Sunday, May 31, 2009

Latest Final Results for Britain's Got Talent (Series 3) ON MAY 30, 2009 - DIVERSITY IS THE WINNER

Britain's Got Talent Series 3 - The semi finals are first determined by public vote, followed by the judges. The act gathering most phone votes automatically progresses to the finals. The judges then determine which of the second and third placed acts will also progressing to the final. Susan Boyle gained the public vote on May 24, 2009, with dance group Diversity being the judges' choice. On the follwing day, May 25, 2009, dance group Flawless won the most public votes, and singer Shaun Smith was selected by the judges.

Congratulations to all the finalists:

Semi Final 1:

1. Susan Boyle - 1st (won by public vote)
2. Dance Group Diversity - 2nd (won by judges' vote

Semi Final 2:

3. Dance Group Flawless - 1st (won by public vote)
4. Shaun Smith - 2nd (won by judges' vote)

Semi Final 3:

5. Stavros Flatly - 1st (won by public vote)
6. Shaheen Jafargholi - 2nd (won by judges' vote)

Semi Final 4:

7. 1st (won public vote) - Julian Smith - Saxophonist
8. 2nd (won judges' vote) - 2 Grand -Singers

Semi Final 5:

9. 1st (won public vote) - Aidan Davis - Street dancer
10. 2nd (won judges' vote) - Hollie Steel - Singer and ballerina


Video clips of the Semi Final 1 Results - Britain's Got Talent 2009

Video clips of the Semi Final 2 Results - Britain's Got Talent 2009

Video clips of the Semi Final 3 Results - Britain's Got Talent 2009

Final Results:

1 Flawless - Dance Troupe
2 Shaheen Jafargholi - Singer
3 Aidan Davis - Streetdancer
4 2 Grand - Singers
5 Hollie Steel - Singer
6 Stavros Flatley - Greek/Irish Comedy Dancers
7 Shaun Smith- Singer

8. 2nd Susan Boyle - Singer
9. 1st Diversity - Dance Troupe
10. 3rd Julian Smith - Saxophonist

(Thank you and credits to BritainsSoTalented Channel, and all sources for the information and pictures)


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