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* Nama Sinetron: Soleha
* Pemain: Marshanda, Rionaldo Stockhorst dll.
* Produser: Leo Sutanto
* Nama Lagu: Sesungguhnya oleh Ungu

Dibintangi oleh:

* Marshanda sebagai Soleha.
* Rionaldo Stockhorst sebagai Faritz/Rendra.
* Teddy Syach sebagai dr.Fabian atau ayah Soleha.
* Dina Lorenza sebagai Indira atau ibu Soleha.
* Yadi Timo sebagai Papa Adel.
* Diva Nadia sebagai Adel.
* Hendra Cipta sebagai Umar atau Kakek Faritz.
* Baim Wong sebagai Ervan.
* Ana Pinem sebagai Mpo Mimin.
* Indah Indriana sebagai Raisya.
* Riyanto R.A sebagai Dimas atau ayah angkat Rendra.
* Eeng Saptahadi sebagai Angga.
* Lia Kartika sebagai Tiur.
* Sutradara : Gita Asmara


Soleha, gadis yang kecil tinggal bersama ayah dan ibunya. Saat hujan mendatang, ayah Soleha mengusir ibu Soleha keluar, hari berikutnya, Soleha kedatangan tamu kecil bernama Erfan, Soleha dan Erfan menjadi teman sampai kebakaran terjadi dirumahnya. Soleha ditinggal Erfan. Soleha bertemu paman angkatnya untuk tinggal disana. Saat besar, Soleha menjadi kenek angkot bersama temannya lalu temanya ajak Soleha ke kebun binatang.


Soleha, Arini Soleha, is a strong, determined, and tomboy young woman. Behind the tough exterior, she is actually a very sincere and religious girl. She used to be called Arini when she was a kid.

She lives with her cousin Mia, and her evil, reckless uncle, Arman. Arman brought Soleha and Mia to Jakarta to escape his mounting debt.

In the harsh economic condition of Jakarta, Soleha who used to be a prayer and religion teacher, was now forced to take a job as the assistant of a public transportation driver.

She then got to know a handsome young driver named Rendra, They became a solid partner. Rendra was reluctant at first. But after seeing how determined and hardworking Soleha is, he then said yes. After all the time they spent together, Renda was slowly falling in love with Soleha.

One day, the public transport Rendra drove hit a posh car. Turns out, it belongs to Evan, a famous and arrogant movie star. Both Evan and Soleha got into a heated argument that ended in hatred.

Little did they know, Ervan and Soleha were actually childhood friends. For a brief period of time, they grew up together, promised to care for each other, and promised to stay friends forever. They were separated due to a tragic event that had caused the death of Soleha's father, Mario, without a chance to say goodbye.

After the argument with Ervan, Soleha hopped back into the car. Suddenly, her vision became blurry and she almost got hit by a motorcycle. Since that day, she frequently experienced a blurry vision. On top of that, one day when she was about to wash up before praying, her hand suddenly stiffen and unable to move. Soleha was confused. She had no idea that it was due to an illness that will change the course of the rest of her life.

One day, while working, Soleha passed out. Rendra was panic. He immediately brought her to the hospital.

After a thorough examination, Soleha was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a disease that attacks the brain's nervous system. Soleha was shocked. She was devastated to know that there's still no cure for this disease.

Soleha was frighten and sad. She kept it all to herself. All this burden had caused her to be easily irritated and sensitive. Rendra was puzzled to see the sudden change in her.

Fortunately, Soleha's doctor, Dr.Fabian, has been pretty generous in helping her with the medical fees. For some reason, Soleha had made quite an impression on Dr. Fabian. He always felt like there's some sort of strong bond between Soleha and one of his patients. He is determined to know the answer.

One day, faith brought Ervan and Soleha together again. Ervan's anger towards her slowly diminished, turning into sympathy and admiration. Soleha also inspire Ervan to make positive changes during this time when his career was going stagnant.

And the story goes on, filled with conflicts that arises many questions. How will Soleha go through her life, fighting the disease? Will she make it? Will Soleha finally realize that Ervan is her long lost childhood friend she's been seeking? How will Rendra react to all this? What other facts about herself will Soleha discover later on?

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