Thursday, February 21, 2008

flying back to the east on "chap goh meh" day

After taking D to school, T sent me to the bus station. I already bought two Plusliner tickets for myself and my luggage the previous week and so I did not have to worry about tickets being sold out. Anyway at this hour normally the bus won't be full.

The bus departed from the station on time and since it was still early when I reached Puduraya, thought maybe I would just had a short window shopping at Sogo. Left Sogo around 11.10am and took a cab to KL Central.

It was such a blessing that as soon as I arrived KL Central coincidently one of the Sky Bus was about the moved. The driver opened the door and asked me to get in quickly. So thankful I did not have to wait any longer.

It was an hour journey and when I arrived LCCT i did not wait further and straight away went in to the mini kiosk and self checkin. I was the first person to check in as it was 3 hours before departure time. My stomach was already growling and I had to go and hunt for my food. Now where to eat.. will update what I had for lunch while waiting for the plane in my next post.

some of the passengers busy taking out their luggages.

quick, quick the checkin counters are already opened. Says some of them

Air Asia giving very very special rates from 18th to 24th February 2008.
Don't think too long the air tickets will soon be sold out.
It's really worth to book online now to the destination
that you have always wanted to go

at the chocolate mini emporium

so many people waiting for their flights.

Some of the flights are cancel
Reason unknown


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