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Episode 21 - 40 (synopsis/recap) Philippine Drama The Two Of Us (Tayong Dalawa) start airing from April 6, 2010 over Astro Prima Monday - Wednesday

Tayong Dalawa (English: The Two Of Us) was a Philippine primetime drama series broadcast on ABS-CBN which featured an ensemble cast. The story revolved around fraternal twin brothers (Jake Cuenca and Gerald Anderson) who share the same name, the same aspirations, and the same lady-of-interest (Kim Chiu). The title of the series was taken from one of Rey Valera’s classic songs, in a manner similar to most Filipino soap operas.

Philippines Title: Tayong Dalawa
English Title: The Two Of Us
Directed by: Ruel Bayani and Trina Dayrit
Country of origin: Philippines
Language(s): English, Filipino
No. of episodes: (2009 -05-22)[update]88 (as of May 22, 2009)
Broadcast: ABS-CBN Philippines

Philippine Drama: The Two Of Us
Broadcast: Astro Prima Channel 105
Date: April 6, 2010 onwards at 3.00 pm & 12.30am


David "JR" Garcia, Jr. was born into a poor family. His father, David Garcia Sr., deserted his mother before he was born because his wife, Ingrid Garcia was pregnant with David "Dave" Garcia, Jr. When Audrey King and her family went to Tagaytay for a visit, she fell from a set of high stairs. If David "JR" Garcia Jr. was not there she probably would have died. When he gets help, she asks for his name. He tells her that he is David Garcia, Jr. When she gets to the hospital and is asked by the witnesses and her family who saved her, she says it's David Garcia, Jr. but David "Dave" Garcia, Jr. is the one who is credited. She did not realize that he is a different boy. As she grows up falling in love with Dave, Dave meets his brother and soon best friend, JR. Their families did not approve of the friendship. Dave's family thought that JR just wanted to use Dave for his money. Dave & JR's mother's would not let the two hang out. But their father allowed the friendship to continue, because there was something about JR that David Sr. liked, but he didn't know what it was. Dave's grandmother, Elizabeth, suspects and so does JR's mother, Marlene, but nothing stops these two from becoming best friends. When everyone found out that Dave & JR are twin siblings, the family rivalry became worse. Elizabeth, Dave's grandmother did everything to make sure that the news about the siblings did not come out. She lied and schemed, for Marlene, JR's mother, to go to jail. Audrey's father then sends her to Cebu to study there, but not before she meets JR. He feels like he has seen her before, but does not realize who she is. When Dave and JR were sent to the Philippine Military Academy, they started to get competitive with each other, in academics, and for their true love. When they finally got into battle, will brotherhood save them both, or will envy leave them both to die? Audrey has grown up in love with the wrong person, but when she realizes who her true savior is, will she be able to return her love?


Episode 21 - Secret love no more?

On his way back to home, JR catches sight of Audrey crying in a lone highway so he pulls over to see what’s wrong with her. Apparently, she has had enough of her granny and father’s constant scolding for they never seem to understand that all she wants is their love and acceptance. Anxious to make her feel better, JR invites her to unwind by going out of town. They happily spend the whole day sans the worries that await them back in the city. When they were about to go home, however, JR discovers that two of his brand new car’s tires have gone flat, leaving them stuck in the middle of nowhere. As such, they end up spending the night in a wooded area where Audrey has run to, hoping to find a way out of the mess they are in. JR is even compelled to pretend that he stumbled and couldn’t walk because of it just to stop Audrey from getting lost in the forest. But then she discovers his deceit the next day and has gotten furious by the fact that she was worrying over him for nothing. To her shock however, JR interrupts her emotional outburst with his own revelation that he did it out of fear for her safety and because he loves her so much. How will this turn of events change things between them?

