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Episode 1 - Telenovela Legacy mula menemui penonton pada 5 Disember 2012 setiap Isnin - Khamis jam 3.00 petang di TV3


Plot The story started when the sole heir of Legacy Corporation, Cesar Alcantara falls in love with a lowly factory worker named Isabel Calcetas. Don Romualdo Alcantara, Cesar’s strict and domineering father resents his son’s relationship with Isabel and instead forces him to marry Eva, a daughter of a bank magnate who lends them money in order to save Legacy Corporation from bankruptcy. But Cesar is madly, deeply in love with Isabel—the one and only girl whom he gets serious with and he is ready to fight for their love. But things change when Eva tells him that she is pregnant with his child. But in reality, Eva is just pretending, as she is not able to bear a child because of her ovarian problem.

Cesar once had a baby named Bernadette,to his former fling Anna Marie, a bold actress. But the senior Alcantara refuses to acknowledge the baby because he was not convinced that Cesar is the father of the child and because of Anna Marie’s bad reputation. One fateful day, when Eva tries to confront Isabel, a riot takes place that eventually putting the rallying employees, including Isabel, behind bars.

Isabel believes that Cesar will help him out of the jail. And as expected, the case was pulled out and she was released. Isabel gladly goes to Cesar to thank him, but to her surprise, Cesar asks her to leave the company and end their relationship. Shock and devastated, Isabel collapsed. Lucio, Isabel’s friend and avid suitor, brings her to a clinic. News of pregnancy was announced by the doctor, which further aggravates Isabel. She goes to Cesar to tell her condition, but Eva doesn’t allow her to see Cesar and drive her away. Lucio voluntarily asks Isabel to marry him to save her reputation and to give the baby a name. Isabel agrees. Months later, Eva’s fake pregnancy plan succeeds. She adopts a baby and named her Natasha.

Meanwhile, Isabel also bares a beautiful baby girl and named her Diana. Years later... The present Chief Executive Officer of Legacy Corporation, Cesar Alcantara was murdered by an unknown killer. This tragedy also marks Diana and Bernadette’s fight for the legal rights to their father’s name and wealth. Don Romualdo, once again, refuses to acknowledge Bernadette and Diana, but eventually gives them the opportunity to prove themselves. They must undergo DNA test to prove that they are true-blooded Alcantara. Three siblings. All beautiful, smart and ambitious... battling over love, power and wealth, who will emerge to be the sole heiress of Legacy Corporation?


Telenovela ini mengisahkan perebutan kuasa antara 3 orang adik beradik Alcantra di Perbadanan Legacy

Cerita ini bermula apabila pewaris tunggal Legacy Corporation, Cesar Alcantra jatuh cinta dengan pekerja kilang bernama Isabel Calcetas. Bapanya Don Ramualdo Alcantra menghalang Cesar berhubungan dengan Isabel dan sebaliknya memaksa Cesar berkahwin dengan Eva anak perempuan seorang hartawan perbankan yang telah memimjamkan mereka wang untuk menyelamatkan Perbadanan Legacy daripada muflis.

Tetapi Cesar bingung, Cesar amat mencintai Isabel dan ingin berjuang untuk cintanya dengan Isabel. Tetapi segalanya berubah apabila Eva memberitahu kepadanya bahawa dia hamil anak Cesar.

Eva hanya berpura-pura dan menipu Cesar. Eva tak boleh mengandung kerana ada masalah ovari.

Telenovela Legacy Episode 1 (dengan sarikata Bahasa Malaysia/Malay subtitle)

Telenovela Legacy Episode 1 Part 1

Telenovela Legacy Episode 1 Part 2

Telenovela Legacy Episode 1 Part 3

Telenovela Legacy Episode 1 Part 4

Telenovela Legacy Episode 1 Part 5

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