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Episode 100 - 150 (synopsis/recap) Philippine Drama The Two Of Us (Tayong Dalawa) start airing from April 6, 2010 over Astro Prima Monday - Wednesday

Tayong Dalawa (English: The Two Of Us) was a Philippine primetime drama series broadcast on ABS-CBN which featured an ensemble cast. The story revolved around fraternal twin brothers (Jake Cuenca and Gerald Anderson) who share the same name, the same aspirations, and the same lady-of-interest (Kim Chiu). The title of the series was taken from one of Rey Valera’s classic songs, in a manner similar to most Filipino soap operas.

Episode 134 - JR breaks in Marlon's office

JR pushes through with their plan. Simultaneous with Marlon and Ingrid’s engagement party, he sneaks in Marlon’s office to acquire the said man’s classified illegal documents, which he immediately assumed being kept safe in the businessman’s vault. He acquires an envelope from the said vault; he gets a cheap shot on his way out, but he successfully escapes the premises. To his dismay, he realizes upon opening the pack that he only has with him a compilation of blank papers from the said mission.

Episode 135 - Marlene learns about JR's underground mission

Marlene couldn’t help but grow suspicious of JR’s unusual actions; and upon catching sight of a strange hole on his shirt, she couldn’t help but persistently question him regarding the matter. Discreetly, he reveals to his mother about his underground mission to bust Hunyango. Unfortunately for him, Rita and Greta overhear the said revelation; and immediately the latter warns Ramon about it. On the other hand, brought about by Ingrid’s insistent claim that JR and Audrey are having an affair, Dave finally gets convinced that it is true so he tries raising an argument with the lad. On the said encounter, Dave learns about JR’s questionable bruise on his arm.

Episode 136 - Dave discovers that his marriage to Audrey is bogus

While arranging all the necessary documents to acquire visas for their US trip, Dave is informed by his agent that NSO has no record of his marriage to Audrey. In order to find the said document, Dave immediately consults their lawyer to find the judge who had conducted their marriage. To his surprise, the lawyer informs him that his marriage to Audrey is in fact a hoax; the lawyer finally reveals that Elizabeth hired a fake judge before to hold the said event. On the other hand, Ingrid finally realizes that some of her jewelries are missing. Immediately, he searches Angela’s room, and there she finds a missing piece, which Greg planted earlier. Convinced that Angela and Audrey are the culprits, she relentlessly shoves them away out of their house. To make matters worse, Dave unexpectedly slaps Audrey’s face.

Episode 137 - Ingrid begs on her knees

Dave threatens Ingrid that she will lose him if she doesn’t do something about Audrey’s plan to leave him behind; and upon hearing this, Ingrid immediately decides to beg Audrey to stay. Literally, she kneels down in front of Audrey while asking for forgiveness, but to no avail. Audrey is still persistent to push through with the annulment case she plans to file. Distraught by the possibility that Audrey will soon discover that their marriage is just a big joke, Dave resorts to excessive drinking with his soon-to-be stepfather Marlon. And on the said event, the latter continuously pollutes his mind with regard to Audrey’s affection towards JR.

Episode 138 - Dave assaults Audrey

Ramon finally receives Hunyango’s go signal; he will be sent to Visayas to take care of a very important mission. In line with his upcoming departure, he decides to visit Greta to say goodbye. He also tells her that it is still uncertain whether he will return or not since his mission is in fact a dangerous one. Unfortunately, JR discovers Ramon’s presence within the vicinity, so he immediately chases his brother; but unfortunately he fails to catch up. On the other hand, drunk and wasted Dave furiously barges in Audrey’s new home. Immediately, he attacks her with intentions of raping her. Fortunately, JR comes in right at the nick of time to save helpless Audrey.

Episode 139 - Audrey learns about their missing marriage contract

Audrey consults with a lawyer, and there she realizes that she will most likely win the annulment case she is planning to file, so she finally decides to push through with it. Despite Audrey’s unrelenting refusal, Dave continues to persistently pursue winning her back. Fully aware of her son’s suffering, Marlene tries comforting Dave over a small quantity of liquor; and there she tries enlightening the lad regarding the bitter truth about his relationship with Audrey. She tells him that he has to finally let her go, but the lad refuses to take her advice. On the other hand, on her way to initiate an annulment case, Audrey finally learns that her marriage contract with Dave has gone missing.

