Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mr. Bolivia Bruno Kettels, a Chemical Engineering student is the new Mister International 2009

Mister International 2009 comes from Bolivia

Taichung, Taiwan - The new Mister International is Mister Bolivia, Bruno Kettels, a Chemical Engineering student who hopes to contribute positively to society. He enjoys basketball, singing, playing musical instruments and swimming.

Throughout the two-hour event, the contestants competed in three categories: swimwear, evening wear and interview. During these competitions, the “Top Five” were selected before the crowning.

MISTER INTERNATIONAL 2008 Ngo Tien Doan crowned his successor at the conclusion of the two-hour pageant, before an estimated viewing audience of more than 1,200.

Final Results: First Runner-up: Mister Spain Hector Soria will assume the duties of MISTER INTERNATIONAL 2009 if the Titleholder for some reason cannot fulfill his duties. Second Runner-up: Mister Lebanon, Marcelino Gebrayel; Third Runner-up: Mister France, Maxime Thomasset; Fourth Runner-up: Mister Poland, Sebastian Strzepka.

Top Ten: Mister Belgium, Ladangh; Mister Singapore, Nelson Lee; Mister Slovenia, Peter Klinc; Mister Taiwan ROC, Terry Shih; Mister Venezuela, Luis Nuzzo.

Top Fifteen: Mister Indonesia, Holly Feriston; Mister Ireland, Francis Xavier Usanga; Mister Puerto Rico, Henri Quiles; Mister USA, Josh Tolin; Mister Vietnam, Le Xuan Vinh Thuy el.

This is Bolivia's first ever Grand Slam title ever, male or female.

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