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Episode 1 - 20 (synopsis/recap) Philippine Drama The Two Of Us (Tayong Dalawa) start airing from April k6, 2010 over Astro Prima Monday - Wednesday

Tayong Dalawa (English: The Two Of Us) was a Philippine primetime drama series broadcast on ABS-CBN which featured an ensemble cast. The story revolved around fraternal twin brothers (Jake Cuenca and Gerald Anderson) who share the same name, the same aspirations, and the same lady-of-interest (Kim Chiu). The title of the series was taken from one of Rey Valera’s classic songs, in a manner similar to most Filipino soap operas.

Philippines Title: Tayong Dalawa
English Title: The Two Of Us
Directed by: Ruel Bayani and Trina Dayrit
Country of origin: Philippines
Language(s): English, Filipino
No. of episodes: (2009 -05-22)[update]88 (as of May 22, 2009)
Broadcast: ABS-CBN Philippines

Philippine Drama: The Two Of Us
Broadcast: Astro Prima Channel 105
Date: April 6, 2010 onwards at 3.00 pm & 12.30am


David "JR" Garcia, Jr. was born into a poor family. His father, David Garcia Sr., deserted his mother before he was born because his wife, Ingrid Garcia was pregnant with David "Dave" Garcia, Jr. When Audrey King and her family went to Tagaytay for a visit, she fell from a set of high stairs. If David "JR" Garcia Jr. was not there she probably would have died. When he gets help, she asks for his name. He tells her that he is David Garcia, Jr. When she gets to the hospital and is asked by the witnesses and her family who saved her, she says it's David Garcia, Jr. but David "Dave" Garcia, Jr. is the one who is credited. She did not realize that he is a different boy. As she grows up falling in love with Dave, Dave meets his brother and soon best friend, JR. Their families did not approve of the friendship. Dave's family thought that JR just wanted to use Dave for his money. Dave & JR's mother's would not let the two hang out. But their father allowed the friendship to continue, because there was something about JR that David Sr. liked, but he didn't know what it was. Dave's grandmother, Elizabeth, suspects and so does JR's mother, Marlene, but nothing stops these two from becoming best friends. When everyone found out that Dave & JR are twin siblings, the family rivalry became worse. Elizabeth, Dave's grandmother did everything to make sure that the news about the siblings did not come out. She lied and schemed, for Marlene, JR's mother, to go to jail. Audrey's father then sends her to Cebu to study there, but not before she meets JR. He feels like he has seen her before, but does not realize who she is. When Dave and JR were sent to the Philippine Military Academy, they started to get competitive with each other, in academics, and for their true love. When they finally got into battle, will brotherhood save them both, or will envy leave them both to die? Audrey has grown up in love with the wrong person, but when she realizes who her true savior is, will she be able to return her love?


Episode 1 - The story of Marlene and Ingrid

Marlene fell in love with David ever since he helped her pay for her hospital bills when her son Ramon got sick. She was also prostitute who helped him sort through his feelings for his girlfriend, Ingrid. However, a night of indiscretion resulted to her pregnancy. Though it was clear that David had no intention of having a relationship with her, Marlene insisted to look for him in Manila to tell him about their baby. Unbeknownst to her, David was already married to Ingrid by then. And the woman she talked to, at a grocery store where he supposedly lives, happens to be Ingrid's mom, Elizabeth. Since then, Elizabeth had a private investigator look into Marlene's background. It kept her updated about her pregnancy and the fact that she plans to give away her baby once it was born. As it was, Ingrid had a difficult pregnancy while Marlene was going to have twins at the time.

But it seems that everything went well for both of them even if one of Marlene’s twins died while she was in labor. Much later, the two simultaneously had their sons christened as David Garcia Jr. and happily moved on with their lives. Things may be hard for Marlene but she has her mom Rita to help her raise her sons Ramon and JR. Luckily, JR (her son with David) proved to be a smart kid whom she believes will remove their family from a life of poverty. While Dave (Ingrid and David’s son) grew up really insecure because David raised him with an iron hand even after he retired from the military. Nevertheless, the Garcias led a very privileged life because of Ingrid’s business acumen.