Episode 140 - Audrey slaps Ingrid

Audrey tries to confirm with Dave the legality of their marriage, but the lad refuses to admit that their marriage is in fact null and void. In defense of her son, Ingrid uses her money to produce a fake marriage certificate for Audrey. Aside from that, she also pays off Audrey’s lawyer to pull out from the case; and to further take down Audrey to the slums, she even calls up Audrey’s workplace to try disgracing the young lady’s name. Upon learning all about Ingrid’s scheming, Audrey courageously confronts her mother-in-law; and in the middle of their heated argument, she furiously slaps Ingrid’s face, 2 times.

Philippines Title: Tayong Dalawa
English Title: The Two Of Us
Directed by: Ruel Bayani and Trina Dayrit
Country of origin: Philippines
Language(s): English, Filipino
No. of episodes: (2009 -05-22)[update]88 (as of May 22, 2009)
Broadcast: ABS-CBN Philippines

Philippine Drama: The Two Of Us
Broadcast: Astro Prima Channel 105
Date: April 6, 2010 onwards at 3.00 pm & 12.30am


David "JR" Garcia, Jr. was born into a poor family. His father, David Garcia Sr., deserted his mother before he was born because his wife, Ingrid Garcia was pregnant with David "Dave" Garcia, Jr. When Audrey King and her family went to Tagaytay for a visit, she fell from a set of high stairs. If David "JR" Garcia Jr. was not there she probably would have died. When he gets help, she asks for his name. He tells her that he is David Garcia, Jr. When she gets to the hospital and is asked by the witnesses and her family who saved her, she says it's David Garcia, Jr. but David "Dave" Garcia, Jr. is the one who is credited. She did not realize that he is a different boy. As she grows up falling in love with Dave, Dave meets his brother and soon best friend, JR. Their families did not approve of the friendship. Dave's family thought that JR just wanted to use Dave for his money. Dave & JR's mother's would not let the two hang out. But their father allowed the friendship to continue, because there was something about JR that David Sr. liked, but he didn't know what it was. Dave's grandmother, Elizabeth, suspects and so does JR's mother, Marlene, but nothing stops these two from becoming best friends. When everyone found out that Dave & JR are twin siblings, the family rivalry became worse. Elizabeth, Dave's grandmother did everything to make sure that the news about the siblings did not come out. She lied and schemed, for Marlene, JR's mother, to go to jail. Audrey's father then sends her to Cebu to study there, but not before she meets JR. He feels like he has seen her before, but does not realize who she is. When Dave and JR were sent to the Philippine Military Academy, they started to get competitive with each other, in academics, and for their true love. When they finally got into battle, will brotherhood save them both, or will envy leave them both to die? Audrey has grown up in love with the wrong person, but when she realizes who her true savior is, will she be able to return her love?


Episode 101 - Elizabeth dies

Unfortunately, the doctors fail to revive Elizabeth. She dies in the hospital, thus resulting to JR’s formal arrest for murder. With Elizabeth dead, there is no one left to prove him innocent of his alleged crime except for the culprit himself, Stanley. Back in their home, Stanley admits to his mother that he is the one responsible for the crime committed against Elizabeth. He tells her that he was supposed to speak with Ingrid, but only Elizabeth was at home to speak with him. They got into a heated argument, thus causing him to hit her with a vase out of great fury. The truth could have ended there, but unfortunately for Stanley, somebody overhears his confession; and to make it worse, it is caught on video.

Episode 102 - Dave pins JR down

Though his family is trying to keep his spirits up, JR knows that his chance to get out of prison innocent is terribly slim due to strong substantial evidences thrown against him; so he tells Ramon to look after their whole family in his behalf just before they leave during one of their visits. On the resumption of JR’s trial, Dave is called on the stand. Though he had narrated only the cold facts, his opinion regarding JR’s ability to kill somebody further pins down the suspected murderer in the case, just as Ingrid wanted. After the trial, Marlene approaches Dave regarding his testimony. According to her, she might as well be dead than to see her sons in their current situation. Upon hearing this, Dave couldn’t help but be guilt-stricken. With his biological mother and surrogate mother on opposing ends, his position is left in jeopardy. Surprisingly, on their next meeting in court, Audrey’s testimonial completely opposes her husband’s. She sincerely tells everyone in court that, as far as she knows, JR doesn’t have the capacity to kill anybody.

