Friday, March 14, 2008

It is very rare to see Sunset in Kuching these few months

I have not been feeling too well these two days. Eaten too much panadols and that did not really help. I thought hard and finally I made up my dicision to go for a short swim since today is the best weather eversince I came back.

Quickly packed my things I need to take to the pool. Have I forgotten anything? When I reached the pool it was still so sunny. Imagine, in the east if 6pm is still sunny. Usually at this time, the sky is getting darker. Had a short swim at Waterpark Stampark, Stutong.

Anyway if I wanted to spend longer time swimming it would be quite impossible too as there were so many people at the pool. Then I remembered. Oh yes!! it is still a school holiday. After I had a quick shower there, I started my journey to go home. On the way back, I stopped over at Taka Bakery shop and bought a loaf of bread, some cakes and kaya.

Took some snapshots along the way home. Wow!! how I missed sunset scenery. It has been a very long time since I saw the beautiful sunset or some people called sundown. Which one you prefer? Sunset or sundown. Anyway, it comes from the same meaning. Sunset or sundown is when the sun begins to fall below the horizon and later on vanish altogether and cannot be seen anymore.

When I arrived home, the sky was already getting dark and I can't enjoy myself watching the beautiful scenery of sunset. I wish and pray for good weather tomorrow but I just heard on news that it will be a wet weather here tomorrow.

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