Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What's for dinner and where to eat? Fusili with tomato gravy: Location - At home

Can you see what I see here? This is how the food looked like which I've extracted from Reminiscence. Although the picture does not look clear enough but I can say the food is very delicious.

Its been a while since I last post on what I had for my meals. Tonight I had Fusili with tomato gravy. The taste is just simply delicious and thanks and credits to Choong Wei See a good family friend's daughter of ours. All of us enjoyed our meal. Another reason why I am very happy to have this meal as dinner because I can rest my injured thumb for another day.

How I sprained my thumb? Well that's not really important how it happened but I am glad I can still do my daily house chores.

Simple recipe how to cook Fusili with tomato gravy:

3 -4 serving:

About 250 grams of pasta
sausages about 5 pieces
3 big onions
spaghetti suace
tomato sauce
a few meat balls cut into pieces
sugar and salt to taste
cheese: optional

Thanks again Wei See..

Till another post..

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