Episode 103 - JR is sentenced with lifetime imprisonment

Back in their home, Dave persistently questions Audrey regarding her testimony in court. She stands firm with her words; according to her, she is confident that JR is not guilty of the crime being held against him. Straight on Dave’s face, she unyieldingly yells that JR is the only person she loves despite her marriage to him, thus causing the latter to grow furious. Aside from Dave, JR too has his share of reactions towards Audrey’s testimony. Upon catching sight of her, JR couldn’t help but express his gratitude for Audrey’s belief in his innocence. Unfortunately, though Audrey’s statement increased their chances to win the case, it isn’t enough to persuade the court of justice. The judge finally laid down his verdict: JR is to face lifetime imprisonment after being declared guilty of first degree murder.

Episode 104 - Greta asks for Audrey's help

JR admits to Greta and Ramon about Stan’s knowledge of Elizabeth’s real perpetrator during one of their visits. Upon hearing this, Greta decides to take action despite Ramon’s persistent disapproval. Secretly, she decides to meet Audrey to ask for Stan’s whereabouts in behalf of JR. On the other hand, Marlene and her whole family decide to move in a smaller house to save their remaining money, which is gradually falling short due to JR’s case. Being the designated head and breadwinner of the family, Ramon takes the risk of resuming his illegal transactions despite the authorities’ watchful eyes. Back in the army, Dave’s team is the one assigned to hunt down Ramon and his prospected client from Basilan; and during one of their encounters, he immediately recognizes one of its members as one of his hostage takers before. Ironically, JR too meets a notorious inmate from the said group. Aware that JR’s life in prison is in jeopardy with the said inmate, Manuel persuades him to collaborate with him in order to stay alive.

Episode 105 - Dave learns the truth about his grandfather

Angela visits JR in prison, and there she tries to confirm everything Greta told them. JR verifies the said information, and he too asks for their help to pinpoint the real culprit. On the said visit, Angela receives a call from Audrey; aware that there is no way her niece could visit JR under Dave’s watchful eyes, Angela hands over the phone to JR so the two can actually have a chance to talk. Despite his aching heart, JR claims he’s glad that Audrey married Dave; according to him, he can now rest assured that Audrey is in fact good hands. On the other hand, Dave secretly meets up with his grandfather, Greg; and there he learns the truth behind his sudden disappearance before. In contrast to what the old man told his wife before, it is revealed that he had spent time in jail for years. He tells Dave that his claim about having another woman is definitely not true; according to him, he just said that so that he can avoid being a burden to Elizabeth and Ingrid.

Episode 106 - Ingrid learns about her father's sickness

The notorious inmate finally recognizes JR so he entraps him into a fist fight. Fortunately, Manuel calls in the guards on duty right at the nick of time to stop the warring prisoners; but unfortunately the real battle doesn’t simply end there, and JR’s life remains at risk as long as he is in prison. On the other end, Marlene tries to convince Dave to push through with his former plan to patch things up with their family, but sadly, the lad finally made up his mind. Despite his sincere love for his biological family, Dave claims that he can never reconcile with them after what happened to Elizabeth. The news immediately breaks Marlene’s heart; and to make up for the pain, Dave tries to comfort her in his embrace. Aside from Dave, Marlene also decides to settle things with Ingrid. Upon catching sight of her by David’s grave, Marlene immediately approaches Ingrid to sincerely thank her for taking good care of Dave; and from there the two ends up starting a diplomatic conversation. On the said discussion, Ingrid accidentally learns about Dave’s discreet assistance to her father. After confronting her son regarding the matter, she learns that her father is in fact terribly sick.

Episode 107 - JR interferes Ka Duroy's escape

Manuel overhears Ka Duroy’s plan to escape prison, and he immediately informs JR about this; according to him, it is a great opportunity for them to finally get out of there too. Surprisingly, instead of grabbing the chance, JR decides to stand in Ka Duroy’s way. During the said escape, he runs after the said fugitive in order to keep him from running away. JR impresses the warden with his courageous act, so the latter willingly offers him his support on his case’s appeal. On the other hand, Angela finally gets in touch with Stan. He sets up a meeting with her, but he doesn’t show up. Instead, he asks a stranger to give his aunt a letter containing a confession on having knowledge of Elizabeth’s real killer and a warning to stay away from Ramon and Greta. Stan’s letter could have served as an evidence to get JR out of jail and put Ramon and his men in instead; but unfortunately, one of Ramon’s men intentionally steals Angela’s bag containing the said letter.