One time, Ingrid brought her family in Tagaytay to take a short vacation while she seals a deal with a hardware supplier (Stanley King) of their stores. Little did she know that this brings her closer with the woman from her husband’s past since Marlene and her family have relocated there a year after JR was born. In the meantime, she met with Stanley and his family to discuss business. Then the next day, they all decided to go sightseeing. Stanley’s daughter Audrey immediately run off, however, when he scolded her for always causing trouble.

Still hurt by her father’s scolding, Audrey was too lost in her thoughts that she suddenly got into an accident. Luckily, JR was around to save her from her fall. With the help of a security guard, Audrey was brought to a nearby clinic where she relayed what happened to her parents. Since she barely saw JR during her accident, she couldn’t identify her boy-savior apart from the fact that his name is David Garcia. As such, everyone assumed that it was Dave who saved her since the latter merely kept mum about it. So the next time JR bumped into Audrey at the church, he was surprised that she acted as if she has no idea who he is. Will JR ever see Audrey again?

Episode 2 - Loretta’s rocky marriage with Stanley

When the Garcias met up with Stanley and his family, Ingrid has noticed Loretta’s awkwardness to mingle with anyone even from her family. Apparently, she is merely a High School graduate who used to be the King’s house-help. It was only after Stanley’s first wife died that she got married to him. But the fact that she and Stanley only had a daughter has always been a huge disappointment to Stanley’s mother, Lily, who happens to be a pure Chinese. And it is crucial for Stanley to get Lily’s approval so he would be able to manage their family business.

Luckily for Stanley, he still have an eldest son, Junior, who stands to inherit the family business. But a vehicular accident in Tagaytay leads to his untimely death. Both Lily and Stanley blame Audrey for it since it was her fault why Junior had to come running after their car that she accidentally stirred to life. And it seems there’s nothing she can do for her father to forgive her. The worst part of it though is when Stanley suddenly comes home with a child (his youngest son Stanley III) in tow. Apparently, he had an affair with a woman who used to work in one of their hardware stores. He further explains to Loretta that it happened back when she has just given birth to Audrey and she has no time to do her wifely duties. Though it breaks Loretta’s heart to hear his betrayal, she has no choice but to raise Stan as her own because she desperately wants to make things work in her family.

This means that Audrey is left with no one else to take care of her except for Dave who has become her closest friend. Is she the only one who can give her true happiness?

Episode 3 - One name, one fate of the two David Garcia Jr.

All grown-up now, Dave and JR cross paths in an interschool basketball competition. They are both a tough opponent to beat since they happen to be the star player of their respective schools. But JR proves that status in life has no weight in a ballgame as he leads his team to a hard-earned win during the championship. After the games, however, a player from another team confronts Dave about his arrogance while in the court. Dave is not one to back out from a fight though so he immediately beats up the poor guy. The latter’s friends saw what happened to him and proceeds to look for the culprit named David Garcia. They assumed that it was JR because of the name on his jersey so they instantly attacked him. When JR learned that they were actually looking for a different guy, he goes in search for the other David Garcia to give him a dose of his own medicine. After which they end up at the principal’s office where their parents are required to show up. But since Dave and JR knew that their parents would only give them hell after hearing about their squabble, they are compelled to make amends with each other right there and then. Better yet, they have become fast friends after that. Will this be the start of strong brotherhood between them?

Episode 4 - Audrey leaves Manila to study in Cebu

When JR mentions that he and new friend Dave share the same name, Marlene’s curiosity is instantly peeked. She keeps on asking him about Dave’s dad knowing that he could be her former lover David Garcia. But she has no choice but to downplay her interest in front of her sons since she has told them before that JR’s father is already dead. Much later, Rita discourages Marlene from entertaining her thoughts about Dave for it’s so impossible that he could be David Garcia’s son.

In the meantime, Dave gets into a fight with David again because of the bruise on his face. Afterwards, he sneaks out of the house to go see Audrey at her house to unload his burden involving his father. When the latter finally made him feel better, Dave tells her that he will definitely miss her when she leaves for Cebu the next day. As it happens, it seems that they both have feelings for each other but they simply have no chance to dwell so much about it because they are the best of friends.

The next day, Dave almost forgot to see Audrey off at the airport because of the awarding of winners in the interschool basketball game where he and JR are part of. They were on the way to JR’s school when Dave asks him to drive his car to the airport first. Once they reached the airport, they went their separate ways to go look for Audrey. JR stumbles upon her first and something in his gut tells him that they have already met before. But then Dave suddenly arrives and JR has to stand aside and let the two say their goodbyes to each other. When will JR discover that she is the same girl whom he saved back when they were still kids?

