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This is American Idol "Season Finale" results show recap:

At the beginning of the the finale of "American Idol" at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, Wednesday, May 21, 2008 Ryan Seacrest announced that all together 97.5 million votes were received. An extra 23 million votes compared to the previous season.

The Host, Ryan also revealed that 54% of those votes were for the winning David leaving 44% to the other David.

As the two hour show reached to a close, Ryan Seacrest asked the judges to share their thoughts of the year before he announce the final results.

(thank you to the source: AIfreak08 Channel for the video clips of the "Season Finale" results on May 21, 2008

Both Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul said what a great season it was and how good both the finalists were.

Simon CowellSimon apologized to David Cook saying after he went home to watch the performance show again last night and he realized he had been little harsh disrespectful on David Cook when he don't deserved to be commented like that. What he liked about both of them because both of them have given their best. For for the first time ever Simon didn't really care who wins as both of them done terrific.

This is what Simon Cowell said to them a moment just before the final results was announced by Ryan Seacrest:

"I want to congratulate both of you on last night because on the night, I thought it was a terrific show. I went back home to watch it. It wasn’t quite so clear cut as we called it,”

And, in fact, David (to David Cook), I will take this opportunity to apologize because I think I was verging on disrespectful with you and I don’t think you deserve that because over the seasons, both of you, what I like about both of you is that you’re try-ers and you’ve both given it your best. You’re both very nice people and for the first time ever, I don’t really care who wins. I think you’ve both done terrific."

Ryan Seacrest announced: Ladies and Gentlemen, David and David - the winner of 12 million votes American Idol 2008 is David Cook and David Archuleta. It is never easy to reach so far in any singing competition including American Idol.

Pictures of David Cook after he was announced as the seventh American Idol:

David Cook his eyes were filled with tears after his name was announced

David Cook is now the new American Idol Season 7 - Amazing, and unbelievable.. David Cook made it all the way through and he is the champion of American Idol for this season. He is the newly crowned American Idol. Congratulations to David Cook.

Once again congratulations to both the finalists - David Cook and David Archuleta

David Cook's Biography/Profile:

Middle Name: Roland
Age: 25
Date of Birth: December 20, 1982
Zodiac Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Marital Status: Single
Nickname: Cookie (Cookie Monster); Word Nerd
Place of Birth: Houston, Texas
Brought up in: Kansas, Blue Springs, Missouri

Profession: Reality cast member, singer
Mother's Name: Beth Foraker
Grand Mother's Name: Debra Frye
Aunt and Uncle's: Susie & Andy Castner & David Frye

Siblings: Two Brothers: Andrew & Adam (who is suffering from cancer)
Andrew Cook's Occupation: He is a junior Elementary-education major at UCM and musician. It was Andrew's idea to try out for the show, and he insisted David try out with him. He said that David cook was not thrilled about it, but both of them went for the audition.
Adam Cook's Occupation: He is an Attorney
David Cook's Residence: Tulsa, Oklahoma
School: Blue Springs South High School; Theater scholarship to Central Missouri State University but graduated 2006 with a degree in graphic design

David Cook Fast Facts:

Has been singing since he was in the second grade.
Former member of bands Axium and MWK.
Released an independent solo album Analog Heart in 2006.
David Cook Relationships:
Beth Foraker - Mother
Adam Cook - Brother
Andrew Cook - Brother

(Thank you so much and credits to all sources of pictures and information on American Idol "Season Finale")


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