Friday, January 11, 2008


Yam Rice?
What type of menu is that? Want to learn how to boil yam rice for your meal? Actually I am also trying to figure out how to cook YAM RICE.

What is needed to boil yam rice?
chopped garlic
mushroom cut thinly.. optional actually
yam cut into cubes
chinese sausages
mince chicken drumstick or breastmeat
young ginger cut thinly
soya sauce

oyster sauce
dark soya sauce

fry the garlic, young ginger and thinly cut mushroom till fragrant

add in the mince chicken and stirfry till half cooked

add in the cubes of yam and continue to stirfry

add in water and oyster sauce and stirfry again to prevent from sticking

add in dark soya sauce and the rest of the ingredients and stirfry till cooked

add the stir fry ingredients to the pot of boiled rice and close a while till well cooked and it is ready to be served

ABC soup as an extra dish to go with yam rice

jom makan makan. It is lunch hour.


Eunice said...

yummy yummy..i also swanna eat..

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