Episode 108 - Ramon outsmarts Dave

After gaining knowledge of Stan’s vital role in JR’s case, Marlene decides to pay Audrey a visit. She persistently begs the young lady to shed light on JR’s case by revealing the whereabouts of her brother Stan. Audrey tells Marlene that she has no idea where her brother is; but in order to calm the anxious mother down, she assures her that she will let her know once she locates him. She also adds that if ever proven that Stan has something to do with the said crime, she will not hesitate to surrender him to the authorities. On the other hand, Dave’s mission to bust an illegal firearms transaction gets busted after Ramon successfully misleads the authority to their decoy. Fortunately for the infamous group, Greta accidentally gets a tip from Ingrid’s loud mouth during one of her visits in the latter’s abode.

Episode 109 - Stan tells Audrey who the real killer is

In one of his calls, Stan admits to Audrey that their father is in fact the one responsible for Elizabeth’s death. Aside from that, he also informs her that he is willing to give out his statement together with substantial evidence to prove his claim. Audrey immediately tells the news to JR’s family, including Dave. The next day, Stan is set to give out his statement, but unfortunately, on that same day, his body is found dead by the authorities. To everybody’s dismay, the lad is gunned down by a still unknown killer, thus leaving JR’s case on hold once again.

Episode 111 - JR returns as a changed man

After his sudden disappearance, JR surprisingly returns as a changed man. Upon his arrival in the penitentiary, he immediately starts up a fight with his fellow inmates, thus leading him to an instant detention. After all the series of unfortunate events that struck him, Audrey couldn’t help but grow concerned of the lad. She knows for a fact that she is still, and forever will be, in love with him so she takes a chance on telling it to him before it’s finally too late. Unfortunately for her, JR relentlessly pushes her away before she could even start professing her true feelings. With no one else to turn to, JR finally submits himself to Ka Duroy; he collaborates with him in order to finally claim his freedom, even if it actually means that he has to go against the law he had abided all through out his service in the army.

Episode 112 - JR goes undercover

It is also unveiled that JR had met with the officials during his sudden disappearance in the penitentiary before. His sole mission is clear: he has to gain Ka Duroy’s trust in order to locate the infamous rebel, Hunyango. After JR’s convincing act with one of the jail guards, Ka Duroy falls for the trap. He finally lets JR join their well-planned escape. Unfortunately, on the said execution, Dave catches sight of JR on the run; he tries to hold his escaping brother down but he fights his way out of the arrest. After successfully doing so, JR finds himself reunited with Ka Duroy’s group, and together they tread the way down to the fugitives’ secret hideout.

Episode 113 - JR learns Ramon's secret

Dave marches in Marlene’s home, and there he relentlessly questions her about JR’s whereabouts. Incidentally, on the said visit, JR calls Marlene. Instantly, she covers up for the lad by pretending that she is talking with Ramon. On the other hand, Ka Duroy calls up Ramon to push through with their long awaited transaction. Upon learning the said conversation, Greta grows quite doubtful considering that JR had already infiltrated the rebels, but Ramon decides to push through anyway. And just as Greta suspected, JR is present on the said illegal transaction, and there he clearly identifies Ramon even behind mask. On the said unexpected meeting, the brothers end up having a rather heated argument at gun point.

Episode 114 - Ramon sells out JR

Ka Duroy has plans to double-cross their dealer, Ramon. Unfortunately, the said scheme includes taking the poor lad’s life. JR overhears the said plan, so he immediately calls up home to warn his brother. Instead of being grateful for the tip, Ramon grows irritated of JR’s nosiness, so he tries tipping him off to Ka Duroy instead. Incidentally, Ka Duroy’s group is starting to grow suspicious of JR’s real intention in joining the rebels. With Ramon’s tip at hand, Ka Duroy decides to put JR to a test of loyalty. On the other hand, with Ramon’s life still at risk, JR is left with no choice but to admit the truth to their mother so that she could do the honor of looking after him.

Episode 115 - Ka Duroy puts JR to test

After busting his son’s illegal business, Marlene relentlessly scolds Ramon. In return, Ramon blames his mother for the man that he has actually become. According to him, he only did what he did to get her out of prison before; but unfortunately, the job ended up holding him by the neck. Bedazzled by all her sons’ complicated statures, Marlene confides to her bed ridden mother; little does she know, Rita herself is facing a dilemma of her own making her nearing death due to lung cancer. On the other end, Ka Duroy finally finds a task to test JR’s loyalty. Since Dave keeps on getting on their way, the head of the rebels personally asks JR to plant a bomb on his twin brother’s backyard. Incidentally, on the execution of the said mission, Audrey meets an accident, which Ingrid purposely set.

