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A very sad news that was read earlier today on January 24, 2009, Saturday - Brazilian model and former Miss Brazil's World finalist Mariana Bridi Da Costa dies at the age of 20 on January 24, 2009 early this morning at 3am

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Her struggle touched millions touched millions of people around the world.

Mariana represented Brazil in two international pageants: Face of Universe 2006 (she placed 4th) and Miss Bikini International 2007 (6th place and 'Best in Swimsuit' award winner).

She dreamed of becoming a famous international model and a journalist.


News updated on January 24, 2009

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Beautiful 20-year-old Mariana Bridi da Costa passed away, CNN reports.

Unfortunately Mari couldn't resist any longer. She passed away at 3 a.m. today - said Henrique Fontes, director of Miss World Brazil.

The model`s death was also confirmed by Renato Lindgren, a friend of Mariana`s who took care of her blog. He wrote that he was on his way to the hospital with a friend.

- On behalf of all the family, we are grateful for the support and the affection that the entire world has sent to us – Lindgren wrote.

Mariana, who was supposed to have represented Brazil at the Miss World beauty pageant was diagnosed with a urinary infection and the doctors had to amputate both of her hands and feet in order to save her vital organs. A difficult infection caused septicaemia, which clogged her veins and cut of f circulation.

Mariana was admitted at the Intensive Care Unit of the Brazilian Doria Silva hospital. After she had her hands and feet amputated on Tuesday, Mariana has to have additional surgery on Wednesday, urgently.

Mariana`s boyfriend Thiago Simoes said that she fell ill in December, but was misdiagnosed with kidney stones. It is only after additional tests that it was determined she was infected with the Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria.

Miss Brazil 2007 finalist photo gallery: Miss Brazil 2007, Mariana Bridi da Costa.

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News on Mariana Bridi da Costa before she passed away on January 24, 2009 at 3 am

Latest news on January 23, 2009 - Mariana Bridi da Costa, model and finalist of Miss World had her hands and feet amputated after contracting a killer urinary infection - Thiago Simoes, the boyfriend of model and Miss World finalist Mariana Bridi da Costa appeal for public help to save her life.

From news that was read - Officials have revealed Miss Bridi has a rare blood type and needs donations as she battles to survive intense surgery.

"This is a desperately sad story and we are calling on potential donors to come forward and give blood," said Henrique Fontes, executive director of Miss World Brazil.

He dubbed her a "great fighter" and revealed how she had bravely faced challenges in her beauty career. Read more below.

Miss Bridi first fell ill in December but doctors failed to spot the infection - instead saying she had kidney stones.

The illness worsened, causing her to go back to hospital for tests that revealed her condition.

But by then septicaemia had set in her limbs, cutting off circulation and forcing doctors to amputate her hands and feet.

And after that surgery she suffered an internal haemorrhage and had another emergency operation on Wednesday afternoon.

Her boyfriend Thiago Simoes said Miss Bridi could die, despite the drastic surgery.

"We are all absolutely distraught and are just praying now that she can pull through," he said.

"She fell ill on December 30 and we took her to hospital where she was misdiagnosed with a kidney stone.

"They gave her some medicine and sent her home. But two days later she started getting worse.

"We took her back to hospital and they said she had a very serious infection.

"She got more and more sick, and had no blood circulation to her limbs.

"First she lost her feet, then on Tuesday she lost both her hands.

"But she is a very strong person and we just want her to survive."

Miss Bridi is on a ventilation machine in hospital in Serra, in the southeastern state of Espirito Santo.

The infection was caused by the pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria.

Her father, Agnaldo da Costa, told a Brazilian newspaper that "the concern is over her life".

Miss Bridi was a finalist in the search for Brazil's Miss World contestant in 2006 and 2007.

In 2007 she flew to China to represent her country in the Miss Bikini international competition.

She won a prize there for the most beautiful body, and came sixth out of 50 candidates.

Mr Fontes said Miss Bridi badly needs a transfusion of the uncommon blood type O negative.

He added: "She has always been a great fighter and has a history of perseverance.

