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Episode 1 - 28 - 28 Episode Telenovela Dangerous Love mula menemui penonton di TV3 mulai 14 Mei 2013 setiap Isnin - Khamis jam 3.00 petang - Dibintangi oleh DingDong Dantes & Marian Rivera

Telenovela Dangerous Love (Ang Babaeng Hinugot sa Aking Tadyang) menggantikan Broken Vow mulai 14 Mei 2013 yang akan tiba di penghujung Episode pada 13 Mei 2013.

Dibintangi oleh/Casts
  • Dingdong Dantes as Homer Alcaraz
  • Marian Rivera as Proserfina J. Valdez-Alcaraz / Andrea
  • Angelu de Leon as Heleen Barrientos
  • Paolo Contis as Rado
  • Eugene Domingo as Yaya Madel
  • Carmi Martin as Doña Hera Alcaraz
  • Francine Prieto as Sheila
  • Sherilyn Reyes as Galatea Alcaraz
  • Lovi Poe as Athena
  • Mart Escudero as Ulysses Valdez
  • Jackie Rice as Cassandra Alcaraz
  • Prince Stefan as Aristotle "Aris" Alcaraz
  • Alyssa Alano as Yaya Citas
  • Carlene Aguilar as Clarisse Morales
  • Paolo Paraiso as Mike Villareal
  • Kevin Santos as Jason
  • Boom Labrusca as Greg
  • Celia Rodriguez as Madam Laurenna Alcaraz
  • Paolo Ballesteros as Alfie
  • Carlos Morales as NBI Agent Rommel
  • Robert Ortega as Adrian
  • Joanne Quintas as Detective Sylvia Torres
  • Gene Padilla as Luis
  • John Feir as Domeng
  • Kiel Rodriguez as Ruel Alcaraz
  • Girlie Sevilla as Rayde
  • Ricardo Cepeda as Vito Valdez
  • Freddie Webb as Don Apollo Alcaraz
  • Renz Valerio as Achilles Valdez
  • Ryan Eigenmann as Enrico dela Cruz
  • Alvin Fortuna as Detective Marco
  • Arkin Magalona]as Young Homer
  • Charlotte Hermoso as Young Proserfina
  • Jace Flores as Anton
  • Glydel Mercado as (Real) Celina Valdez
  • Jackie Lou Blanco as (Fake) Celina Valdez
Opening theme "Ikaw ang Pag-ibig Ko" by
La Diva


The story is about Homer Alcaraz (Dingdong Dantes), a young businessman who leads a boring, monotonous life. On the other hand, Proserfina J. Valdez (Marian Rivera) is the exact opposite of Homer. She is a very mysterious woman whom Homer discovers one morning sleeping with him. Proserfina is beautiful, feisty, down-to-earth but mysterious. Her beauty and her unconventional, free-spirited ways immediately attract Homer. Proserfina's presence changes the businessman's dull existence. And when Homer decides to share his life with her, Proserfina disappears. Her disappearance is as mysterious as her appearance in Homer's bed.

Homer has to look for her not only because he loves her but to unravel the mystery. One day they cross paths, but she vanishes as quickly as she entered his life. She is a woman full of intrigue who has supposedly syndicate gang roots which Homer needs to uncover.

Dangerous Love Episode 1 - 28

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Episode 1 - 20 synopsis

Homer Alcaraz is a young, affluent businessman who lives a tedious, predictable, and routine lifestyle. If he is not busy with work, he is at playing with puzzles or with his sax. Homer is soon to get married though the sudden presence of a mysterious, free-spirited woman, whom Homer discovers sleeping with him at one time, is about to change his life.

Helene barged into Homer's house early in the morning. Proserfina is currently enjoying her fried chicken for breakfast inside Homer's room yet when Homer has returned, Proserfina disappeared. Homer searched for Proserfina all over the subdivision and he wonders if he will ever see her again.

Proserfina returns out of nowhere and again she shares happy moments with Homer. While Proserfina is checking out the pool at Homer's place, Homer checks Proserfina's stuffs to see if he could search for something which could unravel the real identity of the mysterious woman.

Homer took his time off from work to spend more time with Proserfina and enjoy her company. However, Helene is wondering why she has not heard anything from Homer and why is he not contacting her for days. Is Homer really replacing Helene with the woman he just met?

From unknown circumstances, Proserpina rushes once again to escape from the bar where she was partying with Homer. What is really the mystery behind this woman, who keeps her happy at one time, then vanishes and breaks his heart all of a sudden? What is Proserfina's true identity and what is she running away from?

Homer would do anything just to see Proserfina once again, he even resorts to investigate on Proserfina's background as he tries to find her. Homer's only lead to Proserfina now is the address, which he found in her purse. Is this the time all Proserpina's secrets would reveal?

Proserfina trips from Homer's balcony and had a sprain as she escapes away from Homer. Proserfina was infuriated upon learning that Homer is still investigating and collecting details on her account. What did Homer discover with Proserfina's background?

Helene finally sees Proserfina in Homer's residence. What would happen now that the two got acquainted? Would Homer choose Helene over Proserfina or the other way around?

Rumors have been spreading inside the office of the Alcaraz. Consequentially, Homer's authoritative mother, Donya Hera Alcaraz overheard the gossip and she quickly calls Homer's attention to remind him that he has to be serious with Helene and Homer's mother reminds him that he would only want no one but Helene as her daughter-in-law. Would this stop Homer from seeing Proserfina and choose to love Helene instead?

Homer was caught in a dilemma: he is to choose whether he continues his relationship with Helene to obey his mother or to be with Proserfina whom he really loves and makes him happy. However if Homer chooses Proserfina, he is not sure if she could give back the love that he was longing from her.

Everyone is agitated because of Proserfina's presence. Donya Hera and Helene want Proserfina out of Homer's life. What would they plot against Proserfina to keep her away from Homer?

Proserfina freaks out as she hysterically tries to save a boy who is being maltreated by his own father. Seems like the situation has brought back a memory from Proserfina's subconscious to her conscious awareness and due to that, she expresses emotional baggage from her past, which everyone is dying to find out. Would she now allow Homer to probe deeper into her life inspite of a possibility of a cold, dreadful past and a dangerous consequence for learning her true identity?

Fervently evanescent, unstable, and inconsistent are the words which best describe Proserfina, the mysterious woman who appears out of nowhere then suddenly vanishes for some unknown, intriguing reasons. Proserfina's character is a serious puzzle for Homer that he feels he has to solve the more she places a big wall and keep a distance. However, Homer confesses to Proserfina the he cannot help himself but to love her even if this means she would be infuriated at him.

After the incident of calling it quits with Helene, Homer's mother, Donya Hera was extremely enraged for the sudden change of Homer's undesirable behavior and in his affairs. Homer decides to quit in the company instead of being terminated by his own mom--he would rather quit than stay in the shadows and servile submits to every demand of his authoritative and dictator mother. Meanwhile, another mysterious woman in the name of Andrea comes to the scene as she is being introduced to Homer as his friend's fiancé.

Love can sometimes tolerate faults and mistakes--a heart genuinely loving can truly forgive for a coupe of times. However, for Helene, is it still possible for her to take Homer back if he wants to start over, make up with Helene and forget about Proserfina? