Monday, March 17, 2008

The latest results of The Project Superstar Season 3 on 16th March 2008 - 4 more contestants have been eliminated


Eight of the top 16 Project Superstar contestants. Four more contestants were eliminated again last night on 16th. March 2008 at 10pm. Who were they?

Two from the female contestants

and two from the male contestants.

Hosted by Gary Yap and Cheryl Lee

The first contestant who had to pack her bag home was Nicole. Is she one of your favourites?

The second female who had to leave Project Superstar this week is San..

Eddie's the third contestant to be eliminated

Kevin's the last contestant to be eliminated.

Are your favourite contestants still here?

The list of the contestants left are:-
1) Ellen 徐佩霞
2) Kay 郭晓薇
3) May May 詹依美
4) Eliza 伊利莎
5) Hau 徐仕豪
6) Will 郑幸安
7) Adrian 陈凯旋

8) Cliff 郑至围

This coming weekend would be the wild card round ( fan sheng sai or pk sai )..those eliminated this week and last week will have the chance to perform to win your hearts again..those performing will be Pink, Alice, Nicole, San, Jac, Elson, Eddie, and keep supporting them if they're one of your favourites..

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