Episode 116 - JR learns the truth about Audrey and Dave's marriage

To Audrey’s surprise, she wakes up in a hospital with JR at her bedside. On their surprising meeting, Audrey admits to him the real reason why she married Dave. Unfortunately, their chat is immediately cut short by Dave’s unexpected arrival. Luckily, JR gets a chance to leave the hospital room unnoticed before Dave steps in. Back at their meeting place, Ka Duroy is starting to grow impatient of JR’s delay. Upon the latter’s arrival, he lays down his excuse which the head of the rebel group immediately believed. The next day, Ka Duroy brings JR with him to his supposed meeting with Hunyango. Incidentally, Dave receives a tip regarding the escapee’s whereabouts; but instead of busting Ka Duroy as planned, he ends up seeing his godfather Marlon on the site.

Episode 117 - JR accomplishes his mission

With the major evidence at hand, Elizabeth’s real murderer, Stanley, is immediately arrested by the police. Everybody seems to be thrilled by the said news, except Ramon. Unfortunately, JR’s freedom happens to be synonymous to his upcoming detention since his brother already knows about all his illegal transactions. On the other hand, back at the rebels’ hideout, Ka Duroy catches JR sending of tips to the authorities via phone. Luckily an ambush, headed by no other than his superiors in his undercover mission, saves the under cover’s life.

Episode 118 - Rita asks JR a favor

Stanley is convicted of Elizabeth’s murder and he is sentenced with lifetime imprisonment; and since it is also proved that his mother had knowledge of the said crime, she is also charged with obstruction of justice. After the hearing, Stanley’s mom immediately asks for JR and Ingrid’s forgiveness, but to no avail. On the other hand, with Rita’s clock ticking, she solemnly prays for a short extension of her life to straighten up Ramon’s life. Upon hearing about his grandmother’s nearing death, Ramon’s cold heart instantly breaks into tears. Aside from Ramon, Rita also tells the bad news to JR; and as her final request, she asks him to disregard his plans on surrendering Ramon to the authorities.

Episode 119 - Marlene's sons are complete

JR is trapped in a pretty tight spot. Rita’s final request is indeed making him choose between her and his principles; but upon realizing that his grandmother only has few months left to live, he finds it hard to go against her will, most especially with his mother requesting the same thing on the side. In line with JR and Dave’s birthday celebration, Marlene decides on holding a small party. Just as Rita expected, Ramon arrives on the said event; and in line with JR’s promise to her, the lad tries his best to hold his peace. On the said reunion, Marlene couldn’t hide her happiness. Immediately, he pulls his sons close to her so she could share her delight. She says that she wants to savor every second of the said event because it might be the last time she’ll ever see them together in peace.

Episode 120 - Marlene learns about Rita's sickness

JR and Ramon engage in another heated argument, thus causing the latter to rush his way out of the party. After the said encounter, Rita talks to JR regarding her intention to bring their family back together. Incidentally, while Rita is in the middle of her monologue regarding their family’s loosing ends and her sickness, Marlene walks in the room. Upon learning about her mother’s condition, Marlene tries to sympathize with her, but unfortunately the latter relentlessly refuses it. The next day, Rita runs away from home. With no one else to turn to, she immediately calls Ramon to pick her up. Unfortunately, her fatal condition is starting to catch up on her, thus leaving her lying unconscious at the backseat of the car. Immediately, Ramon brings her to the nearest hospital.

Episode 121IJuly 8, 2009 - JR covers Ramon's back

Since the authorities assume that he has knowledge regarding the infamous gun smugglers who met with Ka Duroy and his group before, JR is immediately called in the office for questioning. In order to look after Ramon’s back for now, he only reveals the codename Welson Smith to them. Unfortunately, despite JR’s plotted cover up, Dave discovers that Ramon is in fact Welson Smith after one of the latter’s men decided to tip him off. Fortunately for Ramon, Greta finds a way to send him a warning regarding Dave’s plan to bust his hideout so he, his group and Rita successfully escapes the said encounter.