Episode 22 - Losing it all

From the very beginning, Audrey has always stressed that one of the reasons why she loves Dave so much is the fact that he had saved her life when they were young. As it happens, he has never told her differently, knowing that it was what made their bond stronger ever since. Things are about to change though as Marlene reveals to Audrey how JR had a huge crush on the little girl whom he rescued from a dangerous fall back when their family was still living in Tagaytay. This happened while JR is in the hospital so she quickly asks him about it as soon as he woke up. It definitely is a big revelation to her because she practically hero-worshipped Dave all her life because of that incident. As such, this and the fact that Dave keeps on pressuring her about her closeness with JR proves to be the last straw that compels Audrey to break up with him. Where will this leave Dave who is equally besieged with so many problems at home? Can he take the pain of losing Audrey as well as the recent betrayal of his dad to their family?

Episode 23 - Is being happy or sad a choice?

For once things are looking good between Dave and JR. As it happens, the latter reiterates that he has no intention to steal Audrey or their father’s affection from Dave. The fact that David has also interceded and brought them to a place where he finds peace amidst his troubles help the two mend their differences. Though Audrey has still refused to get back with Dave, he at least feels better now because she has forgiven him. In a similar vein, Audrey is happy to see that Stanley is starting to fight for them against his ruthless mother. Lily even refuses to go to work days after her heated disagreement with Stanley. As it is, he remains unswerving with his decision to stand by his family for the very first time.

Episode 24 - Ingrid compromises with David.

Since Ingrid’s ultimatum against David backfires on her, she angrily puts the blame on Elizabeth who keeps on telling her to stand up against her husband. All she wants is to have a perfect family and she doesn’t really care about the business she and her mom worked hard to build over the years. As such, she quickly begs David to come back home and assures him that she wouldn’t fight with him about money matters anymore. David agrees but only if she would welcome JR in their family.

Left without a choice, Ingrid pretends to accept his condition and even invites JR to David’s grand birthday bash. To her shock however, his whole family comes to attend the occasion including her much-hated rival, Marlene. Making the situation more awful for her is the fact that David proudly introduces JR as his son to everyone in attendance. Furious, Ingrid later confronts David about it but is defeated by his insistence to make JR a part of their family, if not his mother. How long can Ingrid put up with such a difficult set-up?

Episode 25 - A ceasefire between Ingrid and Marlene

Though it was Ingrid who provoked Marlene into a fight, the latter gets the last word as she remarks that it wouldn’t come as a surprise if David later chooses JR over his crazy wife. This hits a sensitive spot on Ingrid’s part so she almost hits Marlene right there and then. Good thing David arrives in time to stop them from making a scene in front of all the guests.

But the next day, Marlene is shocked to see Ingrid at her doorstep threatening to kill her if she would continue to get in her way. This alarms JR knowing full well that the latter is indeed capable of killing his mom after what she almost did to him before. As such, he confronts Dave about it and almost gets into a fight with him as well.

Once again, it was David who prevented the two from alienating each other like what happened when they first discovered their family ties. Will their brotherhood still strong once David is gone?

But as they say, happiness always begets sorrow for Lily soon pays them a visit only to tell Stanley that she has disinherited him and would like him to return the hardware business to her. David on the other hand gets into a fight with Ingrid as she learns that he has recently included JR in his will. Since it was she and her mom Elizabeth who have worked hard for the Garcias’ flourishing business, Ingrid threatens to take it all back from him. She didn’t expect him to quickly agree though and then leave her with everything but him. Will David go back to the welcoming arms of Marlene? And how will the other incidents affect the lives of Dave, Audrey, and JR?

Episode 26 -Goodbye David

It was just David’s misfortune that he drops by the shooting range at the same time Leo and his armed men were robbing his stash of guns in exchange of those that Ramon lost in a recent ambush. When he comes face to face with Leo, the latter didn’t think twice before shooting him because David immediately recognized Ramon amongst his troop.

