Sunday, February 24, 2008

Who wants to eat "Sarawak Laksa"

Having Sarawak Bihun Laksa again for lunch.Lost of idea already of what to take for my meals sometimes. How good and convenient it is if we can just take food in pills form so that we do not have to go out to eat and much petrol will be saved. And with the money that has been saved can buy more food pills to eat. How nice would that be. Do you agree with me?

Sarawak Laksa is one of the wel known food among the locals here and nearly all the stalls at the hawker centre or coffee shops have this dish. The Sarawakian families grew up eating Sarawak Laksa other than the popular kolo mi here.

From the snapshot, you can see Sarawak Laksa have few main ingredients: the noodles, prawns, eggs, chicken (you can't see any chicken meat as I prefer to eat without chicken meat so they replace it with taufu pok) and the particularly unique gravvy with sambal (optional)

Noodles that are normally used for Sarawak Laksa are the usually used are bi hun (rice noodles,or vermicelli)I have always prefer the elephant brand from Thailand) and wong meen (yellow noodles) are boiled in plain boiling water for few minutes until tender but still firm.

After putting the noodles in a bowl, bring to boil a little taugeh, and add the taugeh (bean sprout) in the bowl together with steamed chicken meat (flesh from drumstick will be more tasty), fried eggs cut in strips and cooked shelled prawns are added on top of the laksa. If you like the taste of spring onions or coriander leaves you can garnish some on the noodles too. Finally pour the laksa curry soup in the serving bowl.

Each bowl of laksa always served with a mini plate of sambal chilli paste, and half chunk of tangerine( to add some sour flavour) to the laksa. When you eat it while it is still hot, you will know why the Sarawakian loves it so much and usually eat it for breakfast.

The normal price for a bowl of Sarawak Laksa is arount RM3 for small bowl, RM4 for big, RM5 for special. Mostly Sarawakian will love this laksa but as for me, I still prefer KL curry laksa or Penang curry laksa.

Another dish that I ordered to eat with Sarawak Laksa just now was fried wanton. Fried wanton is a simple easy dish to cook. Just fill in the mince meat or prawans and wrap it in the wanton skin and get ready a wok or pan with oil.. Deep fry it for very short while till it is golden brown and eat it with some chilli sauce.

Simple right!! Happy trying and remember to eat Sarawak Laksa when you come to the land of Hornbill. Anyway the people here will recommend you this curry laksa too even if you have forgotten about it.

fried wanton: RM3 for eight pieces


Aeryn Chow said...

hmm....sarawak laksa, this is what daddy keeps telling mommy about. There is one famous stall at Kuching Stadium right, or behind the pub SOHO? there is a small stadium, is that good?

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