Episode 5 - Marlene finally meets Dave

Since Marlene accused JR of stealing his friend’s cellphone, he decides to let Dave attest to the truth by bringing him to their place. Though it has cleared the air between him and his mom, Marlene is more confused than ever because she feels in her heart that Dave is the son of David Garcia. And the fact that Dave’s father is an ex-American soldier adds up to her suspicions.

Meanwhile, Ingrid also asks Dave to set up a meeting with his JR. As it happens, she also suspects that his son’s new friend is being a bad influence to him. The knowledge that he comes from a poor family increases her fear that it was JR who stole Dave’s phone. Not knowing that Dave merely lied about his stolen phone because he knew that his parents would have a fit if they learned that he gave it away.

She was surprised, however, to see that JR also brought his whole family in their luncheon date that day. Will Ingrid establish a friendship with Marlene? Or will she dislike her at first sight?

Episode 6 - Elizabeth recognizes Marlene from David’s secret past

For some reason, Ingrid instantly hates the sight of Marlene. There’s just something about her that makes her blood curl. But of course she couldn’t show her disgust right away since she wants to get to know her first. Things could have gone better up until JR brings out the cellphone which Dave gave to him the day they went to see Audrey at the airport. As it happens, Dave made his parents believe that someone took his cellphone when they asked him about it the day before. Since Ingrid doesn’t know the real story why Dave’s phone is with JR, she has to wait until much later to confront her son about it.

Left without much choice, Dave is compelled to reveal the truth about his cellphone when Ingrid confronted her back at their home. The fact that he gave it to JR, however, fails to appease Ingrid, who is being paranoid about the whole issue. As a matter of fact, she even pays Marlene a visit the next day just to throw money in Marlene’s face and to tell her that JR should stay away from her son. But since Marlene refused to be bribed, she immediately went to the Garcia’s mansion to give the money back to Ingrid. Though the latter did not come and see her outside, Ingrid points out who Marlene is to her mom, Elizabeth, who, in turn, recognizes her as the woman who also had a son with David. Will Elizabeth be able to stop the past from resurfacing back in their lives?

Episode 7 - Dave gives his application papers for PMA to JR

The incident between Ingrid and Marlene has almost ruined the friendship of JR and Dave. In fact, JR threw a punch at Dave the next time he saw him. But Dave has no choice but to make amends with JR because there’s no one else who can listen to his problems. The fact that Audrey’s cellphone can never be reached convinces him that she too has already forgotten about him. As such, he attempts to talk to JR again during his basketball practice to explain his side of the story. After threshing things out, the two take the chance to bond by playing tennis and war games. Then Dave brings him to their family-owned shooting range so that JR could learn how to fire a gun. They also happen to meet David there who has also come to like JR. The fact that JR puts in a good word for Dave has made things easier between the latter and his dad. As it is, David wants Dave to take up military training in PMA so he could have a better future. Little did he know that Dave has given the application for scholarship to JR whom he thinks is more deserving of it than him. What will Dave’s family do once they learn that he hasn’t really applied to PMA? And has Audrey really forgotten about Dave?

Episode 8 - Audrey returns to Manila

While waiting for Stanley to come home, Rita tells Loretta to give her a massage. As usual, she complains about Loretta’s “incompetence” and even accuses her of wanting to get back at her. But this time, Rita goes too far as she hits Loretta hard on the face and refuses to be sorry when the latter passes out on the floor when she accidentally bumps her head on a nearby furniture. Loretta is then rushed to the hospital while Stan tearfully relays what happened to Audrey over the telephone. The incident compels Audrey to fly back to Manila to take care of her poor mother. Though Loretta seems to be okay after the accident, Audrey refuses to leave her side knowing that no one would take care of her mom except her. In the meantime, she agrees to meet up with Dave to see his reaction to her new look.

Prior to her arrival, however, Dave has met a certain Doris Pineda (Greta), an entertainer in an upscale club. As it is, the pressure at home has made him restless and having someone new to talk to, at least, keeps his worries at bay. They agree to just have a chat about their lives and why a virgin like Doris is forced to work as a dancer. Unknown to both of them, they would meet each other again sooner or later because of JR. But for now, she is happy to make enough money for her to afford her mother’s operation. What happens though if Greta’s mom fails to make it until then?

