he can’t understand. Queen Seon Deok said that this is really disappointing therefore for the disappointment that Kim Yu Shin has rendered her……

Yeom Jong asked that they need to transfer Kim Yu Shin out of the palace. Bo Jong said that once this information is leak out then it will instigate them to prepare & act for his escape as it is a given opportunity. Bo Jong said that Bo Gya Hoe’s moles may still be active in the Ministry of Audit. Seol Won Rang said it is of that fact that they will exploited it for their own devices. Seol Won Rang said once they leak out Kim Yu Shin transfer out of the palace, then they will give those moles the responsibility to handle the transfer & as the Bo Gya Hoe emerges from the woods that it is the right time that they sweep them all up & apprehend them. Yeom Jong praise Seol Won Rang of a worthy stratagem & tells that Seol Won Rang is great strategist in Ban Gan Gye

Ban Gan Gye( 反間計) means “Let the enemy’s own spy sow discord in the enemy camp” Undermine your enemy’s ability to fight by secretly causing discord between him and his friends, allies, advisors, family, commanders, soldiers, and population. While he is preoccupied settling internal disputes, his ability to attack or defend, is compromised. Seol Won Rang use it well in the Battle of Ah Mak fortress

Ha Jong comes in drunk & asked about Ban Gan Gye & asked it looks like they plotting some scheme & praise that Seol Won Rang is indeed as sharp as before a great strategist. Seol Won Rang asked Ha Jong why has he been drinking again. Ha Jong said that the wine can drink him so he must do otherwise by drinking. Bo Jong asked his brother to reclaim some composure with himself that BI Dam will be arriving shortly. Ha Jong said Auditor General who by the day is gaining a remarkable of influence that Bi Dam. Ha Jong said asked them to go out & take a look, there are people who are so feared to be label as moles of Bo Gya Hoe that if they see officer from Ministry of Audit, it will sent shiver down their spinal cord. Ha Jong adds that their influence will increase in folds after this Bo Gya Hoe incident & Ministry of Audit should thanked them to render them this wondrous assistance by may be offering some monetary merits

Bi Dam comes in as Seol Won Rang asked Ha Jong to settle down. Seol Won Rang greets Bi Dam. Ha Jong in a stupor can’t stand up properly to greet Bi Dam. Ha Jong tells that he just starting to talk about his devising plan that they need to offer some monetary merit to Bo Gya Hoe. The Ministry of Audit after Bo Gya Hoe’s incident that everybody sees them as Ah Su Ra & Na Chal

Ah Su Ra or the Asuras are generally considered divine beings, who are primarily known for doing evil, but not always. It might be better to say that the Asuras are powerful beings who often are opposed to the gods. By the end of the Vedic period, however, the asuras had attained their more demonic role

Na Chal is Rakshasa is a demon or unrighteous spirit in Buddhist mythology. Rakshasas are also called man-eaters (Nri Chakshas) or cannibals

Bo Jong tries to shut Bo Jong to stop his nonsense. Bi Dam said it is not, he finds it useful an idea. Bi Dam said that ha Jong & him has the same concur thoughts. Bi Dam said that he will render reward merit to Bo Gya Hoe. Bi Dam asked to gather the possibility to be the moles of Bo Gya Hoe among their Ministry & who they are. Yeom Jong names Gi Sun, Pyeon Guk & Jeong Man, there are 3 of them but they have warrants for their arrest yet. BI Dam tells Yeom Jong to asked them to responsible for Kim Yu Shin’s transfer. Yeom Jong is surprise at Bi Dam’s order. Bo Jong asked whether Bi Dam want to coax Bo Gya Hoe to comply. Bi Dam said he is not but he has already did mentioned that he will render rewards merit to them in order to attack them & Seol Won Rang asked whether perhaps the rewards merit in question is none other than Kim Yu Shin. Bi Dam said that Bo Gya Hoe’s existence is consider beneficial to Ministry of Audit. Kim Yu Shin will have to cross the bridge of no return

Kim Yu Shin is being escorted out of the palace as he take one last look at the palace. Joo Bang informs Kim Yu Shin that Kim Yu Shin is being transfer outside of the palace. The Ministry of Audit is now escorting as they speak. Kim Chun Chu finds it strange that why is it done all of the sudden. Joo Bang asked wouldn’t it be in regards to Wyol Ya could able to have escape, now they don’t even know who are the Bo Gya Hoe infiltrators that they finds they can’t even trust the colleagues among them in Ministry of Audit therefore transfer Kim Yu Shin to a conceal location that is what it been said. Kim Chun Chu asked how many of them are they. Joo Bang asked what with how many people…Kim Chun Chu asked how many of them have assigned to escort Kim Yu Shin. Joo Bang said that should be about & around 10 men. Then Kim Chun Chu asked that of you were Bo Gya Hoe, how would you attempt to rescue Kim Yu Shin, wouldn’t you see this as an opportunity to seize on this moment that he is being transfer. Joo Bang said he would. Kim Chun Chu is suspicious that why it only been assign to just 10 men. Joo Bang realise & it is that said, wouldn’t it be perhaps to on purpose to incite that Bo Gya Hoe to initiate the rescue. Kim Chun Chu nods that they may be that probability but however if it not their intent as Joo Bang asked if it is not then….as Joo Bang asked for the explanation, Kim Chun Chu leaves hastily & leave Joo Bang to ponder

Kim Yu Shin being led as Bo Jong led the transfer. One of the guards unlocked Kim Yu Shin handcuffed as Kim Yu Shin raise the alarm to ask what he is doing then a string of arrow flies & attacks them. Bo Jong & his men found gallantly. Seo Jin comes to cut loose Kim Yu Shin ropes & tell him that he has suffered & is here to save Kim Yu Shin. Kim Yu Shin asked what on earth are they trying to do. Seo Ji said there is no time to waste that they need to leave this place then they shall talk. Kim Yu shin wants to know where Wyol Ya is as pester Kim Yu Shin to leave & wait to asked questions later. Kim Yu Shin leaves with Seo Ji. Bo Jong seeing Kim Yu Shin escaping with Seo Ji & happy that it work according as plan

Kim Chun Chu comes to The Ministry of Audit to see frantic has fill with busy traffic of human movements when Kim Chun Chu calls on San Tak as San Tak approach Kim Chun Chu & asked what does he wants as San Tak now is busy with something of most urgent that needs taking care. Kim Chun Chu asked what has happened. San Tak apologise that he can’t disclose any information of the Ministry of Audit’s affairs. Kim Chun Chu asked whether if by chance that did Kim Yu Shin has managed to escape. San Tak is shock that Kim Chun Chu has knowledge of the truth as San Tak realise he let the cat out of the back with his expression. San Tak said that this was supposed to have leak. Bo Jong goes to report that it went just as they has planned as anticipate. BI Dam praise for effort well done & now that Queen Seon Deok should had been notify of the incident. Queen Seon Deok asked Joo Bang how can this has happened. Joo Bang said that it happened during transfer, suddenly they appears, it is also been heard that the people in the Ministry of Audit who was responsible for the transfer were to be known mole of Bo Gya Hoe. Queen Seon Deok express shock as Joo Bang explains that there were 3 of the escorting men who were Bo Gya Hoe’s members & to see what has happened is predictable action. Queen Seon Deok that how many people are affiliated with Bo Gya Hoe to have found 3 of them to be responsible for taking part in the escort & transfer, how can such absurd matter could have happened. Joo Bang also has no clue as Queen Seon Deok makes the assumption that it is Bi Dam & asked Joo Bang where is Bi Dam

Bi Dam tells his Ministry that Kim Yu Shin is now declare as the enemy of Silla. Seol Won Rang said that there is no hard evidence to show that Kim Yu Shin is not involve with Bo Gya Hoe but however they has killed the escorting guards & taken away Kim Yu Shin away to escape, this is already a justifiable proof of evidence. Bi Dam said that Kim Yu Shin is someone who gone to a point of no return

Buk Su Bul Ban is literally a pour out water can’t return to the pan means a person can’t go back to the point of origin

Bi Dam said that Kim Yu Shin can’t do nothing to rectify this situation. Yeom Jong concurs that this hard core evidence where better to find them. Ha Jong said that it is need a great calculated stratagem & praise Bi Dam. Bi Dam asked whether the matter has been prepared. Bo Jong said that Mi Saeng will gather them for a meeting tonight

