Friday, February 15, 2008

she gave us chinese dessert - white fungus boiled with ginko and dried longan

Does that not looked nice and delicious when it enter your throat? Can't wait to taste it afterwards. Earlier this morning, the Lim family gave us a mug of chinese sweet dessert. I called it "thong shui" as I am not good in giving names to chinese desserts. I asked her what is it called. She told me is "hokkien thong shui". She used white fungus, ginko and dried longan to boil. It was very nice of her as we can eat it right after our lunch afterwards.

So coincidently I did not cook rice today but just fried tonyam bihun. It will be mouth watering to drink the "thong shui" right after eating bihun.

recipe for tonyam bihun:
- a packet of of bihun (your choice)
- shallots and red chillies chopped finely together
-white cabbage(wong nga pak) or cabbage
-tonyam paste any brand will do
-soya sauce
-red chilli sliced thinly for garnishing


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