Episode 122 - Ramon plans on leaving the country

Rita is deeply enraged with Ramon’s devious acts. She forcefully tries to straighten up the lad, but unfortunately he is resistant. With his face all over national television under the authorities’ wanted list, Ramon seems to be having troubles pursuing his gun smuggling business. Left with no other choice, he and his team are forced to collaborate with Hunyango so they could immediately leave the country. Unfortunately, JR accidentally learns about the said plan from Greta. He tries to calmly stop his brother but, to no avail; thus leaving him no other choice but bet his life by standing in the way of Ramon’s car.

Episode 123 - Ramon claims their fake passports

Ramon relentlessly speeds his way out of his family’s sight, barely missing his brother JR who was then standing still on his car’s way. Upon their escape, Ramon immediately reschedules his meeting with Hunyango’s group to get their fake passports, so they could push through with their plan to leave the country. Still intrigued by Hunyango’s true identity, Ramon sneaks on the former’s office in order to finally reveal the mysterious face behind the name. On the other hand, Hunyango a.k.a. Marlon accidentally learns from Dave that Ramon might have something to do with David’s death.

Episode 124 - Ramon's ambulance is blown into pieces

Rita informs JR of Ramon’s plan to escape the country, including his plan to lead the authorities towards the wrong direction. Upon learning this, JR immediately tips Dave for additional backup. Unfortunately, the said meeting turns out to be a rather fatal encounter. Ramon is instantly shot down by the authorities; and to make the situation worse, the ambulance that is supposed to rush Ramon in the hospital is blown into pieces by a still unidentified bomber. Upon catching sight of the burning vehicle, Marlene immediately breaks down into tears.

Episode 124 - Ramon's ambulance is blown into pieces

Rita informs JR of Ramon’s plan to escape the country, including his plan to lead the authorities towards the wrong direction. Upon learning this, JR immediately tips Dave for additional backup. Unfortunately, the said meeting turns out to be a rather fatal encounter. Ramon is instantly shot down by the authorities; and to make the situation worse, the ambulance that is supposed to rush Ramon in the hospital is blown into pieces by a still unidentified bomber. Upon catching sight of the burning vehicle, Marlene immediately breaks down into tears.

Episode 125 - JR grows doubtful of Ramon's death

Ramon’s death raises a rather heated argument between Marlene and Rita; both of them blame each other for the poor lad’s untimely demise. In the middle of their disagreement, they receive a rather unexpected call from Ramon’s phone; thus raising JR’s suspicion. To fill in his doubt, JR seeks help from his friends to confirm whether or not the corpse they weep for is Ramon’s. The said procedure is supposed to be a secret, but unfortunately for them, Dave surprisingly walks in the wake just after they have closed the coffin. Luckily, Rita immediately composes herself to come up with a valid excuse to keep Dave’s nose out of their way.

Episode 126 - Greta learns that her life is at risk

Greta takes a pregnancy test; and it confirms that she is in fact pregnant with Ramon’s child. Unfortunately, the life of the child in her womb is at risk now that she learns from one of Ramon’s men that they are in great trouble. Upon hearing this, Greta immediately calls up Nico. The lad claims that he has no idea regarding Ramon’s demise; and at that instant, he also declares that he is once and for all out of the group. On the other hand, aware that Marlene’s whole family blames him for Ramon’s demise, Dave sincerely tells them that he is willing to do the best he could to catch the lad’s real killer as he hands over to them the complete police report on Ramon’s death.

Episode 127 - JR discovers that Ramon is still alive

After seeing one of Ramon’s men dead, Greta grows fearful for her own life, together with the life inside her womb; so before it is finally too late, Greta decides to admit everything to JR. After confessing about her pregnancy, she also decides to confess to the lad her involvement in Ramon’s illegal transactions. Upon hearing this, JR enrages in anger; but what made him more furious is Greta’s declaration of guilt with regard to his death defying condition, which later on led to Audrey’s forced marriage to Dave. On the other hand, JR finally gets his hand on the DNA test result; and there he learns that Ramon is still alive.

Episode 128 - JR takes responsibility of Greta's child

It is revealed that Hunyango played a vital part on Ramon’s survival from their encounter with the authorities. It seems that Nico made last minute negotiations with the said leader in exchange of Ramon’s life, thus leading them to a rather excellent business relationship later on. On the other hand, aware that Ramon is still alive, Greta tries calling him up to finally inform him of her pregnancy; but to no avail. And since Greta’s life remains at risk, JR selflessly volunteers to take responsibility of the child inside her womb to once and for all avoid Ramon’s opponents from doing her any harm.