As David’s condition worsens at the hospital, Ramon is besieged with guilt for being involved in that crime. But either that or risk his family’s life since Leo has already met his family during Dave’s birthday party. At the same time, he recalls how David has been the closest thing to a father he would ever have.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth attempts to secure her daughter’s wealth by asking David to sign the will she had drawn that would transfer all his properties back to Ingrid. But since he is still not up to the task, Elizabeth agrees to back off when Ingrid caught what she was trying to do.

The police, however, also arrive to make an inquiry about the whole incident. The fact that David knew one of the armed men who raided the shooting range should have been a big lead to the case. Trying to write the name of that person proves to be too much stress for him as it causes him to have a fatal attack which leads to his death.

With David gone, will the Garcias and the Dionisios begin to engage in an all-out war?

Episode 27 - Outsiders

While Ingrid was suffering from yet another nervous breakdown, Elizabeth agrees to JR’s plea to hold a wake for David at their house for a night on the condition that they wouldn’t attend the one with the Garcias. But when Ingrid wakes up from her deep slumber, she immediately sends men to retrieve David’s remains from Marlene’s family. Furious that Elizabeth didn’t stay true to her word, JR engages in a brawl with them together with Ramon. The worst part is that he and his family wasn’t allowed to go near David for the rest of his wake and even in the funeral. Dave tries to convince Ingrid to let JR’s family pay their respects to his dad but she remains resolute with her decision.

It seems that Ingrid would stop at nothing from getting her revenge against Marlene and her family for she also takes back the house that David bought for them. Her men would have dragged poor Marlene and Rita out of the house if not for JR who puts up with Ingrid’s cruelty without a fight. As they later find a new home to live in, JR firmly tells Dave not to talk his mom into giving them back the house because he will provide for their family from now on. Little did he know that a whole new future awaits them with the upcoming reading of David’s last will and testament. Can Ingrid solely hold on to David’s wealth that she and her mom worked hard for over the years?

Episode 28 -The unchanged will

To everyone’s surprise, David leaves 25 percent of all his assets to JR, another 25 percent to Dave, and the remaining 50 percent to Ingrid. The latter refuses to accept such partition though for all their riches should have stayed in her family alone. As it happens, David intended to put back all his possessions under Ingrid’s name before his untimely demise but he just didn’t get around to it. Nothing can be done about it though as the executor stresses that she couldn’t have told Ingrid first about the will for it’s simply against the law. But the fact that only JR and Dave got a video message from David further increases Ingrid’s fury.

On the other hand, Dave doesn’t really care much about the money but more on the fact that JR easily gained his father’s trust just by being his son. JR later refutes his statement though for he has lived poorly all his life and without a father to love him at that. Personally, he’d rather live without his inheritance but he opts to accept it all, knowing that it is what his father wanted. He even attempts to reasonably talk about it with Ingrid but she remains unwilling to make amends with him.

Is there a way for Ingrid to dispute David’s will? How will JR react once he discovers Greta’s real job before? Can Audrey continue to suppress her growing feelings for JR? And what will Ramon do when the Garcia brothers begin their pursuit of their father’s murderer?

Episode 29 - Stop and Go

If JR would have his way, he prefers not to claim his inheritance so as not to fuel anymore conflicts with Ingrid. But Marlene explains to him that doing so would be tantamount to belittling what David had fought for when he recognized JR as his son. Since he is often busy with his training in the air force, his mom takes it upon herself to attend the meeting with Ingrid and other stockholders of their company. There is simply no stopping Marlene from asserting her rights to their shared businesses despite Ingrid’s protests.

On the other hand, JR is still troubled with his falling-out with Greta whose advances he recently rejected. As it happens, she has returned to her job in the club soon after what did not happen between them. Luckily, Dave has interfered by inviting Greta to their friend James’ birthday celebration, which paves the way for her to patch things up with JR. But he still has no idea on the things that she has sacrificed for him over the years. In the meantime, they are back to being good friends again while Audrey seems to be jealous of their rekindled closeness. How long will they continue to suppress their growing feelings for each other?

