Thursday, January 31, 2008


I have been sitting here reading blogs and checking emails for quite many hours since just now and this is the first time ever I am doing this. Normally after a while facing the computer screen I would just turn offline and play with my Sims 2 simulation game.

As I was checking my mails just now, at the same time I was thinking of what to cook for dinner. Did not cook for lunch just now and I was thinking if I am not cooking for dinner then the answer will have to be EAT OUT of which I think it will be a NO for me today. I might as well just cook something simple. I was thinking what am I suppose to do with the four chicken drumsticks that I bought from Boulevard the other evening. Will I just fry young ginger chicken soya sauce? Or maybe just Chicken stew with mushroom?

I guess I will just have to go to the kitchen and see what mood I have. In order to cook a good meal we must have a clear mind or else we will start putting the wrong ingredients in the wok and then the taste will turn otherwise. In conclusion the dish will have to turn over night dish due to no one eating it and after forgetting to heat up that dish, you will know where it will end up. Will go to the kitchen now and see what I have in mind to cook. Be right back here again to upload the dish for tonight.

This is what I ended up cooking for dinner

Sapphire Blu at work

step number 1 cut all the ingredients nicely

step number two heat up the wok with oil and put in part of the ingredients

step number three add in the chicken that has been cut into pieces

step number 4 add in the rest of the blended ingredients

step number 5 simmer the chicken until cooked and add in soya sauce, salt and sugar to taste

step number 6 it is now ready to be served on the plate

My menu for today's dinner is Rendang Chicken taken from Sapphire Blu's recipe.


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