Episode 129 - Ramon learns about Greta's pregnancy

While snooping around Greta, Nico accidentally learns about her pregnancy. Immediately, he informs Ramon about it. Upon learning the said news, the lad instantly suspects that the child in Greta’s womb is in fact his, so he decides on meeting up with the young lady as soon as possible to confirm. On their supposed meeting, Dave surprisingly jumps in the scene; fortunately, Ramon immediately catches sight of the lad, thus giving him more time to run away before he sees him.

Episode 130 - Greta convinces Nico that JR is the father of her child

Greta receives another invitation via text message from Ramon; but to her surprise, she finds Nico, instead of Ramon, patiently waiting for her arrival. On the said meet up, Greta asks Nico regarding Ramon’s whereabouts, but just like his claim before, he persistently denies having knowledge about it. In respond to her relentless questioning, Nico finally inquires about the true identity of the man responsible for the child in her womb; without further questions, Greta sticks with their plan of giving the said responsibility to JR. Upon hearing the said confirmation, Ramon grows drastically infuriated, not only towards JR, but also towards Greta.

Episode 131 - Dave learns that Ramon is still alive

Ramon receives a very good, yet dangerous, deal from Hunyango, which he open-handedly accepts. In order to get back at Greta’s alleged infidelity, Ramon kidnaps her before he actually pushes through with his newly acquired mission. On the said unexpected reunion, Greta admits to Ramon that he is in fact the father of her child. The lad refuses to believe her claim, but she keeps on insisting, thus leaving him no other choice but to set her free. On the other hand, Dave receives a tip that Ramon is still alive. Incidentally, he also catches sight of Greta’s attempted capture; immediately, he assumes that the brain behind the said unsuccessful hostage taking is no other than Ramon. Greta immediately denies the said allegation.

Episode 132 - Ramon visits Rita

Greta finds a hefty amount of money in Rita’s bag, and she immediately tells this to Marlene. The latter grows furious upon learning the news, and she immediately questions Rita where the cash came from. After being caught red-handed, Rita is left with no choice but to admit that Ramon gave it to her; she explains that she has been saving it for her funeral. On the other hand, Ramon learns about Rita’s critical condition, as well as Marlon’s upcoming marriage to Ingrid. In line with this new set of information, the lad tries to threaten Marlon into giving him the money for his grandmother’s treatment. Upon receiving his demand, Ramon sneaks in the hospital where Rita is in. After giving her the money, he discreetly leaves the premises; and on his way out, he accidentally bumps into his mother.

Episode 133 - Dave confirms that Ramon is still alive

Dave accidentally learns about Ramon’s visit after he bumps into Marlene chasing after the lad. He immediately questions Rita regarding the said visit; the latter then reveals that her grandson came over to visit and give money for her upcoming operation. Marlene requests for Dave’s silence with regard to the said revelation, but unfortunately the lad fails to give his word. On the other hand, Rita finally undergoes an operation to remove her tumor; fortunately, she successfully surpasses the said surgery.

Episode 141 - Audrey's grandmother steals from her

Dave once and for all shoves away his own mother upon realizing all the harm she had done towards Audrey, thus leaving Ingrid rather miserable. Left with no other choice, Ingrid finally seeks the health of Audrey’s very own grandmother to once and for all sway the young lady to get back with her son. Just as Ingrid commanded, Audrey’s grandmother goes home with her to make her granddaughter’s life miserable. Aside from that, the old lady also takes her granddaughter’s only savings for her upcoming annulment; and she gives part of it to her son in jail, Stanley.

Episode 142 - Audrey learns about Ingrid's scheme

Audrey’s grandmother, Lily, denies Audrey and Angela’s accusation regarding the missing money. To make things difficult for her granddaughter, the old lady insists on going to a hospital for a series of tests despite her healthy condition. Upon learning from Lily about Ingrid’s scheming, Audrey immediately confronts her husband; and after the two’s heated confrontation, Dave finally realizes it is time to let her go. On the other hand, JR receives a new job opportunity from Marlon, which he immediately declines because he has been assigned on a secret mission. Unfortunately for JR, Greta overhears him speaking with his superior with regard to the said operation, so she was able to immediately warn Ramon regarding a possible encounter.