Episode 30 - Thirst for justice

When Dave unexpectedly gets time off from work, he immediately drops by the supermarket to fetch Audrey and hang out with her. The latter, however, refuses his invitation because she still has some work to do. As always, Dave is being immature as he insists on taking matters on his own hands by asking her supervisor to free her schedule for the day. This further annoys Audrey though because she is supposed to fill up for one of her colleagues whose kid is having a recital in school. Despite her valid reason, Dave remains disappointed for being turned down so easily.

On a positive note, Dave is able to follow up on David’s murder case since he has nothing else to do. It so happens that something has come up and the police is about to raid an illegal transaction of firearms that may be connected to the shoot-out that led to his father’s death. When he and JR volunteered to join the buy-bust operation though, the authorities prohibit them from doing so. But since the two are desperate to find their father’s killer, they insist on following after them. Will they finally discover Ramon’s involvement in an illegal syndicate?

Episode 31 - Loretta dies after childbirth.

When Angela returns from the province, she sadly tells Loretta that their mother died from her illness and was immediately buried due to lack of finances. This leaves Loretta heartbroken and frustrated because she couldn’t be there for her mom in her time of need. As such, she asks for Stanley’s permission to allow her to pay her last respects to her deceased mom. But for some reason, Stanley senses that she would be going away for good since nothing can stop her from leaving him anymore.

As if his stern refusal isn’t enough to stress out Loretta, he even beats Audrey whom he believes has urged his wife to leave him. Unfortunately, the heated confrontation causes her to be sent to the hospital because of premature labor. Loretta delivers a healthy baby boy but she fails to make it alive due to a serious complication while she is giving birth. So now, not only are the Kings hard-pressed for money but they have the added burden of tending to an infant which is the last thing they need at this point in time.

Audrey on the other hand tries her best to carry on since she has a baby brother to take care of. As much as Dave wants to stay by her side though, he is compelled to report back to the camp for his responsibilities as a soldier. So instead of him, it was JR who lends his girlfriend a helping hand in the most difficult time of her life. But by bringing them together, Dave only gives Audrey a chance to really fall for JR.

Episode 32 - The greatest irony of all

What if you wake up one day and you discover that everything you believe in and live for is nothing but a sham? This is precisely what happened with Ingrid as a navy officer come looking for David’s wife who happens to be the sole beneficiary of his pension. Just imagine Elizabeth’s surprise when the officer tells her that the woman he is looking for is named Marlene Dionisio Garcia. She later finds out that Marlene and David got married two days before his wedding with her own daughter. Unfortunately, this means that the legal wife between them is no other than Marlene.

Furious that her husband could leave her in such a complicated mess, Ingrid is forced to withdraw the paternity case against JR for a legal battle would only draw out the issue of David’s bigamy. Though it irks her to do so, she even offers the Dionisios’ a hefty amount of monthly allowance and a new house just to avoid a risky confrontation with them. Marlene would have easily accepted Ingrid’s peace offering but Rita asks Ingrid’s lawyer to give them enough time to think things over. JR on the other feels satisfied that the Garcias have finally acknowledged the fact that he is David’s son.

This temporary truce between the two families is bound to be dissolved, however, as Greta reveals to JR the truth about her job as an entertainer in a nightclub. To make matters worse, she has taken Audrey’s identity out of spite. But what if this whole matter of taking revenge backfires on her? Will this draw JR and Audrey closer? Watch out for these exciting revelations this week on Tayong Dalawa.

