Friday, February 15, 2008

celebrating the 9th day of Chinese New Year

Another new day is here again and today is the 9th day of Chinese New Year. Nearly lost of ideas of what to cook for him before he goes to school and he told me just a simple kon lo mi will do. So this is what I have prepared for him just now.

Can't really felt time pass by so quickly and today is already Friday, 9th day of Chinese New Year. Slept quite late last night as the sound of fire crackers was heard loudlyburst in the air just after past midnight. Years ago our neighbours celebrated this ceremony in a grand way where so many guests were invited but nowadays when their children gets older and this occasion is not as grand as it used to be though they still continue to practice this prayer to the Jade Emperor.

During the ceremony my neighbours will placed special sacrifices such as roast pork, chicken and duck and at times mutton meat are placed on the praying table. Each side of the table is tied a long sugarcane stalk to it. The final part is where large amounts of careful folded pieces paper that symbolizes money will be burned.

Eventhough the Jade Emperor himself is a vegetarian, he is believed to feast along with his non vegetarian friends. In few temples it is seen. there are two servants will be holding fanhuge amounts of little and careful prepared paper pieces will be burned. It symbolizes burning money.s above his head and also with military soldiers.

He is usually seated in imperial robes and has a crown with short strings of pearls dangling from the front. Both of his hands holds a flat short tablet at his chest. Some of the Chinese still continue to place dried or fresh vegetarian food at the alters to pray.

That is a little bit discription that I can say from what I have heard from my taoism friends.


Anonymous said...

yr kids are blessed too..they hv a mum who can cook so sumptious meals for them....dont let my kids know...shshhhh....

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