Episode 9 - Ingrid wages war against JR and his family

Together with JR, Dave and Audrey catch up with each other while dining in a restaurant. Audrey tells him all about her situation in Cebu and then swears him to secrecy because she doesn’t want her mom to worry about her. As it is, Loretta has enough problems at home already. Since there’s no one else who can help her ease her troubles, Dave promises to call her more often. And for times that she couldn’t contact him, Dave tells Audrey to reach him through JR instead. As soon as they finished their meals, Dave brings Audrey to the Garcias’ mansion so she could visit Ingrid and Elizabeth. The two are happy to see the changes in Audrey and that she and Dave are still good friends after all. Tension rises, however, when Audrey unknowingly remarks that she and Dave had enjoyed a pleasant lunch with JR. Furious at her son for lying to her all this time, Ingrid lashes out at Dave and his continuous friendship with a gold-digger like JR. This later creates a disagreement between Dave and Audrey because the former blames her big mouth for what happened back at the mansion.

Unknown to them, Ingrid has gone to JR’s side of town to warn him about his closeness with Dave for the last time. But since JR remains stubborn with his desire to be friends with Dave, Ingrid wages war against him and his impoverished family. True enough, some of the town officials came out of nowhere and began to destroy Marlene’s carinderia the next day. JR fails to connect this incident to Ingrid though as he is equally worried about his application in PMA. Will he ever find out the things that Greta is forced to do just to raise enough money for him to pay the town official who threatens to sue him for physical injuries?

Episode 10 - Dave and Audrey becomes a couple

Audrey almost gets hit by a vehicle after she walks out on Dave in a restaurant. As it happens, she is angry at him for blaming her about his recent disagreement with Ingrid. But the fact that Dave has saved her from harm reminds her of the first time he rescued her. On the other hand, Dave is so terrified of what could have happened to her that he couldn’t help but kiss her as if to assure himself that she’s safe and alive. But instead of freeing her from his tight embrace after that, he kisses her again, this time, not out of fear but out of his love for her.

This marks the beginning of their relationship as an official couple and JR, for some reason, is not too happy about it. As a matter of fact, he keeps on avoiding Dave and Audrey whenever he has the chance. But as time passes by, he becomes closer to Audrey as he acts as their bridge every time they have a misunderstanding. The first of which is when Audrey fails to say goodbye to Dave in person just as he and JR are about to leave Manila for PMA. Since Dave refuses to talk to her, JR is the one who consoles her over the phone. After his long conversation with Audrey, however, Dave warns him not to be too attached to his girlfriend. How long will JR be able to suppress his attraction towards Audrey?

Episode 11 - Marlene discovers where to find David

Dave and JR have finally started their training in PMA. Most of their days are filled with strenuous activities leaving no time for them to contact anyone from the “outside world”. As such, they have no idea that a lot of things are happening back home including Ramon’s involvement in a gun-running syndicate and Marlene’s chance encounter with the love of her life, David Garcia.

As it is, the latter has recently opened a new shooting range which has been publicized in the dailies. Marlene happens to see the ad of David’s business establishment so she immediately goes there to see David again. But she wasn’t allowed to enter the premises because David told the guards that he doesn’t know anyone named Marlene Dionisio.

Truth be told though, David has recognized her from his past. In fact, he even shares the whole story between him and Marlene to his friend Stanley. However, he insists that she wasn’t his call girl to begin with and that they only had one night of indiscretion when he was intoxicated with alcohol.

Episode 12- Marlene falls into Elizabeth’s trap

When Marlene comes face to face with David, she forces him to take responsibility with their son JR. Despite the scandal that it will bring his family, David agrees but only after JR undergoes DNA testing. So for now, Marlene can only wait until JR returns from PMA for vacation. But she insists to see David again because what she really wants to accomplish is to be reunited again with the only man she really loved. Something which is next to impossible since David is very much in love with Ingrid and he has never been unfaithful to her except for that one night stand with Marlene long ago.