Episode 33 - Greta’s earth-shattering confession

Seeing JR and Audrey together fuels Greta’s jealousy so she decides to retaliate by revealing her job as a call girl and the fact that her first customer was no other than Dave himself. To make matters worse, she even takes on Audrey’s identity in the night club to add an air of innocence to her performances as a dancer. This naturally shocks both JR and Audrey who have been oblivious to the nature of her work from the very start. Dave on the other hand has no way to stop Greta from blurting out the truth about their one night stand. As such, Audrey breaks up with him for all the hurt he caused her over the years. She is simply fed up with all his lies and selfish demands from her. Dave desperately asks for her forgiveness though, to the point of offering her marriage as a solution to their problems. As for JR, he is feeling guilty to have not known the sacrifices Greta has made just for him. Coupled with her plea to let her love him, he finally agrees to go out with her, knowing that this is the only way to pacify her. Can JR fool himself into believing that he could learn to love Greta when his heart already belongs to Audrey?

Episode 34 - Can’t Audrey say ‘I do’ because of JR?

Though Audrey has already broken up with him, Dave persists on saving their relationship by asking her to marry him. It seems as if he’s holding on for dear life for he knows deep inside that she’s not going to change her mind. The news of his transfer orders to Basilan further intensifies his desire to secure a future with her, hence his shocking proposal in front of their parents. Shocked that he would pressure her despite her protests, the whole family get-together results to a nasty argument between the two including a threat to Stanley and Ingrid’s planned business merger.

Luckily for Dave, he is able to talk to her again later that night to at least mend their differences before he goes to his mission. Though all he could have from her is friendship, it’s enough to set his mind at peace for now. Afterwards, he also begs his mom not to feel bad towards Audrey for causing him pain since it was his fault after all. Dave also asks her to help Audrey’s family by starting her joint business venture with her father. Will Ingrid stay true to her word that she will look after Audrey’s financial needs? And what will happen once JR learns that Audrey has turned down Dave’s offer of marriage?

Episode 35 - Sweethearts no more

Even though they’re not a couple anymore, Dave continues to hope that he could win Audrey back when he returns from his assignment in Mindanao. For now he has no choice but to depend on JR to look after her while he is gone. However, this favor happens to be a huge burden to JR since his feelings for Audrey has only grown stronger over the years. The fact that their wedding didn’t push through doesn’t make it any less difficult for him because he knows that Dave still loves her very much. So when Audrey tells him that Dave’s goodbye kiss doesn’t mean anything to her, JR pretends to be unaffected by the awkward farewell episode between the two.

Meanwhile, Ramon is getting more involved with Leo’s illegal business which puts his life at a greater risk. Marlene is starting to grow suspicious of his odd working hours and the fact that he could spend so much money on his clothes when he is just a messenger after all. Ramon bursts out in anger when she confronted him about it though, thinking that Marlene has never been proud of his accomplishments despite everything he has done for the family. To make matters worse, his affair with Olivia has become obvious to his close friend from his group. Will he be strong enough to face his wrath when the time comes?

Episode 36 - Choosing battles

Rather than postpone the inevitable, JR reiterates to Greta that she is just a friend to him and nothing more. He refuses to admit to her though that his heart already belongs to Audrey, knowing that it would only make matters worse. But Greta senses that this is the real reason why he can’t return her feelings so she confronts Audrey about wanting both the Garcia brothers for herself. Luckily, Audrey gets a hold of herself for they were at the supermarket then. So when Greta slaps her on the face, she simply warns her that she wouldn’t back off the next time they meet again. Is there really a way for her to start a relationship with JR given their complicated situation?

Marlene on the other hand is still pissed at Ingrid for delaying their monthly allowance. As such, she barges in her meeting with the officer from the embassy demanding for their family’s only means of income. Upon seeing the officer, however, Marlene suddenly accuses Ingrid of engaging in business expansions behind her back. But before she gets the chance to grill the officer, Ingrid hastily shoos her away with a promise to double their monthly allowance in exchange of her peaceful exit. How long will she get away from pretending that she is the legal wife of David?

