Saturday, January 26, 2008


Start our journey to Boulevard Hypermarket Shopping Mally that was newly opened last month at around 10 something.. when we reached there we thought mostly everybody will be out there having their late breakfast or still at home.. But we are indeed very vey surprised to know that we hardly could get a parking place. After going for so many rounds and drying up the petrol from the car tank at last we managed to find a side parking lot at a very corner.. Thank God after a short prayer in our hearts we managed to get one or else I think we would end up going home instead of shopping for Chinese New Year stuff.

Chinese New Year decorations that are being sold at an offer price 50 percent each item

These two tanglungs were sold at RM148.00 before a 50 percent discount

The red trolley back pack is my dream bag.. Now it is on sale for a 20 percent discount.. before discount is RM179.00. I did not buy the bag in the end and I think soon it will be sold fast because it is Chinese New Year season and people just buy red things for this occasion.

A very nice red shirt to wear when visiting relatives or friends

wow.. so nice and cozy this red bedspread set.. Wish I could sleep a while on it but I dare not as if any promoter sees me doing this they will send me to the nearest asylum hospital for screw loose people. So I just gave it a touch on the comforter and walked away

a red shirt for an auntie somewhere out there

wow this would look good on young girls

want to go vacation and getaway to somewhere cold this coming CNY?

wish I can buy and wear that on first day of CNY. Sure look nice yar.. combination of red and white

ohhh... so red

even tshirts for men are all in red

looks good on uncles. Not so red afterall.

More pictures coming up next. see you real soon..


Fiona said...

i wamt red things too! haha just kidding

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