Not knowing what else to do, David reveals everything about Marlene to Elizabeth, who, in turn, promises to cover up for him. She asks the receptionists to bring Marlene at the warehouse the next time she went to the shooting range. There Elizabeth offers to give her P100,000 in exchange of her leaving the Garcia family at peace. However, Marlene remains stubborn about her desire to be with David so she throws the money back at Elizabeth. Then to her shock, the latter suddenly frames her up by accusing her of stealing and attempted murder. What are the odds that Marlene will be able to fight against the power and influence of Elizabeth?

What David wants is to tell Ingrid all about it for it to be done and over with. But Stanley advises him that doing so will only complicate his life. As easy as it sounds though, the fact remains that David will be forever linked with Marlene because of their son JR. What happens once he learns about this truth as well?

Episode 13 - Dave and JR go home for vacation

One year quickly passes by and all of JR’s efforts to become an outstanding PMA cadet seem to be paying off. He happily calls back home to share the news to his ‘Lola Gets’ and that he would be coming home for vacation. To his shock, however, he learns that Marlene is currently in prison because of false accusations against her. So he immediately returns to Manila together with Dave who also wishes to see Audrey again.

Soon Dave will discover that Audrey is being forced into an arranged marriage with the well-off Chinese business partner of her Lily. The latter has even punished Audrey for rejecting Andrew Cheng (Richard Quan) during their first date by forcing her to drop out of college. It was only through Audrey’s sheer determination that she has enrolled herself in an open university.

The lives of Dave and JR are bound to become more complicated, however, as the latter begins to grow fonder of Audrey. In fact, he seems jealous when Dave calls Audrey to tell her that he is also coming home to see her. What else lies in store for them once they meet each other again?

Episode 14 - JR admits that he has a crush on Audrey

To ease JR’s troubles with his family, Dave invites him to a lunch date with his dad and Audrey. JR brings Greta with him too and this paves the way for the latter to see Dave again. Oblivious to the true nature of her work, JR notices the sudden tension between Greta and Dave. When he asked Greta about it though, she quickly brushes off the issue and confronts him about his obvious attraction towards Audrey instead. JR denies this but she tactlessly reveals her observation to Dave who is equally angered by the possibility that JR would betray him in that sense. Luckily, JR is able to pacify him by telling him that Greta is already his girlfriend and she will make sure that he doesn’t crush on other girls.

After meeting up with them, JR comes to visit Marlene in jail to bid her goodbye before he returns to PMA. She has been giving him last-minute reminders when she accidentally lets it slip that JR should concentrate on finishing his studies so that his dad can’t treat him badly if they see each other in the future. Upon hearing this, JR forces the truth about his father out of her and his involvement in her sad plight right now. Will JR demand to meet his father as Marlene reveals that it was David who sent her to prison all along?

Episode 15 - Ingrid learns that JR is enrolled in PMA

Though JR desperately wants to confront his father about Marlene’s case, the latter has persuaded him to finish his training in PMA first before he arranges a meeting with his father. Unbeknownst to him, he is getting closer to the man who fathered him because David approves of his friendship with Dave despite Ingrid’s continuous protests. As a matter of fact, this has created a rift between David and Ingrid as the latter discovers that he went out with the two boys while they were in Manila. As if that’s not enough, Ingrid also learns that JR is enrolled in PMA as well when she went there to visit his son who recently got into an accident. Furious with the mere sight of JR, Ingrid threatens to make Dave quit PMA since she couldn’t pull strings and have JR expelled without looking unreasonable and foolish at the same time. Threatening to make Dave quit PMA is also useless because David backs up his son’s decision to pursue his training no matter what.

Episode 16 - A brewing series of disasters

Since Dave is in detention for two weeks, he wasn’t able to meet Audrey when she came to Baguio to visit him. JR takes his place instead as he agrees to tour her around different scenic spots so that her trip won’t go to waste. The whole excursion has been ill-fated from the very start, however, because Audrey gets scolded for leaving without her father’s permission. As soon as she reached home, Stanley not only destroys her cellphone but also forbids her from going out of their house, much to Lily’s delight.

Sensing that she’s in some kind of fix, JR shares his worry for Audrey with Dave who’s still pissed because he wasn’t able to see her. The fact that JR is extremely concerned towards her further riles him for he seems to have developed feelings for her. For the nth time in the past few days, Dave warns JR of getting too attached to Audrey, given that they have been the best of friends for so long. But is their friendship enough to remind JR not to entertain his growing feelings for Audrey?