Episode 37 - For the love of her son

Audrey is supposed to go on a double date when JR suddenly appears and drives her potential suitor away. Though he insists that he is just keeping his promise to Dave that he would look after her welfare, Audrey’s best friend suspects that JR is doing it for his own sake. However, Audrey can’t help but feel disgusted towards his possessive attitude, which is why she broke up with Dave in the first place. As such, she gives him the cold shoulder for acting exactly like his brother.

Aside from the recent squabble between the two, Audrey is further discouraged to entertain her feelings towards JR as she bumps into Ingrid at the supermarket. There the latter warns her about hurting Dave again by getting involved with another guy. She even threatens not to push through with her merger with Stanley if Audrey finds someone else. But then Audrey is honest enough to insist that friendship is the only thing she could offer Dave for now.

Dave on the other hand is very much active in combat together with his troops in Mindanao. They have recently discovered that the rebels have been amassing weapons through illegal imports. With the help of their informant, they are able to raid the warehouse where an exchange of smuggled firearms is being made. As it is, Leo’s group is responsible for the contraband and they barely escaped the whole encounter unscathed. Though Ramon is against getting involved with terrorists this time around, he unfortunately no power to defy Leo’s orders. How long will he be able to stand working for such an evil man?

Episode 38 - Secretly in love

Since Audrey clearly doesn’t want JR to baby-sit her, he secretly follows her after working hours to make sure that she gets home safe. But then she gets held-up one night and the thief even attempts to rape her too. Luckily, JR arrives in time to save her from her dire situation. She inevitably discovers, however, that he happened to be at the same place as she was because he has been tailing her all along. But instead of thanking him, Audrey remains proud and stubborn about wanting to be left alone. When in truth she is just avoiding the temptation to fall for him even more.

In the meantime, Ramon is happy that Greta has finally given him a chance to prove to her that he can give her a good life. What he doesn’t anticipate though is that his illicit affair with Olivia would result into a bigger complication for him. His friend has warned him before but he still keeps on fooling around with her behind Leo’s back. But as they say, there are no secrets that can’t be found because Leo catches Olivia arranging a tryst with her mystery man. He angrily beats her to death but she still refuses to admit who her other man is. And since it was Ramon’s friend who came to bring her to the hospital, Leo thinks that he’s the one Olivia is trying to protect.

Episode 39 - A mutual understanding between JR and Audrey

The next time Audrey bumped into JR, she apologizes to him for being too proud to admit she couldn’t have escaped the thief’s advances without his help. But soon after they have patched things up, JR is called on a search and rescue mission in Mindanao, leaving Audrey worried for his safety in such a rebel-infested territory. Since she couldn’t stop him from doing his job, Audrey tearfully hugs him instead as she bids him goodbye. There may be words left unsaid between them but it seems that they already know what they feel for each other. So when JR reunited with his brother in Mindanao, he tells him that maybe it’s time for him to let go of Audrey. But Dave insists that he would make it up to her as soon as he returns to Manila. As it happens, she is the only person that gives him hope to continue living amidst the harsh reality of his life as a soldier. But would he make it alive after their troops go into combat with the terrorists this time around?

Episode 40 - Dave dies in combat

Dave leads the search and rescue operation of a missing American diplomat and has been in charge of covering for JR’s troop as they safely bring the victim to the extraction point. But when the chopper has arrived to pick them up, Dave is nowhere to be seen for he got stuck in the middle of a combat. JR refuses to leave without him but his commander orders him to take over the craft and take away the diplomat from the dangerous zone as soon as possible. The last thing he saw is Dave running away while firing at the rebels then a sudden explosion that ultimately kills him.

However, JR clings to the hope that his brother is still alive as he later returns to the terrorist-infested area in search of Dave. Unfortunately, he stumbles upon Dave’s bloody dog tag and a photo of Audrey near his unidentifiable remains lying beside the other casualties that day. The Garcia family is immediately notified about his death while JR went straight to Audrey to personally tell her about the sad news. How will they all deal with losing another loved one soon after David’s death?

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