Thursday, May 8, 2008


This is Top 4 American Idol 7 results on May 7, 2008. After 51 million votes, only one million votes that are seperated among the top three. This means there were only 2million votes between first place and third place. Wow, That is really a close gap.

Hello, sapphire blu is here again for the recap of American Idol Top 4 Season 7 results show. I will just write briefly about the results. It is difficult to believe that this season American idol is drawing to a close soon and there are only three idols remaining after tonight's elimination show. All the Top 3 will have the chance to perform infront of their home town audience next week. That would be nice isn't it?

Ryan Seacrest called David Archuleta first to the "idol" stage and he was announced safe. I guess everyone knew from the beginning he was going to the next round.

Then David Cook was the next one to be called to the centre of the stage. To me,he was very comfortable throughout his performances throughout the weeks although last night performance was not one of his best night. I really hope to see him in the Grand Finale. I am so glad that David Cook was also safe.

Since both David Archuleta and David Cook are not going to leave this week, Jason Castro and Syesha Mercado were left landed in the bottom two. From the performance last night, Jason Castro did not perform that well compared to his previous weeks and he had a bad night.

Now it is time for the FINAL RESULTS OF AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 7 TOP 4. WHO WILL BE SENT HOME? - will it be Syesha Mercado or Jason Castro?

Syesha Mercado and Jason Castro landed in the bottom two. Ryan Seacrest announced that Syesha Mercado was safe and Jason Castro was the one to be sent home. He was not America's choice this week and Jason Castro voted off ago.

Jason Castro was the 9th finalist to leave the "idol" stage on May 7, 2008 during American Idol Season 7 results show.]

Next week the American Idol top 3 take the stage and perform for their home towns. Who will be the next American Idol Season 7? Every vote is important to The Top 3 to help them sail through to "The Finale" which is two weeks only from now. Who is your idol for this season?


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