"The first time she took part in a beauty contest, in 2006, she travelled for 20 hours on a bus in very plain clothes, and without any preparation, and she ended up coming fourth.

"We need her to show that same kind of fight now.

"In China she took on girls from 50 countries, and came sixth and won the prize for best body.

"This is a desperately sad story and we are calling on potential donors to come forward and give blood."
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La tragedia de Mariana Bridi da Costa - News on Mariana Bridi da Costa video clips (Thank you and credits to videostvperuana Channel)

Mariana Bridi Costa video clips (Thank you and credits to DONIARIANO Channel)

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Latest news on Mariana Bridi Costa, a 20 year old model and was also a finalist to represent Brazil in the Miss World contest had her hands and feet amputated after contracting a severe urinary infection. At the moment, Mariana Bridi da Costa is on a ventilation machine in a hospital in Serra, in the southeastern state of Espirito Santo. Our prayers will always be with her. We hope that she will managed to go through all this and get well soon.

Vitória, BRAZIL — In 2006, when Mariana Bridi Costa was only 18, Mariana Bridi competed for the first time in the Miss World Brazil pageant. With little money and a basic wardrobe, she traveled for over 24 hours on a bus to get from the small town of Marechal Deodoro to Curitiba, where the pageant was held.

Her natural beauty and energy, took her further than most people gave her credit for: Mariana was the 3rd runner-up, living several favorites behind.

A couple of months later, she was sent to Accra, Ghana, where she competed for the new Face of the Universe title. She was the 3rd runner-up overall and first among the contestants from the Americas.

It didn't take long for this young beauty to be noticed, and soon came an invitation from the state director of Sergipe, Alexandre Araujo: she would return to Miss World Brazil, that time with full sponsorship and proper preparation.

The "new" Mariana didn't disappoint her fans: she was again a finalist at Miss World Brazil and won the Miss World Northeast 2007 title. Invited to compete in Miss Bikini International, in Shanghai, Bridi won the "Best in Swimsuit" award, and finished the competition in 6th place, competing with more than 50 girls from around the world.

Recently Mariana received a proposal to work as a model in a big agency in São Paulo. When she was about to move to Brazil's largest city, a tragic turn of events took place: on January 2 Mariana was taken to a hospital with an urinary tract infection, which soon became a generalized infection.

Under intensive treatment and unconscious, doctors believed Mariana wouldn't survive the next 24 hours. She did survive, but the strong medicines she had to take, stopped blood running through the extremities of her body.

The solution was the amputation of both her feet and hands.

Still at risk of dying, Mariana is conscious and made it clear that, even under such critical conditions, she wants to live.

People from around the globe have been praying for this young warrior, who in many senses has been a model for many. Her case has astonished a nation, and brought to people's attention the possible consequences of such infections.

Mariana is now recovering from yesterday's hands amputation surgery. She is in desperate need of type O negative blood. Local and national newspapers and websites have been asking people to donate blood.

Photos/Fabio Nunes: Mariana competing in Miss World Brazil 2007, as Miss Sergipe. She was the 4th runner-up to Regiane Andrade.

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Model, Mariana Bridi da Costa who was a finalist in Miss World heats has lost her hands and feet after contracting a horror urinary infection - now relatives and doctors are fearing for her life.

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- Mariana Bridi da Costa develops infection
- Doctors amputate her hands, feet
- She remains in intensive care

From news that was read - Mariana Bridi da Costa was sedated in a hospital in Serra, in the southeastern state of Espirito Santo, and on artificial respiration following the procedures, according to several newspapers.

Bridi was diagnosed with an infection by the Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacterium, which can often prove fatal.

Septicemia set in in her limbs, cutting off circulation and forcing doctors to amputate.

Her boyfriend, Thiago Simoes, told the G1 news website that Bridi fell ill on December 30, but was initially misdiagnosed with kidney stones.

The infection quickly spread, causing her to go back to hospital for tests that revealed her condition. Surgeons had to act to remove her damaged hands and feet.

Her father, Agnaldo da Costa, told the Folha de S Paulo newspaper that "the concern is over her life".

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