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Oh! where has Bobby landed? He is not in Philippines? He did not made it there? I wonder what Jessica. aS Bobby was still asking himself about it, Jessica told him the place is Hong Kong. What a joke.

Bobby was so angry of what Jessica has done to him. The pill that was given to him was actually sleeping pill. Jessica tells him off in return that all she has done was for his sake. How can he just don't appreciate that. Bobby realized he was in the wrong and apologized to Jessica and promised to obey where Jessica wants him to go. They sneak back to Hong Kong.

Jessica told her family that Bobby is innocent he was accused and framed in the casino robber. They believed her and asked the security to add extra locks at Bobby's house for extra precaution.

Bobby wants to reveal the truth to his brother, Bosco that he is the long lost brother. And the most important is he wants Bosco know the truth about who Michael really is. But Jessica is afraid after knowing all this how will he react against Bobby. He asked Jessica to help him. He also asked Jessica to advice Bosco not to join the poker "Show Hand" competition. Will this work?

Tavia asked Bosco accompany her during Ronald's date with her to make sure he won't make fun of her again as in the previous episode.

Tavia: "You don't mind I asked an extra friend together? It will be more fun having more people."

Ronald: "It's alright. But I've bought another dress for you to change."

Tavia: "Since you are my girlfriend whatever I asked you to wear you have to wear. Get in the car"

Tavia and Ronald having a good time at the beach.

Bosco felt left out as Tavia was having fun with Ronald at the beach.

Jessica and Bosco meet again at Bosco's house. She told him she got the key from Ah Wing. She advised Bosco with all sorts of reasons asking him not to join "show hand" competition but Bosco is reluctant as he doesn't want to disappoint his master, Michael who has been training him.

Bosco told Jessica his world is just "Poker cards". Before and now still remains the same. Jessica revealed to Bosco about Michael's character and tries all she could to convince him not to enter the gambling competition and told him of Michael using him because he is a selfish person, knowing Michael so well after dating him before. However Bosco instead believes that does not sound like Michae. In the end Bosco still made up his mind about the competition.

Meantime Bobby asked help from his ex-girlfriend Florence to explain to Bosco about what actually happened. When Jessica went to the airport Florence did not turn up. What actually happened?

In another scene, Michael continues to train Bosco the technics how to gamble in the competition:

Bosco is ready for the competition. Ah Wing convinced him that he will win.

Will Bosco win? Bosco saw Tavia and Ronald attending the gambling competition too. Will this affect his game later? Michael walks towards him and ask him to concentrate on the game no matter what happened. Bosco convinced Michael he wont dissapoint Michael.

The 5th Onisac Charity Gambling Competition begins

Bosco won the first and second round of the game

Jessica and Michael meet again

A conversation between Ko Ming the sarcastic guy and Michael. Michael told him he has never thought Bosco would win the two rounds and there are four more rounds to go.

Bosco managed to go top 16. Bosco keep on winning to the next round without knowing he is in the "Finale" round.

A scene Michael with Ko Ming before the "Finale" charity gambling competition.

After a conversation between Ko Ming and Michael episode 21 ends. To be continued...

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