In Yeom Jong’s residence the minor nobles gather. Mi Saeng announce the arrival of Bi Dam as they rise to greet Bi Dam. Bi Dam enters & sits down. BI Dam express his gratitude that the nobles has answer to his notice on their presence. Bi Dam said that Bo Gya Hoe’s activities has brought a threat to this country’s national security. The most important is that the person that has been declare as Silla national icon & hero Kim Yu Shin has found evidence of his involvement with the activities of Bo Gya Hoe, this has really consider utterly intolerable & disgrace. Bi Dam tells that Kim Yu Shin together with his subordinates Wyol Ya & Seo Ji & the important lies that the Ministry of Military Affairs are they powerhouse has brought rippling shockwaves as the Auditor General he felt that he has to admits his dereliction of duty. BI Dam calls that at this moment of crisis like this, Silla needs their support & effort who are present here therefore he will take this opportunity to propose a court revamping exercise across the governmental Ministries. Bi Dam asked Lord Jujin to pay concern attention to Ministry of Military Affairs & asked whether the proposal of Minister in Ministry of Military Affairs would sound to him, he will strongly recommend his candidacy to Queen Seon Deok. Lord Jujin expresses his gratitude that he has Bi Dam’s confidence. Bi dam said that he will propose this in the morning at court. Everybody presence must express & stress in one accord in voice to show Queen Seon Deok the dire & desperate situation to the matter is & in this, Bi Dam said he will not forget the favour they have render him tonight. Bi dam’s faction is griming with delight & confidence

The next day of court, Kim Yu Shin character being attack & grilled by the nobles as Queen Seon Deok presides as Lord Sueulbu tells her that Kim Yu Shin has committed a treachery act & had manipulated the Ministry of Military Affairs to covet Bo Gya Hoe’s activities. Lord Jujin said that he has committed murder & killed Ministry of Audit men in his attempts to make his escape that is against the law of this nation. Lord Jujin said that this is clearly high treason. Lord Jujin said that although Kim Yu Shin has a remarkable history records of glory & achievement but they can’t overlook at the matter at hand & takes this as priority. Mi Saeng tells Queen Seon Deok that to decree that Kim Yu Shin as the enemy of the state & therefore Kim Yu Shin’s father can’t no longer resume his designation or entrust him as Generalissimo of the Ministry of Military Affairs & he needs to resign from his post. Ho Jae said that he strongly urge that the governmental post held by the Gaya descent be also remove from them. Lord Sueulbu said that they are traitors to the nation. Lord Jujin request that they also be make enemy of the state. Mi Saeng concurs as of present pleas for her consent to dismiss all Gaya descent from public office & declare them enemy of the state. Queen Seon Deok is driven to a difficult spot as they force her to make her decision on the matter

Kim Yu Shin grabs Wyol Ya to asked how can he conjure up an act like this for his sake. Wyol Ya first apologise to Kim Yu Shin for his deceit. Kim Yu Shin has no mood to listen to any apologise from Wyol Ya & punch Wyol Ya to the floor when Seo Ji tries to prevent, he also get sock also. Kim Yu Shin said that the both of them are really from the same mould & cast. Kim Yu Shin has rendered them his true sincerity. Kim Yu Shin said is that what they called allegiance in their context, that they can deceive & cheat their fellow allies. Wyol Ya said that they are dealing in regards with the lives of 60,000 Gaya descents. Wyol Ya said that Kim Yu Shin also has posterity & he must want to protect & embrace his offspring. So his wife has deliver a boy. Wyol tells that if one live is of such important, think what 60,000 Gaya descents lives is at what cost. Kim Yu Shin asked what is it then. Wyol Ya said that he is laden with that burden of representing that 60,000 Gya descents live on his shoulders moreover the 60,000 people who had to endure the suffering of prejudices for the past 80 years. Wyol Ya said that he needs to make adjustment for these people. Kim Yu Shin said that Wyol Ya is at clear knowledge that Queen Seon Deok has render her benevolence to favour the Gaya descents or have they forgotten her deeds she has done for their people, was there any time that Queen Seon Deok has choose to neglect them whatsoever. Wyol argues whether Queen Seon Deok is going to live for eternity moreover who will gives guarantee that she will not change her mind set at sudden notice. If it was just solely Wyol Ya that he has his steadfast trust in Queen Seon Deok that she will never do so, but however if his trust were to render amiss or miscalculate then what will happened to that 60,000 lives that so protect will be at dire risk

Wyol Ya has never once doubt that Queen Seon Deok has any ulterior motives in her agenda but he needs to prepare for any contingency that might happen. Kim Yu Shin asked what is Wyol Ya is going to do now. Wyol Ya said that there is only a single solution & no other alternative that able to rectify the Gaya’s problem, they must a Sovereign of Gaya descent. Kim Yu Shin asked whether the person in question directs to him

The Gaya descent will get their wish from the 1st King of the Unified Silla in form of King Munmu, he Silla 30th Sovereign & posterity of Kim Chun Chu & Kim Munmyeong who is sister to Kim Yu Shin. He unified Silla in an engagement of Tang Silla War, their former allies when Tang occupied Goguryeo & established a military government called Protectorate General of the Pacify East (An Dong Do Ho Bu, it sounds better in Korean or Chinese). Then Kim Yu Shin did become King, as the Guardian Protector of Silla, died quietly in bed in the main room of his own home in the summer of AD 673. The seventy-nine year old General & soldier was given a royal funeral, paid for by the king at a cost of one thousand rolls of coloured silk and two thousand sacks of rice. King Munmu ordered guards to watch over his tomb at Geumsanwon. Years later, during the reign of King Hungdok (AD 826-836), Kim Yu-sin was awarded the posthumous title of Great King Hungmu, Hungmu Taewang, Great King promoting the warlike. His tomb mount is bigger than Queen Seon Deok in Gyeongju

Wyol Ya said that he must be the one & no other. Kim Yu Shin has mentioned in iteration that he has no garner ambition to take the throne & he will never change his mind set on this but Seo Jin tells that mindset don’t change but the environment changes & situation that they need to adapt. Kim Yu Shin what they are implying as Seo Ji explains that Kim Yu Shin has gone to a bridge of no return. Wyol Ya said that his subordinates are the alleged to be Bo Gya Hoe’s members moreover it is Bo Gya Hoe that stage his rescue & as of now, it already consider treachery & enemy of the state & asked Kim Yu Shin to make his decision that the Bo Gya Hoe militant are ready to take commands. Seo Ji conforms that Kim Yu Shin rise in popularity surpass no one in Ministry of Military Affairs & other Ministries & if Kim Yu Shin were to take the lead of command. Kim Yu Shin interrupts that don’t even dare to think of that from him. Wyol Ya said that what is Kim Yu Shin going to do now with his predicaments

Kim Yu Shin invites Wyol Ya & Seo Jin to return to Queen Seon Deok & deactivate the BO Gya Hoe once & for all & accept whatever due punishment that will besiege them as they surrender themselves & integrate back to Silla society & be Queen Seon Deok’s subject. Wyol Ya asked how can Kim Yu Shin be so naive in his thinking & would think that this have an utter chance for possibility

Kim Seo Hyeon residence is place with guards from Ministry of audit as they order to be confined to their residence. Princess Man Myeong trusts that their son has no involvement in Bo Gya Hoe’s organisation. Kim Seo Hyeon said that the fact he is fully aware than anybody & Queen Seon Deok certainly has knowledge of the matter but however Bo Gya Hoe has assisted in Kim Yu Shin’s escape, so this has already be charge as high treason & now Kim Yu Shin has enter a point of no return. Princess Man Myeong said that it is to say that Kim Yu Shin has been affiliated in his involvement with Bo Gya Hoe. Kim Seo Hyeon asked whether Gaya only this option of path to journey through this course. Kim Seo Hyeon said that where they are now has spent effort blood & sweat to to reach this achievements. Princess Man Myeong can only sign at Gaya predicaments

Guk San Heun asked Go Do how can this be happening. Go Do said that Kim Yu Shin has sacrifice his effort & life in his effort be it for Gaya, Bo Gya Hoe & this nation of Silla, how can they accuse him of misdeeds. Yang Gil asked whether it is indeed that Kim Yu Shin has involvement with Bo Gya Hoe. Guk San Heun scolds Yang Gil for laying suspicious doubts on the character of Kim Yu Shin & he doesn’t trust Kim Yu Shin. Yang Gil defence that he is just concern about Kim Yu Shin & worries. Guk San Heun said that Kim Yu Shin to return soon so that he can prove his innocence. Dae Pung said that even if he returns it will spell doom for Kim Yu Shin that he has now been declare as enemy of the state. Guk San Heun said that still they can be sitting here idle & watch this happening passes them by without doing anything & hands crossed to let him take the false charges of high treason. Go Do slam the tables & leaves in rage.

