Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Woke up early this morning so I asked F & E to follow me to the market. Have not really decided on what to cook for today. On the way to the market in a little corner of my mind I was still thinking of Lydia Shum who has passed away.

We talked about her cheerful laughter and her loud high-pitched voice when she was on tv during her Hong Kong entertainment programmes which are so entertaining to us. It was just not long when I last saw her special appearance on Phua Chu Kang sitcom over NTV7.

I have seen her acting since I was very young and those were the happy moments watching her acting and entertaining on tv. I am going to miss her and her name will always be in memory. It will never be the same without her appearance on Hong Kong TV shows.

We reached the market around 6.50am and we start shopping for our stuff to cook. I have taken some of the pictures of the environment of the wet market.

We left the market around 7.15am. We did a quick marketing as T has to rush for work later. Till another time. Thank you for those who drop by here and do leave a comment for me before you leave my blog.


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