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Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華) - 齊歡暢 Chai Foon-Cheung
Jessica Hsuan (宣 萱) - 李青雲 Li Ching-Wan
Michael Miu (苗僑偉) - 喬正初 Kiu Ching-Cho
Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) - 齊歡樂/張來富 Chai Foon-Lok (Cheung Loi Foo - Chai Foon -Cheung's long lost younger brother)
Tavia Yeung (楊 怡) - 譚珠美
Benz Hui Shiu Hung (許紹雄) - 周福榮

Some of the scenes from episode 20:

In today's episode, Michael teached Bosco how to deceive other people. One of the tricks he taught Bosco was how to trick other people with certain numbers in a set of toto but Bosco did not succeed. In the end with the help of Tavia he succeeded but he asked Tavia to return the money to the old woman they tricked.

Another scene of this episode tells us that Jesicca is doing volunteering work. She met a guy lying on the bed with all sorts of drawings on his face done by the kids there. The kids told Jesicca that the man has not been awake for a long time already. At that point Jesicca still did not realize who the man is.

Then as she was cleaning the face of the man, she told herself that he looks familiar and in the end she found out that he is Bobby and she called out "Fei Lou". Bobby moves his right hand a little and finally he is conscious and opened his eyes as he called out "Cho".

The doctor told Jesicca it was a miracle after lying unconscious for months he finally awake. Bobby told Jesicca about Michael and Jesicca did not really wants to believe her ears so she went to check online for the truth.

Jesicca finds out the real truth but she finds it difficult to believe Cho is behind all this robbery.

However, Jesicca believes that Bobby is innocent and did not have anything to do with the casino's robbery. Bobby told Jesicca even Ah Wing does not believe in him already.

After many attempts avoiding from telling Bobby what actually happened to his brother, she finally revealed that his brother Ah Foo has already registered in a "show hand" poker game and he is now under the training of Michael and has become Bosco's master. Jessica also said that Bosco is happy at the moment after Michael accepted him to be his master. Bobby is furious and wanted to go back to Philipines immediately. Bobby asked Jessica to give him money so that he can smuggle back to Philipines himself.

Jessica helped Bobby to smuggle in Philipines again to save his brother from being influenced by Michael and she sent him off at the boat and let him swallowed a pill (saying that it was to prevent from sea sick) and also some bread for his journey.

The boat finally reached ashore but is Bobby safely landed in Philipines or elsewhere? To be continued on Monday June 2, 2008

Thank you and credits to: K for TVB


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