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Hello, sapphire blu is here again for the results of American Idol Top 3 Season 7 show. I will just write briefly about the results. It is difficult to believe that this season American idol is drawing to a close soon and there are only two idols remaining after tonight's elimination show.

This is Top 3 American Idol 7 results, Wednesday - May 14, 2008 - 9:00pm 1 of 3 Voted Off ( who will be the one leaving the remaining two from the "idol" stage?

The results show started off with the Final 3 singing "Ain’t No Stopping Us Now" Next, it was an interesting performance by the former winner of American Idol from Season 3, Fantasia Barrino.

David Archuleta was called to the stage and the video showing David Archuleta went back to his hometown where he was greeted by so many of his fans. It was nice having the chance to watch David's trip home to Murray, Utah. He was so touch that this makes David cried and then he said "Gosh!" He also sang "Imagine" for his High School big crowd and told them how grateful he was.

Then Ryan Seacrest mentioned that it was a very very close race for David Archuleta and there could be a possibility it would be David Archuleta's last time on stage.

David Archuleta's journey so far. Being chosen to be the finalist in American Idol has really changed David's life. He said he really can't believed it that he has made it this far.

Next Syesha Mercado was called to the stage. After showing the video clips of Syesha's went back to her home town where she cried a lot too. She went for a ride in a helicopter over a big crowd of fans waiting for her. Not only that, the Mayor of Sarasota awards her with "Syesha Mercado day" Ryan Seacrest then mentioned what the judges said about her performance as he did to David Archuleta earlier on.

Syesha's journey so far. It has been a dream to her and "If you believe in yourself anything is possible" said Syesha Mercado.

Finally David Cook was the last to be called on stage. Ryan invited his brother who went for the audition too but did not make it. Ryan then showed him the video of David Cook returning to his hometown, and how he travelled back to Blue Springs and Kansas City, Missouri. He was also warmly welcomed by his fans and so many went to see him. Tears rolled down his cheeks like the other two finalists. He was so happy so many people and fans supported him.

Ryan Seacrest told David Cook about the thoughts of his performance last night.

David Cook's journey in American Idol so far.

Now it is not easy for Ryan Seacrest to announce "THE FINAL RESULTS OF AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 7 TOP 2. After 56 millions votes from America, one will have to go home leaving the other Top 2 Finalists. Will it be Syesha Mercado, David Archuleta or David Cook? Who will be eliminated tonight?

Ryan Seacrest announced that after 56 million votes, "The two people going hand to hand in the finale next week are, David Archuleta (and there was a pause, people started cheering their hearts out)and going against David Archuleta is David Cook.

After being in the bottom two several times these weeks, Syesha's was eliminated and it's now David Vs. David in the "Finale".

Syesha sang "I Ain’t Got You" as the closing of the results show.

David Cook and David Archuleta will be in the "Finale" next week. Are you excited as I am? I am always feeling this way when comes to American Idol's week performance but during the results my heart was like pumping faster than before.

I was anxious and scared to know the results at the same time as I do not want my favourite finalist to be sent home. I am very happy both David Archuleta and David Cook are in the Finale of this show.

Shedule of American Idol Season 7 "Finale of American Idol Season 7 performances and results show":

Channel FOX: Tuesday - May 20, 2008 - 8:00pm American Idol:

The two finalists perform at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in American Idol Season 7 Finale.

Channel FOX: Wednesday - May 21, 2008 - 8:00 PM Winner Announced ( Who will the next American Idol be? David Archuleta, David Cook or Syesha Mercado?) The choice is in the voters hand.

During the results show, the winner of Season 7 is announced. Other than that the rest of the The Top 12 reunite on the stage at Nokia Theatre L.A

Do remember to tune in to American Idol show next week for the "Finale".

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2003 American Idol winner (Season 2) – Ruben Studdard

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Thank you so much to the sources of the information and pictures. Till another week around this time for the recap of American Idol Season 7. Sapphire Blu would like to thank all those who dropped by here and do continue to visit my blog.


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