Outside of Ministry of Military Affairs, San Tak stops him from leaving & asked Go Do where he is heading. Go Do said that he wants to go to the latrine & asked why is it with that. Go Do takes a step has more Officer of the Ministry of Audit block his passage as Go Do asked why, they need to come together with him to the latrine as Go Do drags the officer down & San Tak let him pass with Go Do really has the urge to go

Queen Seon Deok meditating on her decision as Bi Dam is insisting that it is the general consensus from the court official that unanimously voice their view over the matter. Bi Dam thinks & feels that it is most regrettable for Kim Yu Shin but this is a matter of national security. Queen Seon Deok asked that this is the reason that she needs to decree Kim Yu Shin as enemy of the state. Bi dam said that the night before her coronation, they has discussion on the principle of being a great sovereign & doesn’t she recall that night

Queen Seon Deok then Princess Deok Man tells Bi Dam what her principles of being a great sovereign & she believes that being firm & strict measurement of policy to tabulate her closest confidants & render prudent & benevolence to her subjects & therefore the right path to be a great sovereign. BI Dam question what if the roles are in the reverse order where benevolence to her aides but render cruelty to her subject wouldn’t that justify as tyrant (This is Mi Shil’s SOP policy). Princess Deok Man agrees that if you render both benevolence to aides & subject that will mere the sovereign as an incompetent ruler. Bi Dam said that he comprehend Princess Deok man’s explanation as Bi dam said that he needs to change his address to Your Majesty as Queen Seon Deok ascend the throne tomorrow that BI Dam agrees that Queen Seon Deok will be firm & strict towards Bi Dam & now she is been giving Bi dam a pre-alert to the manner for his to prepare. Queen Seon Deok said it is indeed & asked Bi dam to be well prepare to anticipate it. Bi Dam affirms that he will follow strictly & carry his responsibilities with his utmost effort

Bi Dam reminds Queen Seon Deok that she will always be firm & strict to her aides as the markers of being a great sovereign therefore Kim Yu Shin who the world knows is Queen Seon Deok greatest aides should be justified under this principle & failing to apply this principle to reprimand him accordingly would bring opposition & disagreement among the courts official & will able to appease the people over her rule in justice. Queen Seon Deok said that what BI Dam has brought out is accurate & correct & what his argument that he has tabled doesn’t goes against the principle of righteousness & comply to it. Ni Dam thanked Queen Seon Deok for his praise but Queen Seon Deok adds however that these principles must also give the same application to those matter that harbours with personal interest. Queen Seon Deok said they need to mentioned what certain benefits some faction of the nobility might gain from those who fear the ever increase popularity & the immense political strength that Kim Yu Shin has gain in influence. Queen Seon Deok asked Bi Dam what is his perspective over the matter be. Bi dam said that if there is someone personal interest friction against that said principle, it is an audibly a situation to be reckon. Queen Seon Deok reads Bi Dam’s expression as they look like there is a deadlock between them with tension spill to the air

Mi Saeng said that Bi Dam is indeed quite remarkable person. Ha Jong concurs as Mi Saeng adds that while victory drums are beating to welcome Kim Yu Shin’s increasing influence, what was Bi Dam doing simultaneously that he didn’t want to be someone lurking under someone’s shadow but now he has turn the tables of fortune around that it is through his advantage. Seol Won Rang concurs that it is also didn’t go against righteousness & herald the taste & sense of it & the beneficial harvest is in their favour for their development. Ha Jong concurs that it is indeed the bloodline that counts

Im Jong & Phil Dan comes & kneels before Queen Seon Deok that how can she decree Kim Yu shin as enemy of state. Im Jong said that Queen Seon Deok is the first person to know what Kim Yu Shin’s characteristic of manner is like that he will not have any undertaking or involvement to Bo Gya Hoe. Deok Chung said that if he is responsible for any misdeed, it will be that he didn’t managed his subordinates. Im Jong asked whether this misdeed could be accord to declare him as enemy of state, it will be unjustified for Kim Yu Shin that the punishment is too severe. Queen Seon Deok order them to dismiss from her chamber at once as Queen Seon Deok doesn’t want to hear their pleas. Deok Chung tells Queen Seon Deok to give consideration of Kim Yu Shin meritorious records & service for the nation & if they forsake Kim Yu Shin it will be a bitter blow to the morale of their army. Phil Dan asked Queen Seon Deok to reconsider her decision with benevolence as they repeat their earnest pleas for Queen Seon Deok to consider & to ask her to think what the effect of the army morale it might affect if Kim Yu Shin is severely punished with the crime of high treason & being forsaken by Silla, as they pleas, Queen Seon Deok is clearly upset that parties are forcing her to make decision

Joo Bang & Kim Chun Chu discuss that this can’t be making any common sense. They all are aware of Kim Yu Shin disposition. Kim Yu Shin declares as traitor of treachery crimes & enemy of the state. Joo Bang asked just go & gather reference on people who knows Kim Yu Shin to asked about his character, all of them will nod in agreement to his reference of his disposition & will concurs to these ridiculous charges. Kim Chun Chu said that Kim Yu Shin was rescue by Bo Gya Hoe & not to mention the escort guard were killed in the process & it is seen as a clear marked evidence that is against him. Joo Bang said that it is why it is so unfair for Kim Yu Shin to be charge with high treason as this was all force on him. Joo bang said that Kim Yu Shin spent this few years in battlefields campaign after campaign & for the sake of Silla that he should be declare an icon & hero of Silla. Kim Chun Chu said this is Bi Dam cunning calculation of ploy & he has baited Kim Yu Shin to his trap. Joo Bang earnestly asked Kim Chun Chu to persuade Queen Seon Deok if there is a possible way to help Kim Yu Shin. Kim Chun Chu said that BO Gya Hoe is a underground resistance organisation & Kim Yu Shin has been implicate his involvement is now stronghold evidence. Bi dam will be seen that he will use the law to justify his stand of his duties. Kim Chun Chu said that his speculation that Bi Dam has did this on purpose & there is no way to justify the proof that it is otherwise. Joo Bang claims that this is injustice that Kim Yu Shin is falsely being accuse. Joo Bang said that Kim Yu Shin doesn’t harboured political ambition or aspiration as he only render with just the sense & guided of his unyielding honest & truth sincerity in whether it is the people, his devotion to his military training or the battlefields, it all depended & expedited on his unyielding sincerity. Kim Chun Chu ponder on the word Sincerity as Joo Bang confirms that it is sincerity. Kim Chun know that the answer now for Kim Yu Shin is his unyielding sincerity

Al Cheon announce that Kim Chun Chu seek audience with Queen Seon Deok as Queen Seon Deok greet his arrival. Queen Seon Deok asked what his Kim Chun Chu’s view & comments on the matter. Kim Chun Chu asked what matter is Queen Seon Deok making a reference to. Queen Seon Deok said the recent spiral events that is happening. Kim Chun Chu asked whether he needs to explains the principles of right & wrong or the what he has deduces. Queen Seon Deok query on the principle of right & wrong. Kim Chun Chu said that the matter at hand concern the matter of their nation’s national security & public order. From the perspectives of Bi Dam & the supporters in court, it is a justifiable reason. Queen Seon Deok asked him to continues, Kim Chun Chu adds that however for these past years there is no man responsible in meritorious service & glory than Kim Yu Shin therefore not only he has gain popularity from the public but also Officers in Ministry Military Affairs & from other Ministries & citizen do keep him in high regards but then suddenly to be decree as enemy of the state, it will bring dire consequence of unutterable chaos & disorder. Queen Seon Deok asked about his deduction as she wants to see if it is debatable. Kim Yu Shin said there is certain faction of the nobility who feel threaten & fear it is because of Kim Yu Shin ever rising popularity among the masses. It is not that they want to follow Bi Dam but more so that they are merely siding to counter the fear for Kim Yu Shin present popularity status, so if Kim Yu Shin was to decree as enemy of the state, then Bi Dam will no one to contend with. Queen Seon Deok asked if Kim Chun Chu has a solution in which Kim Chun Chu he has none to offer. Queen Seon Deok asked why there isn’t any. Kim Chun Chu said that if Kim Yu Shin doesn’t return joins the Bo Gya Hoe organisation then he would undeniable that he will become an enemy of the state but then he does return, he would be surrender himself & be arrest for high treason therefore there is no way he will return. Then this is Bi Dam excellent strategy of Geum Gam Gye

Geum Gam Gye is Diamond Strategy that it is really sturdy & no penetration flaws

Queen Seon Deok queries on Geum Gam Kye as Kim Chun Chu said that the diamond is one of the hardest rocks & in the extent there is no flaw in that strategy therefore a formidable strategy. Queen Seon Deok question that there is really no possibility of breaking it. Kim Chun Chu said that with Kim Yu Shin surrender himself, there is a glimmer of hope that they can also called upon to trust but it could be too difficult to do, it is because Kim Yu Shin is also just human that he is control by sentiments. Queen Seon Deok asked what that reference may it be. Kim Chun Chu answer…..Bi Dam & Queen Seon Deok sitting contemplating as Queen Seon Deok asked Kim Yu Shin…is there no other alternatives to break this deadlock

Queen Seon Deok comes to court as she announces her present & sit on her seat. Queen Seon Deok looks at the nobles attending court. Queen Seon Deok tells that King Jijeung has gave them the motto which define this nation as a motto, which is to bring forth new era of virtuous achievements & aspiration towards the conquering the four corners & direction, then the former King Jinheung also inherited this great vision of aspiration to pacify the 3 Kingdoms into one entity by capitulate Kingdom of Gaya & merge Silla & Gaya into one united nation therefore Queen Seon Deok during her own reign has embrace Gaya descent as her own subject & eradicate discrimination & long standing prejudice against them & return the ownership to their former lands but however at the same time simultaneously has responded this benevolence by activating the Bo Gya Hoe underground resistance against the sovereign of Silla & has committed high treason that can’t be tolerate. Queen Seon Deok decree that Bo Gya Hoe’s member Brigadier General Wyol Ya & Commandant Seo Ji & also Supreme Commander Kim Yu Shin Silla’s enemy of state before she could finished her sentence, Al Cheon comes shouting & running into court & inform that now at In Gang Jeon…..Queen Seon Deok is shock to hear