In the meantime, Greta decides to leave her job as a dancer in favor of doing volunteer work in a church. Apparently, she’s determined to become the woman JR wants so that he would change his mind about turning their friendship into romance. On the other hand, her desire to become a better person stands in complete contrast to Ramon’s choice to become a permanent member of a gun-running syndicate. As it happens, this enables him to borrow enough money to get his mom out of prison. How will this turn of events affect JR’s future?

Episode 17 - The truth finally comes out

Graduation day finally arrives and both JR and Dave are top honors of their class. As such, their respective families are all excited to see them receive their commencement exercises including Greta and Audrey. The only thing that ruins Ingrid’s happiness for her son is the fact that she will surely bump into Marlene again. This alarms Elizabeth knowing that there’s something more that links their families apart from Dave and JR’s strong bond. As such, she attempts to stop David from going to Baguio by planting a false bomb threat in their shooting range.

After the ceremony, Ingrid indeed bumps into Marlene inside the ladies’ room. Annoyed by the mere sight of JR’s mother, she unduly throws all sorts of insults towards her. Marlene refuses to retaliate by slapping her on the face though so as not to repeat her past mistakes again. She drenches her clothes with water instead knowing that such childish behavior won’t warrant any legal actions against her. Then Marlene quickly leaves the washroom to share her “triumph” with Rita and the others.

A greater surprise awaits her outside, however, as David suddenly turns up and it becomes clear to her that Ingrid happens to be his wife and not Elizabeth. She immediately walks out of the lobby to hide her surging emotions but JR runs after her and persuades her to tell him what’s wrong. Left without much choice, Marlene bitterly reveals to him that Dave’s father happens to be his as well.

Episode 18 - JR confronts David about their blood ties

JR would have confronted David right there in PMA if not for Audrey’s sound advice to refrain from making a scene in front of all the graduates and his senior officers. As such, he waits until he and his family has returned to Manila to discover the rest of Marlene’s story about how she met David. On the other hand, David is also coming to terms with the fact that JR seems to be his son with Marlene. When he dwelled on this subject with Elizabeth, however, the latter discourages him from believing Marlene’s claims before. But just when David is convinced not to think about the whole thing anymore, JR comes to tell him that Marlene has been imprisoned for a year because of him. This comes as a complete surprise to David since he really has no idea on the schemes Elizabeth has been doing all this time. As such, he decides to talk to Marlene himself to know who among them is telling the truth.

Episode 19 - Ingrid discovers David’s greatest betrayal

From the very start, David has been clear about the real score between him and Marlene. Ingrid is the woman he loves and he has no plans to destroy his family by allowing Marlene back in his life again. The fact that they have a son changes everything, however, because he wants to do the right thing by taking responsibility towards JR. And not even Elizabeth can stop him from being a real father to his newfound son.

But since Elizabeth wants him to keep the truth from Ingrid, David proceeds to make arrangements for Marlene and her family without his wife’s knowledge. As it happens, Ingrid has been increasingly aware of David’s suspicious behavior but her mom tries to keep everything under control. Until she accidentally discovers the house that David recently bought, thinking that it was meant as a surprise for her.

Little did she know that the greatest shock of her life awaits her as she stumbles upon Marlene in the same house that David supposedly bought for her. Worse, Marlene claims that she can’t let her leave because it happens to be her new home. This completely confuses Ingrid who immediately returns to the mansion to confront Dave about the newly-purchased property and why Marlene is in it. Left without a choice, David finally reveals to her that it has something to do with JR who turns out to be his son.

Episode 20 - Dave learns that JR is his half-brother

It is inevitable for Dave to know all about David’s past with the Dionisios (Marlene’s family) as Ingrid undergoes a nervous breakdown. There’s nothing much they can do about it except wait for her to come to her senses again. Furious with what’s happening to his family, Dave accuses JR of trying to steal everything in his life. Fortunately, Marlene and Greta have immediately stopped an ensuing brawl between the two boys who have been the best of friends before. All that is about to change now that Dave’s family gets shaken to the core. As it is, Ingrid has even attempted to shoot JR with a gun if not for the latter’s acquired skills in weaponry. The Dionisios try to take this all in stride but JR is further convinced to take away everything from Dave since he is set on believing the worst of him after all. Does this mean JR is also willing to risk his friendship with Dave by winning Audrey’s heart as well?

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