Thursday, February 21, 2008


News about the death of Lydia Shum Din-Ha (Sum Tin-Ha) is everywhere. Even as I was waiting for my flight just now I read about her. Still find it hard to believe about the news. When I looked at all her pictures in the newspapers and from the internet, her laughter and her jolly smile is still alive though she is no more around.

Lydia Shum, born in Shanghai, China ( 21 July 1945- 19 February 2008) was one of Hong Kong’s most popular entertainers and a very famous actress and comedienne. Other than that she was also a very good MC in Hong Kong award shows, etc.

When Lydia Shum was still alive, I never really read about her stories about her acting and performance in her entertainment variety shows, etc but now that she has left and no longer be seen on television again, I will read all the things that I can find from the internet about her. TVB Hong Kong entertainment shows will never be the same without Lydia Shum.

picture taken from: kosmo


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