Yeom Jong comes running to inform Bi Dam that Kim Yu Shin has returned. BI Dam is not bother that Kim Yu Shin has returns to surrender & give himself up. Kim Yu Shin marches with the escort of Go Do & other cadres to In gang Jeon. Kim Yu Shin kneels

Kim Yu Shin: Your Majesty! Supreme Commander Yu Shin!…..come forth to accepts punishment whatever ….I beg your that I have come to seek your audience to meet with Your majesty

Go Do & the cadre shouts in chorus that they need to meet with Queen Seon Deok & shouts for Queen Seon Deok. Then a call that Queen Seon Deok announce her arrival as the gates open & she marches in as Kim Yu Shin stood up to greet Queen Seon Deok as Kim Yu Shin kneels before Queen Seon Deok that she render a slight smile of Kim Yu Shin’s return. Queen Seon Deok recalls that isn’t that no flaw to break this deadlock as Kim Chun Chu replies that if in regards to Kim Yu Shin that they are always be assures of a fact & hope from him but then it will be too difficult a task since Kim Yu Shin is also human & concern about his future. Queen Seon Deok asked what is it them. Kim Chun Chu replies it is sincerity…just the honest truth of unyielding sincerity. Queen Seon Deok ponder on Kim Yu Shin unyielding sincerity as Kim Chun Chu assures that Kim Yu Shin will not sway & steadfast to follow that righteousness path regardless of what the obstacles may bring & therefore that is what unyielding sincerity is. This is what Kim Yu Shin preach Princess Cheon Myeong when they were younger

Kim Chun Chu looks at Kim Yu Shin & recalls Joo bang that Kim Yu Shin never know or harbour any political interest or ambition…..his action is always filled with sincerity. Kim Chun Chu said that this kind that doesn’t concern itself with political ploys as Queen Seon Deok adds that he is always strives to find justice & sincerity & nothing can sway from his forthright of unyielding sincerity.

Kim Yu Shin: Your Majesty! Supreme Commander Yu Shin!…..come forth to accepts punishment whatever ….Please decree your heaviest punishment to me for the crimes charged

Queen Seon Deok: What are you all waiting there for? Arrest Criminal Yu Shin at once!

Guards draws their sword to adhere to Queen Seon Deok’s orders. Queen Seon Deok turns & walk away, stop & smiles

Queen Seon Deok (to herself): My gratitude…& thank you….Yu Shin

The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) Episode 53

The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) Episode 53 Part 1

The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) Episode 53 Part 2

The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) Episode 53 Part 3

The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) Episode 53 Part 4

The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) Episode 53 Part 5

The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) Episode 53 Part 6

Synopsis/summary of The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) Episode 54

Kim Yu Shin: Your Majesty! Supreme Commander Yu Shin!…..come forth to accepts punishment whatever ….Please decree your most severe punishment to your humble servant for the crimes charged

Queen Seon Deok: What are you all waiting there for? Arrest Criminal Yu Shin at once!

Guards draws their sword to adhere to Queen Seon Deok’s orders. Queen Seon Deok turns & walk away, stop & smiles

Queen Seon Deok: My gratitude…& thank you….Yu Shin

Queen Seon Deok leaves as Al Cheon follows behinds her. Kim Yu Shin resigned to his fate. Queen pause her way to her chamber when she said that this is true that Kim Yu Shin disposition is of this nature that a person who knows no deception stratagem, so someone that she can rely her trust upon therefore it is hard to forsake. Queen Seon Deok carry on

Kim Yu Shin is handcuff as Bi Dam enters the questioning room. Bi Dam said that Wyol Ya has help in his escape then he should be aware that where he is now. Bi Dam asked him to spill it out. Kim Yu Shin keep his silence as Bi Dam asked him why then did he return, if he not going to divulge Bo Gya Hoe’s whereabouts, why he return to Queen Seon Deok’s embrace. Queen Seon Deok comes in to the questioning room as Kim Yu Shin & Bi Dam greets her. Queen Seon Deok asked Bi Dam to excuse himself from the room. Bi Dam leaves as he was about to exits, Queen Seon Deok said that what BI dam has said is correct. Queen Seon Deok tells the Kim Yu Shin has acknowledge their crime on Bo Gya Hoe’s behalf but you still want to shield Bo Gya Hoe. Kim Yu Shin persuade that Queen Seon Deok don’t declare them as traitors but they should be by subjects. Bi Dam leaves after he is glad on what he heard.

Queen Seon Deok said that isn’t it a little too greedy & selfish on Kim Yu Shin for his hopes. If fidelity & righteous can be both utilise simultaneously, who or where will ever anyone has to make a choice moreover, does Kim Yu Shin is aware how difficult the choice in the decision that Kim Yu Shin has forced upon her with his display. Queen Seon Deok asked Kim Yu Shin whether he aspire for the Silla throne. Kim Yu Shin surprise by Queen Seon Deok’s remark as Queen Seon Deok asked that if it not, why does he need to harboured those Bo Gya Hoe who has asked Kim Yu Shin to aspire for the throne. Queen Seon Deok asked that in which Sovereign will ever tolerate to have such underground resistance like Bo Gya Hoe to roam freely & develop in this country. Kim Yu Shin said that Queen Seon Deok is correct bit however Bo Gya Hoe has the consensus support of the general Gaya descent population. If Queen Seon Deok can’t win over & convert them to change their fidelity towards her then Gaya descent & Silla will never be united. Kim Yu Shin doesn’t wish for the Gaya descent to become excluded from existence & I don’t wish for Queen Gaya to be the Sovereign to reap the resentment of the Gaya descent with hatred as Kim Yu Shin begs Queen Seon Deok

Queen Seon Deok argues that the Gaya descent might has integrated with Silla as subject but however Bo Gya Hoe can’t be comply. Queen Seon Deok calls Bi Dam as Bi Dam comes in & greets Queen Seon Deok. Queen Seon Deok order Bi Dam to use all his resource of manpower of the Ministry of Audit to apprehend Wyol Ya & Bo Gya Hoe to justice. Bi Dam acknowledge the order as Kim Yu Shin looks rather shock

Bo Gya Hoe hidden headquarters that Wyol Ya is surprise that Kim Yu Shin has surrender himself & is seeking his own dead by returning to the palace. Seo Ji confirm the affirmative/ Wyol Ya question where on earth there is such a person being so foolish to has acted that way. Seo Ji asked what are they supposed to proceed. Wyol Ya order to continue the surveillance at the palace situation & its movements & if there should have any consequence arise by unexpectedly then we will have to get his out of there by laying siege to it if necessary. Seo Ji acknowledge it.

Kim Chun Chu asked Queen Seon Deok on what decision she has made on the matter in regards to Kim Yu Shin. Queen Seon Deok looks irritate. Kim Chun Chu reminds that if Kim Yu Shin were to lost then the balance of power will tip to Bi Dam & his faction & they must allow that to happened

Queen Seon Deok & Kim Chun Chu really good at playing the manipulation game of trying to balance of Bi Dam & Kim Yu Shin to work to their advantage & benefits, this is what Sovereign do, or else they wouldn’t be the person investitured to sit on the throne. Therefore sometimes they can be seen as ruthless

Queen Seon Deok argues that Bo Gya Hoe wish to install Kim Yu Shin as Sovereign & with that, is Kim Chun Chu suggest that she has to hand over the power of Silla Military to such a person. Kim Chun Chu said that but if Queen Seon Deok accords to what is happening then Bi dam will surely gain the control of the courts. Queen Seon Deok asked does he know the reason why she need to exterminated Bo Gya Hoe. Queen Seon Deok said that she has the utmost trust in Kim Yu Shin but as long as I am the Sovereign, Kim Yu Shin will never incite otherwise, in that manner that also goes the same for Wyol Ya but however the matter lies when or whom succeed her, when she passes, the Royal Household can’t be had full control of the state & court & the person who succeed her, no matter whether it is Kim Yu Shin or Bi Dam or anyone else the matter that has aspiration to gain that throne. Queen Seon Deok tells that Kim Chun Chu is a Jingol & if he has no resolve to control this nation or the courts, even if you declare that he is the posterity of Princess Cheon Myeong will not able to entitled you to the throne, no matter whether your hands are tainted with mud or blood or be it Bi Dam & Kim Yu Shin, Kim Chun Chu must conquer & force subservient to them & usurp forcefully to secure that throne from them

Queen Seon Deok tells Kim Chun Chu that his lease has just expired that he has been hiding behind her shadow as of now has been revoke & taken off. The grand ambition of King Jijeung aspiration of Unification of the 3 kingdom, is not hiding in shadow to able to achieve it. I will tolerate the pain & amputate my limbs

