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Biodata/Profile of Stephen Huynh 黃長興

Stephen Huynh Profile/Biodata

Name: Stephen Huynh 黃長興
Cantonese Pinyin: Wong Cheung Hing
Mandarin Pinyin: Huang Chang Xing
Birthday: August/September 1978
Birthplace: France
Height: 5'8" (1.77m)
Weight: 168 lbs.
Family: Younger brother/actor Francois Huynh
Previous Occupation: Retails and Business Director
Education: University
Nickname: 小興 (Siu Hing)
Chinese Zodiac: Horse
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Personality: Introverted, Open, Optimistic
Saying: O-la-la!
Strong Point: None
Unforgettable Experience: First Mr. Hong Kong interview
Childhood Dream: Interior Designer
Future Aspiration: Magazine Photographer
Type of Girl: Sweet, Cute
Favorite Sport: Tennis
Favorite Food: Eggs
Hated Food: Dog Meat
Most Wanted Place to Travel: Japan (because of advanced science and technology)
Favorite Movie: Rocky
Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite Song: None
Favorite Idol: Arnold Schwarzenegger (because he became a statesman and actor)
Favorite Successful Man: Li Ga Sing 李嘉誠 (because of successful enterprises)
Favorite Part of Body: Eyes (because they're small and bright)
Part of the Body He Wants to Improve: Waist (no reason)
Battle Strategy: Study harder
Profession: Actor and model

Dicey Business [played young Michael Miu (Kiu Ching Gor)]
Steps [Wallace Tso]
Marriage of Inconvenience [Ah Long]
War of In-Laws 2 [Ryan]

Sweet Talk (he will play a young study abroad student with a Western attitude and who is also a bit of a womanizer)

TVB Variety Shows
Strictly Come Dancing

Education level: University
Languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, English, and French
Hobbies: Cooking, volleyball, table tennis, and judo
He is 1/3 Chinese, French and Vietnamese.
He was one of the final 4 in the 2005 Mr. Hong Kong Contest.
TV Series

Serial Drama:

2006 Dicey Business - Young Kiu Ching Gor
Land Of Wealth - Po Yan Ba Tou
2007 Marriage of Inconvenience - Tin Mong
The Ultimate Crime Fighter
Best Selling Secrets - Tommy
Steps - Wallace Tso
2008 War of In-Laws II - Ryan
D.I.E. - Pierre
Catch Me Now
Forensic Heroes II - Ma Kwok Wun
Speech of Silence - Herbert
2009 The Beauty of the Game - Tom Tom
The Greatness of a Hero - Mo Yin Ming General-Died in Episode 2
Burning Flame III

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