Episode 143 - Dave is shot down

Dave plans on telling Audrey the truth about their marriage, but unfortunately, he fails to attend his supposed meeting with his wife after receiving an emergency mission in Visayas. On the other hand, aware of the military’s plan to bust their operation, Ramon tries to mislead the authorities by taking children in a school bus as hostages and tipping the wrong ship to the authorities. Surprisingly, their plan succeeds; and to further heighten up the terrorists’ drama, 2 unidentified men are hired shoot down Dave after his rather courageous act.

Episode 144 - Dave surpasses his surgery

Dave’s operation is a success, and his condition is finally growing stable. Upon hearing the said news, his whole family seems to be pretty delighted, all except Marlon. During one of Audrey’s visits, Dave decides on telling her about their fake marriage; but to his dismay, Ingrid immediately rushes in to stop him. On the other hand, despite his whole troop’s departure from Visayas, JR decides to stay behind to personally investigate his brother’s case. Since he had seen Ramon in the crime scene, JR just couldn’t help but suspect the lad’s involvement in the crime.

Episode 145 - Dave learns about Ramon's possible involvement in his ambush

Marlon’s plan is falling into its proper place; everybody is now thinking that Ramon is in fact the one behind Dave’s supposed ambush; everybody including Dave himself. With his name on top of the authorities’ most-wanted list, his whole family grows more and more concerned about him, particularly Greta who is currently pregnant with his child. In order to assure the latter’s safety, Ramon tries taking her with him; and just as he always did, he persistently lavishes the young lady with his ill-gotten wealth.

Episode 146 - Ingrid gives out a press release

Thinking that his family finally lost their faith on him, Ramon decides to finally cut ties with them; he simply chooses to push through with his plans together with Greta, their child and Rita. On the other hand, Ingrid gives out a press release regarding Ramon’s involvement in Dave’s ambush, which immediately puts the said culprit in front of every newspaper the next day. Upon learning this, Marlene enrages in anger so she decides on confronting Dave about the matter. On the said event, Dave somehow raises a heated argument with his biological mother. Thinking that Marlene is in fact on Ramon’s defense, Dave couldn’t help but accuse her of prejudice.

Episode 147 - Greta tells Audrey that JR is not the father of her child

JR catches sight of Greta after the young lady dropped off Rita in front of their house. Upon catching sight of her, he relentlessly drags her to come back home, but fortunately for her, Nico surprisingly arrives to her rescue. Back in their hideout, Ramon tells Greta about his plan to pull out from Hunyango’s group in order to live a peaceful life with her and their expected child. Upon learning this, Greta decides to pay Audrey a surprise visit to once and for all admit Audrey the truth that JR is not the father of her child.

Episode 148 - Greta suffers a miscarriage

On Ramon and Greta’s supposed departure, the authorities surprisingly show up at their doorstep. While running away from them, Greta unfortunately suffers a miscarriage. Ramon grows furious. He had thought that Rita might have tipped them off once again; but Greta immediately denies the said allegation. She admits to Ramon that Audrey knows about their hideout, thus leaving her as their sole suspect.

Episode 149 - Ramon holds Audrey captive

Thinking that Audrey is the one responsible for the police’s sudden interruption on their plans, Ramon and Greta decide to take the young lady captive. The latter fails to hold back from hurting their hostage, since she believes that she is in fact the primary reason for her untimely miscarriage. On the other hand, Ramon calls JR to inform him of his plot against Audrey. He exclaims that if JR and Dave fail to find the poor lady on time, her body will definitely be blown into pieces. Fortunately for JR, Greta develops a concern towards Audrey after hearing out the latter’s claim that she has nothing to do with the police. Immediately, the lad together with Dave and the authorities rush to save Audrey.

Episode 150 - JR collaborates with Dave

JR finally bursts in anger after Ramon took Audrey captive. Furiously, he lays down his emotions in front of Rita and Marlene, saying that their consistent toleration of his brother’s misdeeds only pushes him to go on with his devious acts. Since JR firmly believes that Ramon is growing completely out of control, he finally decides to join forces with Dave’s group in order to hunt down their brother once and for all. On the other hand, Dave’s troubles regarding Audrey are bound to be solved by Ingrid. With the help of Lola Lily, Ingrid is more than willing to do everything she can to make Audrey marry Dave in a church.

source: (Thank you and credits to - (source of synopsis from Episode 1)
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source: (Thank you and credits to
and all sources for the information and pictures)


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