Queen Seon Deok gave Kim Chun Chu the lesson of hard knocks to swim or sink, no one is going to throw him a floater if he was drowning. The honeymoon period is over & if he wants the throne that he needs to earn his Divine Right to be King. Queen Seon Deok has seem to lose her patience of all the political intrigue & slowly the process & progress of the Unification

In court Queen Seon Deok decrees that Kim Yu Shin be relinquish from his designation & expel to frontiers. Kim Yong Chun asked where is Kim Yu Shin going to exile to. Queen Seon Deok said that she has sent him to Wu San Guk

Wu San Guk is formerly Ulleung Island

Ho Jae tell Queen Seon Deok that although it is with the heavy heart that she decrees this punishment but he thinks that exile is too severe. Lord Jujin concurs that they need to consider Kim Yu Shin’s military meritorious record & service, that the punishment is too severe to deem expulsion. Phil Dan adds that he might has escape during confinement but he return to give himself up. Baek Eui said that there is no evidence stating that Kim Yu Shin has any involvement with Bo Gya Hoe; that they need to further investigate. Phil Dan asked Queen Seon Deok to reconsider her decision. Seol Yun support the decision & Kim Yu shin is their Supreme Commander that they need to probe further with investigation. Queen Seon Deok said that to further investigation on the matter will deem futile & useless. Queen Seon Deok order that the Ministry of Audit will clean up Bo Gya Hoe’s operation & the other Ministry will have to render their cooperation to assist them

Al Cheon informs Kim Yu Shin that he been exile. Al Cheon said that the matter that Kim Yu Shin doesn’t have Queen Seon Deok’s trust but the matter that she is upset over him. Queen Seon Deok has render her trust to Bi Dam & Kim Yu Shin as her hands for her to pay her attention to the quality of the people’s livelihoods. Al Cheon said that it was seem with great foundation of stability but collapse Kim Yu Shin’s stubbornness in his perseverance. Kim Yu Shin understands his folly. Al Cheon question then why Kim Yu Shin refuses to forsake Wyol Ya. Kim Yu Shin said that no matter whether it is Queen Seon Deok or Al Cheon, he is ashamed to face them

Go Do asked whether this is nonsense as Im Jong presides the meeting. Guk San Heun said that Kim Yu Shin is Supreme Commander & they must consider that in this recent past that Kim Yu Shin has render so much effort to protect Silla. Dae Pung said that moreover, Kim Yu Shin & Queen Seon Deok has a close working relationship. Yang Gil concurs that they the Ministry of Military Affairs just can’t sit here idle & watches this unfolds & be so weak. Im Jong tells that the garrison commander has plan to persuade Queen Seon Deok over the matter on their petition. Go Do said that let them not concern about whether the petition has any strength but Go Do can’t see why Queen Seon Deok would have done this Kim Yu Shin. Guk San Heun said that they need to seek audience with Queen Seon Deok to personally pleas with her. Dae Pung concurs that they will do so now

Princess Man Myeong kneels before Queen Seon Deok outside her chamber as Queen Seon Deok asked what is Princess Man Myeong’s purpose. Princess Man Myeong pleas that Queen Seon Deok’s punishment to Kim Yu Shin is too sever & unfair. Queen Seon Deok asked Princess Man Myeong to leave. Princess Man Myeong asked Queen Seon Deok how can she be cruel to forsake Kim Yu Shin. Go Do , Guk San Heun & Dae Pung goes & kneels before Queen Seon Deok & agrees with Princess Man Myeong & asked Queen Seon Deok to consider the service & merit that Kim Yu Shin has rendered that this can’t be done. Guk San Heun said that Queen Seon Deok is fully aware of Kim Yu Shin disposition that he will never has betray Queen Seon Deok

Queen Seon Deok asked them in return if they are suggesting to imply that Queen Seon Deok has betray Kim Yu Shin. Go Do said that this is not what they meant but Queen Seon Deok has been too….Queen Seon Deok shouts at them that Kim Yu shin is that person who is overboard here & it is not here. Queen Seon Deok asked whether she solely know & cherish Kim Yu Shin’s disposition, in return Kim Yu Shin know Queen Seon Deok’s disposition as well, but why then he reuse to assist & support me that he is not willing to divulge any one of them, why he refuse to give any of them up & why did Kim Yu Shin has force her to make such a difficult decision upon her. Queen Seon Deok return to her chamber rather upset as Go Do & the other cadre shouts for queen Seon Deok. Princess Man Myeong is so resigned

Bi Dam comes to seek audience with Queen Seon Deok who is still rather upset. Bi Dam asked that Kim Yu Shin to be kept in Seorabeol or else Queen Seon Deok might finds it too hard to bear. Bi Dam tries to comfort Queen Seon Deok by stretching his hands towards her but Queen Seon Deok asked him to remove it. Queen Seon Deok meant Kim Yu Shin & not Bi Dam’s hand as she said that considering that Bo Gya Hoe’s stir in the situation that need some reorganisation of resources & asked him to come out with a proposal. Bi Dam acknowledged her instruction. Queen Seon Deok is all work & no play. Queen Seon Deok leaves

Joo Bang goes to see an upset Go Do in a rush as he asked what is the matter with them. Go Do said that he is indeed disappointed. Joo Bang said that there is no other alternative for Queen Seon Deok to have done with no other option. Guk San Heun said that he couldn’t care less that they are Yu Shin’s army, if Kim Yu Shin is not here anymore, there is no use for them to stay on at Ministry of Military Affairs. Joo Bang scold them as a bunch of idiots, just shut up & stay as they were. Joo bang said it already chaos & complicate out there, don’t need them adding their 2 cents to the tense situation. Dae Pung asked whether Joo Bang is being overboard that he is so heartless. Go Do concurs with them & asked Joo bang to move aside as Joo Bang tries to calm them down but they left is a huff. Joo bang tells that the wretches doesn’t understand anything

Yeom Jong said that Queen Seon Deok has order Bi Dam to reorganise the human resource of the palace & doesn’t that suggest she has render the utmost confidence in Bi Dam. Mi Saeng said that this will be an opportunity to suggest marital ties. Ha Jong said that each time it is brought up, it ends up with a staunch refusal to the matter. Mi Saeng said that human will change with the times, who may know as Mi Saeng looks at Bi Dam. Bi Dam tells his staff to prepare the proposal for the reorganisation of the human resource to tabled at court. Seol Won Rang said that they will propose to have Lord Jujin as Ministry of Military Affairs the we will bring up Al Cheon as Supreme Commander with Phil Dan then also

Lord Do Yeol for Bi Sa Fortress & Lord Seong Chun for Hando Fortress…that support them & that this we need to favour them that they render their fidelity to their cause. Then Ha Jong asked if he could be accord with posting that in the past he was a tented Pungwolju in his Hwa Rang days. Mi Saeng queries about his nephew’s talents

Queen Seon Deok contemplating as Al Cheon informs that Kim Yu Shin will depart soon, does she has any intention of seeing Kim Yu Shin even once. Al Cheon reminds her on the retreat of Ah Mak fortress during their cadre days. When Queen Seon Deok was a cadre, she never given up on anyone even the wounded colleague, in that dire situation, she didn’t forsake anybody. Al Cheon said that it goes the same for Kim Yu Shin. Queen Seon Deok tells Al Cheon to take a rest on his gentle persuasion as Al Cheon obediently leaves her privately. Joo Bang comes to greet Al Cheon then greets Queen Seon Deok that the matter that was instructed has be done. Queen Seon Deok acknowledge as Joo Bang whether it is fine for her. Queen Seon Deok claim that she is fine. Joo bang said that it times like this having So Hwa will be so great. Queen Seon Deok said that joo Bang is now here for her. Queen Seon Deok cordially calls Joo Bang “Hyungnim” & asked him not to leave her. Joo Bang tells Queen Seon Deok that she should worried herself, why don’t she reconsider having Royal marital ties with Kim Yu Shin for sovereign with Jingol that married a few times is not frown upon

Kim Yu Shin leaves for his exile as Bi Dam send him off discreetly. The next morning Bi Dam deliver the reorganisation proposal of court human resources to Queen Seon Deok. Queen Seon Deok takes a look as Bi Dam said that Lord Jujin is the most suitable candidate for Ministry of Military Affairs moreover that BI Dam has remove all Gaya descent from their official postings & introduce new blood into revitalising the courts. Queen Seon Deok affirms as Kim Yong Chun seek his audience. Kim Yong Chun, Kim Seo Hyeon & Kim Yong Chun comes in as they were summoned by Queen Seon Deok. Queen Seon Deok said after the aftermath of Kim Yu Shin’s fiasco that it is unavoidable not to have a reorganisation the human resources of the courts. Bi Dam smiles as he thinks that Queen Seon Deok will take his proposal. Queen Seon Deok decrees that the Sang Yang Gong, Sang Gong & Dae Gong, these 3 chambers under the Internal , Kim Chun Chu will take charge these position as Nae Sang & will be promoted to the ranks of Yi Chan

Nae Sang is the Internal Department or similar that of the Privy Council that is under the Ministry of State Affairs which usually for the Head of the Ministry of State Affairs control the 6 Ministry which is Ministry for Personnel (吏部), Revenue (户部), Rites (礼部), War/Military (兵部), Justice (刑部) and Works (工部). Then the internal department will consist of the Secretariat & the Chancellery

Yi Chan is the 2nd highest Official court rank, after Sangdaedeung

Kim Chun Chu acknowledge his promotion & tell that he will do his utmost effort in his new designated position then for Ministry of Military Affairs, she will decree that Seol Won Rang will take that designation. Queen Seon Deok gave a dismissal order to Kim Seo Hyeon as it is a reprimand that Wyol Ya & Kim Yu Shin were his subordination & therefore Kim Seo Hyeon must be held responsibility for his failure to be punished for dereliction of duty but since Baekje’s troop movement seem somewhat suspicious, she will retain Kim Seo Hyeon’s present posting but will allow Seol Won Rang to audit as an observer as a shadow Minister. Kim Seo Hyeon has to accept Queen Seon Deok’s decision. Queen Seon Deok said that at this present moment, Ministry of Audit must remain all their resource for Bo Gya Hoe & also to turn & add their attention to investigate on the rising situation in Baekje and Goguryeo. Bi Dam has to swallow a bitter pill. Queen Seon Deok said that from hence onwards, Ministry of Audit & Military Affairs will now report & be under the responsibilities to Sangdaedeung Kim Yong Chun & Nae Sang Sa Shin Kim Chun Chu

Kim Yong Chun said that Ministry of Audit was under direct jurisdiction of Queen Seon Deok. Queen Seon Deok said that in the past it was done primarily for the sake of maintain order within the courts but the ministry of audit was so efficient in their enforcement that its achievement surpass from what was expected therefore Ministry of audit must their focus on Baekje & Goguryeo for now to bring success to the campaign

Bi Dam goes to speak to Queen Seon Deok privately on the reason for her decision. Queen Seon Deok reiterate as it was just been told that now the importance priority is on the present situation in Baekje & Goguryeo has come to play than the reorganisation of the courts. BI Dam asked whether Queen Seon Deok doesn’t trust him as he said that Kim Yu shin was the person in the wrong & why he is now being reprimanded & sidelined. Bi Dam tells Queen Seon Deok that Kim Yu Shin is no longer here but yet he can’t able to continued to stay by Queen Seon Deok’s side to serve her. Bi Dam said that his fidelity towards Queen Seon Deok is solely in devotion; Queen Seon Deok can’t see it. Queen Seon Deok reply she has seen it, not only she sees his desire for her but how much Bi Dam idolise her. Bi Dam asked what is then as Queen Seon Deok asked Bi Dam does he what she is the most she envious about Mi Shil…it is that she was never a Sovereign. For Mi Shil she just to play gullible foolery in love & enter marital ties that she can increase her influence. But as for Queen Seon Deok if she were to pay that game, it will become the seed of controvert, would that be so. Queen Seon Deok queries Bi Dam whether he really indent to lent her to support his rise of power to ascend Silla’s throne. Don’t she think that BI Dam has those aspiration. Queen Seon Deok said that it is not as thought she doesn’t have human’s emotion & feelings & would like someone that loves her & she can lean on for comfort & support in a person warm embrace with their sentimental support of praise of encouragement, doesn’t he think that she doesn’t wish to have those. Queen Seon Deok said that that Bi Dam’s warm touches, does he think that she doesn’t feel that it will make her heart to flutter & throbs. Bi Dam goes to embrace her that surprise Queen Seon Deok for his fast reaction but Queen Seon Deok hesitates to hug Bi Dam & pushes him away to say that it is impossible for she is….Bi Dam asked her why she can’t. Queen Seon Deok directly tell that she is no longer a woman but she can only be to Bi Dam….a Sovereign. King Jinpyeong my father who abandon me in order to protect his reign, Princess Cheon Myeong; my sister for my sake sacrifice her life for me, & before them there is former Kings of Jijeung, Beopheung & Jinheung, all of them has render me this important & arduous a sole task to her, Silla must not to perish, strengthen the Royal authority & to realise the aspiration of the unification of the 3 kingdoms, & before then, she can never be a woman or “me” that will exist. Queen Seon Deok tells Bi Dam to diminished any thought that he will able posses her to cherish or love her. Bi Dam asked Queen Seon Deok whether love is a possession. Queen Seon Deok asked Bi Dam don’t force her to make a choice & whomever it may be there will be no one who will able to posses her as long as she is still in her reign. Bi Dam looks deject from Queen Seon Deok’s rejection of him as suitor as Bi Dam leave rather upset

Ha Jong gets work up that Queen Seon Deok orders a downgrade the Ministry of Audit. Mi Saeng said that Ministry of Audit that they can’t directly go to Queen Seon Deok’s for approval & consent that they need to go through Nae Sang. Ha Jong said that why did Queen Seon Deok allow us to do this portfolio. Seol Won Rang said that Queen Seon Deok after going through this exercise of incidents has already understand that Bi Dam’s influence has been amassed. Mi Saeng said that they have been given the task to clean up Bo Gya Hoe’s covet activities is now under solely their responsibility & Ha Jong said that if it should fail then they will be made liable. Yeom Jong said that if they fails & the clean up goes to….Seol Won Rang said that she will recalled Kim Yu Shin

Ha Jong asked them whether they should come up with a contingency plan for the matter. Mi Saeng agrees as Queen Seon Deok & Kim Yu Shin steadfast relationship doesn’t end that easily to said that to break off, it will be broken. Ha Jong said when it this situation his mother will always say…Mi Saeng said that “Seol Won Rang….settle this on your own devices” Mi Sang pats Yeom Jong who doesn’t take the private joke. Yeom Jong orders his men to go & assassinate Kim Yu Shin & prepare for it. Yeom Jong’s men acknowledge

Seol Won Rang looks at scenery from the balcony as Queen Seon Deok comes in to tell that Mi Shil always favour the view from here. Seol Won Rang confirms that it was indeed. Queen Seon Deok said that her knowledge to learn well & have in depth knowledge for the courts, it is render from Seol Won Rang’s support, she wouldn’t have managed. Seol Won Rang said that even without him, Queen Seon Deok will do very well on her own. Queen Seon Deok said that Mi Shil indeed has nurture a lot of talent resources. Queen Seon Deok asked Seol Won Rang what was Mi Shil’s final words before her demise that she has left it to Seol Won Rang as Queen Seon Deok said that no matter what it may be that she sternly advice them not to incite by manipulating Bi Dam. This as she sees it, also from the request of Mi Shil’s wishes

Yeom Jong comes to the frontier as they asked around where doesn’t the exile resides. Yeom Jong tells the passerby that his name should be Kim Yu shin. The passerby said that he doesn’t know for certain of his name but there is a place is far away from the village & it is over there as he points to a direction. Yeom Jong goes to the hut. Yeom Jong finds it strange that they is no guard looking after the place. Yeom Jong signal his men to load their blow pipe & calls Kim Yu Shin, but there is no answer & Yeom Jong’s men storm in only to find the place empty & there is no trace of Kim Yu Shin. Yeom Jing goes in & shouts on the earth is going on here as he been duped

Yang Gil & Guk San Heun meets with Kim Yu Shin that they came to convey Kim Yu Shin her command. Yang Gil gives Queen Seon Deok’s written decree. Queen Seon Deok orders Kim Yu Shin to investigate the Baekje’s troop movements that is south of the Pallyangchi ridge & his mission must bedone convetly with stealth

Pallyangchi Ridge is the mountain pass between Namwon Jeollabuk & Hamyang Gyeongsangnam Do.

