Friday, February 29, 2008

Simple way to cook nasi lemak

Who likes to eat nasi lemak for breakfast

This is what I ate this morning for my first meal of the day. Yesterday I had noodle for breakfast so I was thinking of eating nasi lemak for a change this morning.

The nasi lemak bought from 3rd. mile market at Sungai Maong cost RM1.50 per packet. From the snapshot here you can imagine how the taste is like.

Simple recipe to cook nasi lemak for 4 person:

- 2 cups of rice
- 3 to 4 cups of santan
- pandan leaves to give fragrant smell (tied in knot)
- a pinch of salt

Ingredients to eat with nasi lemak:
- 4 hard boiled eggs ( shelled and cut into halves)
- ikan bilis washed clean and toss dry (fried till crispy)
- cucumber cut nicely for garnishing
- some veges., chicken rendang, ayam masak merah, prawn sambal tumis, fried ikan kembung ( all these are optional)

1 - Use rice measuring cup to fill in 2 cups of rice from the dispenser.
2 - Next wash and clean the rice and put it in the rice cooker. Add in together the santan and tied in knot pandan leaf.
3 - Let the rice to be cooked in the rice cooker and the light indicator button will auto pop up.
4 - After a few minutes loosen up rice so that it will not be too sticky.
5 - Boil 4 eggs till they are hard boiled and shelled them. Then cut the eggs into halves and leave aside on the plate.
6 - Wash the ikan bilis clean and toss dry using a strainer. Heat up some oil in the wok to deep fry the ikan bilis. Fry the ikan bilis until brownish and crispy.
7 - Cut the cucumber for garnishing on the nasi lemak and to eat with it later.
8 - Nasi lemak is ready to be eaten for breakfast, tea break or any meal time as you wish.

Happy trying out this simple nasi lemak from sapphire blu corner.


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