Before Kim Yu Shin went to his place of exile, half way he meets Guk San Heun & Yang Gil. Guk San Heun said that Queen Seon Deok has relay to them her instruction to investigate the Baekje’s borders of the situation & movement of any war like tendency & reports it as she has great concern. Yang Gil said that those who has been to war with Baekje has already been deploy to the frontline with Baekje border, so Go Do; Dae Pung are waiting instruction Northeast of Pallyangchi Ridge has set camp there to wait for Kim Yu Shin arrival. Guk San Heun regretly said but after this mission is accomplish, Kim Yu Shin will have to continues his exile here

Wyol Ya hears that Kim Yu Shin is going to infiltrated to Baekje. Seol Ji confirms the fact was reported that the men are in & there is a small squad to follow him around. Wyol Ya asked if there any of their people continue to monitor there movements. Seo Ji conforms that there are people send to monitor their movements & report any news of any oddity

San Tak tells Bi Dam that they have deployed all their men as a Baekje reconnaissance unit. Bi Dam orders San Tak to go together with Bo Jong & depart at once. San Tak acknowledge as Yeom come in shouting but calm himself as San Tak leaves as they are left alone, Yeom Jong report to Bi Dam there is trouble that the place of exile as he stutters & Bi Dam asked what is it…..Yeom Jong informs that Kim Yu Shin is not there or to be exact that he was never there in the 1st place to begin with. Bi Dam asked whether he fled half way & managed to escape but query how did Yeom Joong finds out. Yeom Jong hesitates as he asked a question how did Yeom Jong finds out & grabs Yeom Jong by the collar & asked Yeom Jong to answer his question quickly as Yeom Jong tells that he went there. Bi Dam asked to Kim Yu Shin’s place of exile & asked what is the purpose of going there. Yeom Jong can only laughs as Bi Dam grabs Yeom Jong by the collar with both hands to asked him to cough it out why did he go to Kim Yu Shin’s place of exile. Yeom Jong said he seize a golden opportunity to kill Kim Yu Shin to end this once & for all. Bi Dam pushes Yeom Jong for him to catch some breath as he ponder that Kim Yu Shin has disappear & asked whether it was Wyol Ya or perhaps Queen Seon Deok

Kim Yu Shin, Guk San Heun & Yang Gil Pung intercept a Baekje courier & kills them where they managed to retain one life as Kim Yu Shin forces the Baekje soldier at blade point to tell them which garrison he is from & his name. The soldier is Do Yeol from the Royal Imperial Household as Kim Yu Shin asked for their password & destination as Do Yeol hesitates & Kim Yu Shin threaten with his sword to asked him to speak up

Wisabu or stands for Wisajwapyeong is the Royal Imperial Household is one of Baekje 6 ministries

Ah Yeo is password

Do Yeol reveal that it is Bo Cha. Kim Yu Shin asked what is the content of the courier is about. One of the soldier still not dead yet, picks up his swords while Kim Yu Shin threaten the courier with his sword the injured soldier goes to kills his colleague from revealing & gets killed by Guk San Heun. Kim Yu Shin said that they must search the body to see if there is any documents but they find nothing & Guk San Heun asked what is the next course of action

Bo Cha is the battering ram an ancient siege engine

In Baekje Camp. Kim Yu Shin, Yang Gil & Guk San Heun in disguise meets with Gyebaek

Gyebaek is Baekje General a major historical figure of Baekje that fame his loyalty and courage that is celebrate in the annual Baekje Culture Festival. In AD 660 General Gyebaek organised 5,000 soldiers of the highest morale and courage to meet them in battle. He knew before he set out that his army was outnumbered and that his efforts would be futile, but he did not hesitate to try to defend his country, reportedly stating “I would rather die than be a slave of the enemy.” He then killed his wife and family to prevent them from falling into the hands of opposing forces, and to prevent the thought of them to influence his actions or cause him to falter in battle. His forces won four small initial battles, but then he was forced to move his forces to block the advance of General Kim Yu Shin on the Baekje capital, Buyeo. The two generals met on the plains fields of Hwangsanbeol now present day Hamyang, near Chiri Mountain. Gyebaek’s forces fought bravely but they were outnumbered ten to one and, in the end, he and his men were annihilated. Baekje was destroyed after 678 years of rule, but the name of Gyebaek is still recognised for his bravery and his fierce loyalty to his country.

Gyebaek asked from the disguise Kim Yu Shin on the password & Kim Yu Shin reply it is Bo Cha. Gyebaek asked Kim Yu Shin & his men to come with him & they meet with Yoon Chung

Yoon Chung is Baekje General

Yoon Chung tell Kim Yu Shin that his face doesn’t look familiar & asked which garrison he belongs & his name. Kim Yu Shin used the courier’s identity of Do Yeol from the Royal Imperial Household Guard Ministry. Yoon Chung asked whether he was the person who won the last equestrian games. Kim Yu Shin confirms it. Yoon Chung is satisfied as he asked what is Kim Yu Shin courier from the King is about. Kim Yu Shin said that the King wishes him to report the full details of the military movement

Kim Yu Shin is speaking of the Silla sovereign & not Baekje

Yoon Chung surprise that the king wishes to have this reported. Yoon Chung said that General Gwan Pyeong of Sangdansan Fortress would have done the reporting to the King. Kim Yu Shin tells Yoon Chung that as far as he knows he thought General Yeongun was in Sangdansan Fortress. Yoon Chung brush it as it was his mistake as Yoon Chung is testing Kim Yu Shin over his facts. Yoon Chung said that all is proceeding as planned & they are about to discuss to devise & map out their our operation’s schedule & they will be a request for reinforcement that accords to their planning& he asked Kim Yu Shin to be excuse for 3-4 Gak (45 mins- 1hour)

Yoon Chung order Gyebaek to nourish the courier’s appetite & arrange fresh horses for their ride back. Kim Yu Shin is taken by Gyebaek to has some food as he looks around to read the surrounding as much as they can. Gyebaek takes them to a camp, where Gyebaek asked them to wait here as Gyebaek looks at a map. Kim Yu Shin decided to take a look it is the map of Daeya fortress then looking towards the Gae Mun Heuk

Gaemun Heuk literally open the Black gate

Gyebaek closes the map as he finds Kim Yu Shin peeping over his shoulder & asked what is the matter. Kim Yu Shin said that he saw outside a lot of soil & rock being spade & asked of their usage. Gyebaek said that in the battle of Doksan fortress, they use it for defensive mechanism. Kim Yu Shin asked whether it was the double trident route formation. Gyebaek laughs that Kim Yu Shin is indeed well verse in knowledge. Kim Yu Shin asked who will lead the formation. Gyebaek queries why the sudden interest in this matter. Kim Yu Shin said that he heard that this formation created an instant escape route during a siege, & he has highly regards this formation. Gyebaek said that he was the one responsible. Kim Yu Shin asked whether this battle the principal tactics is using this siege formation. Gyebaek look at Kim Yu Shin rather suspiciously as Kim Yu Shin said that the King has high expectation on the outcome of these wars. Gyebaek concurs that they will be. Whatever being said that Daeya fortress is a key & crucial importance in this war to seize. Kim Yu Shin said to himself that it is indeed

Kim Yu Shin said that Daeya fortress logistics & geography bring several advantages making it impenetrable to laid siege to. It is going to be a prolonged siege, if they besiege Daeya fortress. Gyebaek agrees. Kim Yu Shin said if they were to go with that intent then they need to have supplies & logistic cover for the siege which may be taxing & tedious….Gyebaek abrupt to said that they will do a swift & offensive onslaught & it will be the end of it. Gyebaek leaves with the map

Queen Seon Deok goes on her agriculture excursion on the lands as the Administrator Bo Gi gave the annual yield of the crops & grains that wheat has done better that sorghum. Queen Seon Deok said that Professor Deok Chong research to said that the beans will rejuvenate the fertility of the soil is the best method

Bo Gi was given the title of Administrator of Agriculture & Cultivation in Episode 52

Beans are nitrogen fixer that enriched the soil for the crops that follows

Queen Seon Deok instruction them to cultivate beans to make the barren soil enriched for agriculture. Bo Gi said if they can managed to succeed & making this possible that annual yield from the same plot of land will double & triple in years of yield. Queen Seon Deok nods in acknowledgement. Al Cheon tell Queen Seon Deok that the yield has been increase rapidly & has significant improvements & also the self sustained independent farmers, why doesn’t she look all that pleased. Queen Seon Deok said that she is happy with the results but yet she still has anxiety

Bi Dam goes to Queen Seon Deok’s chamber only to find Kim Chun Chu & Kim Yong Chun. Kim present. Kim Yong Chun asked the purpose of his visit as Bi dam look around to finds that Queen Seon Deok is not around. Kim Chun Chu said that Queen Seon Deok on an excursion to meet with Gong Bong Gae Sa over the agriculture practices on the land reclamation. Bi Dam then excuse himself

Gong Bong Gae Sa is the Administrator of Agriculture & Cultivation for land reclamation

Bi Dam about to leaves & Kim Chun Chu calls for Bi Dam & asked if there is matter to report to the Queen Seon Deok that he now has to make his report to Kim Chun Chu prior that is what she has instructed. Bi Dam reports that Kim Yu Shin is not in his place of exile & is nowhere to be found. Bi Dam tells whether he ever went there or did he escape, they still have any further information as yet but in investigation. Kim Chun Chu understands & he tells that he will relay this to Queen Seon Deok when she return to the palace & discuss the next course of action. Kim Yong Chun acknowledge, Bi Dam leaves but Kim Chun Chu calls him to queries that Ministry of Audit didn’t receive any of Queen Seon Deok’s instruction, why has Ministry of audit send people over there. Kim Chun Chu reminds Bi Dam that didn’t Queen Seon Deok clearly gave them instruction that they are suppose to deal & clean up with Bo Gya Hoe. Kim Chun Chu asked about Wyol Ya’s whereabouts, is Bi Dam still ongoing with the investigation. Bi Dam said that Wyol Ya will definitely pay attention to Kim Yu Shin’s whereabouts therefore he has send people to go to Kim Yu Shin’s place of exile to observe

Kim Chun Chu now sees Bi Dam as a threat to his divine right to rule. It is also that he is the son of Mi Shil & in terms of revenges, the parent’s debts, they need their off springs to pay that debts. Kim Chun Chu’s family casualty rate that Mi Shil is responsible is on high percentage. Kim Chun Chu the victim then now his desire for revenge, but it is patiently to wait for the right time. We have to see whether that desires or seeking to control that revenge will can be a tool to transcend or improve Kim Chun Chu’s mindset to aspire too nonetheless

In the Baekje camp, Gyebaek return to tell Kim Yu Shin that Yoon Chung will see them now. Kim Yu Shin greets Yoon Chun who is nursing his wounds tells Kim Yu Shin that he must hand this personally to the King. Kim Yu Shin acknowledged. Yoon Chun asked them to take & Kim Yu Shin only took the red scroll, it rouse suspicion for Yoon Chung & Gyebaek as Kim Yu Shin excuse themselves that they will leave. Yoon Chung shouts & Gyebaek draw his sword at Kim Yu Shin. Gyebaek tell Royal Household message are sent in a black scroll & asked how can a Baekje courier not know of the fact. Gyebaek asked who is Kim Yu Shin

Kim Yu Shin quick reaction & caught Gyebaek by surprise & fend them off & got away with the black scroll & ran out as Yoon Chung sound the alarm to have them apprehended them as they are infiltrators as Gyebaek order the west gate be closed. Then the Baekje soldier did a blockage then Kim Yu Shin is surrounded but they went forth to penetrate the blockage as Gyebaek signal the archers as they about to finds the targets, the Bo Gya Hoe’s archers shoot them & the Bo Gya Hoe reconnaissance garrison comes to help Kim Yu Shin, Yang Gil & Guk San Heun to escape & Wyol Ya & Seo Ji leading the garrison

Meanwhile Bo Jong & San Tak has also infiltrated & disguise as Baekje soldier & observing the commotion then San Tak points to Kim Yu Shin as Bo Jong recognise that it is Kim Yu Shin. San Tak confirms it & the person next to Kim Yu Shin is none other than Wyol Ya. Bo Jong is confuse what is Kim Yu Shin doing in Baekje moreover together with Wyol Ya as the matter of fact. Wyol Ya, Kim Yu Shin, Seo Jin, Yang Gil & Guk San Heung fights off gallantly then the Baekje brought in the military traps & obstacles to cut down their numbers, then Kim Yu Shin & Wyol Ya managed to overcome the horseman & rode off

Gyebaek shot an arrow aiming for Kim Yu Shin & strike Kim Yu Shin whereby he drop the black scroll. Yang Gil asked Kim Yu Shin to hurry & ride up A Wyol Ya asked Kim Yu Shin to hurry. Seo Ji said they must hurry there isn’t time to waste. Yoon Chung orders to go after them. Kim Yu Shin rides off without the black scroll. Go Do & Dae Pung greets the wounded Kim Yu Shin & asked how did it go. Guk San Heun said they had the scroll but drop it. Yang Gil said that they need to attend to Kim Yu Shin’s wounds & asked to go in. Kim Yu Shin notice there was a courier pigeon fly pass. Kim Yu Shin has the arrow taken out & he tells them that there is a mole in Daeya Fortress. Go Do asked how would Kim Yu Shin knows. Kim Yu Shin asked what was written in the map. Guk San Heun it was written Gae Mun Heuk something then what is after he can’t see any further. Yang Gil also concurs that he saw the character “heuk”, it must indicate that it must start of a name with that character . Kim Yu Shin indicate that the name will be the mole & he will be responsible to open the gates, so he must be posted as gate duty & a person in the Daeya fortress defensive forces, this is why Gyebaek can speak of doing this swiftly & offensive onslaught. Daeya fortress swift attack will come from someone opening the gates for them, is that a possibility moreover Baekje’s military reserve can they able to reach Daeya fortress. So they aim is to gain the reserve from Daeya fortress to further their campaign then Kim Yu Shin notice that he seen 2 courier pigeons & flying towards Silla. Kim Yu Shin asked how many is the camps in numbers that they observe that is pitched. Go Do replies that there is 2,000. Kim Yu Shin said that the military might be 20,000 & more in troops. Then it was to say in his observation they only has supplies for 3 days & they will need to besiege the fortress within 3 days. Kim Yu Shin said that this is a disaster & a urgency & emergency that they need to return to Seorabeol at once. Kim Yu Shin said they must ride without stopping & reach the capital by nightfall. Go Do & Dae Pung acknowledge & Go Do, Dae Pung Yang Gil & Guk San Heun leaves while Bo Jong & San Tak are observing from a distance. San Tak asked whether they need to pursuit. BO Jong said there is no need as they are here to apprehended Kim Yu Shin & Wyol Ya. If they stir any commotion in this area, it will be dire risk to them. Bo Jong said that they will ambushed them when they on their way to Silla

Wyol Ya confronts Kim Yu Shin to ask whether his roots are Silla or Gaya & asked Kim Yu Shin to pick his choice & asked him to decide. Kim Yu Shin tells Wyol Ya that Gaya doesn’t exist. Seo Ji is shock at Kim Yu Shin’s answer. Kim Yu Shin asked Wyol Ya to admit it that does he still want to laid stakes & gambles the lives of Gaya descent for those empty aspiration. Seo Ji said that Kim Yu Shin has reveal his true colours of himself that for his own personal honour & glory that he is forsaking Gaya. Wyol ya asked whether it is because he idolise Queen Seon Deok, it is because of his honesty & loyalty towards her. Kim Yu Shin said he is not, that he is being realistic to this cruelty of the truth

Kim Yu Shin said that Silla is founded almost 700 years old of legacy. A posterity of a King of Gaya ancestry that is the sovereign, do you believe that there is any possibility in realise this as reality. Wyol Ya then asked therefore. Kim Yu Shin tells him that they have one other alternative, we have to accept the reality & only they can become conscientiously as subjects, this is the only route that is open to them to grant them a chance of survival. Seo Ji is upset that Kim Yu Shin could blaspheme Gaya in such a manner. Kim Yu Shin tells that their duty as Gaya’s royal descendants…that we must do is to is to make certain that the remaining Gaya descent doesn’t suffer people oppression & prejudice & there is a future for their descendants & don’t let the Gaya Kim clan to vanished in extinction therefore the unification of that the Gaya descent must offer their contribution to that aspiration & be the forerunner of it

Wyol Ya asked that being conscientiously as subjects, Unification of 3 kingdoms, for those grand aspiration that Kim Yu Shin decided to abandon Gaya for. Wyol Ya said that his alliance with Kim Yu Shin has terminated. Wyol Ya & Seo Ji leaves in disappointment & upset as they rides off. Bo Jong signal his men to follow Wyol Ya & Seo ji then Kim Yu Shin comes out & rides off. Bo Jong said that now the time to apprehend Kim Yu Shin. Kim Yu Shin is cut off & surrounded by Bo Jong’s men

Night at Daeya fortress. The guards bolt the doors. Then the guards are change & 2 of the new gate guards open the door & left as the gates ajar open

Queen Seon Deok is shock on what they are saying as Go Do informs Queen Seon Deok that Baekje has instigate to start a war. Queen Seon Deok hurries from her chamber to go to court as Guk San Hein said that Daeya fortress is in risk. Queen Seon Deok asked Al Cheon to summon Bi Dam, Kim Chun Chu, Kim Yong Chun & inform the Minster of military affairs Kim Seo Hyeon & Seol Won Rang. Al Cheon acknowledge that he already inform for their attention to gather at the chamber. Queen Seon Deok order that a courier be sent to Daeya fortress & order them to anticipate an offensive attack from Baekje & make arrangement to defend then also send communication to Bi Sa fortress, Iseo County & Daegaya & asked them to deploy their troop to Daeya fortress at once. Al Cheon understands

The Ministers are entering court as Lord Jujin asked what on earth is happening & Lord Sueulbu asked what are they being summon so urgently to court. Queen Seon Deok marches in & answer that they are officially at war. Queen Seon Deok walks towards her seat as Kim Chun Chu express shock that they are now at war. Kim Seo Hyeon asked for an explanation. Queen Seon Deok tells her court that Baekje’s army has march towards Daeya fortress. Lord Jujin expresses surprise that they are marching to Daeya fortress. Lord Sueulbu asked what is with Daeya fortress that they need to have any anxiety about, it is not that it is the 1st time they are laying siege to the place. Queen Seon Deok shouts that there is a mole in Daeya fortress & he will open the gates. Queen Seon Deok shouts why the Ministry of Audit is not in court

Bi Dam is with the apprehended Kim Yu Shin in his chambers as they have a game of death stares at each other. Then Bo Jong comes in to say that Ministry of Audit has arrest Kim Yu Shin. Queen Seon Deok asked what is he trying to just say there. Bo Jong inform that Kim Yu Shin was seen in the border of Baekje, so we arrest him on suspicious for spying. Queen Seon Deok is upset on labelling Kim Yu Shin for spying & what the hell is Bo Jong speaking in utterances.

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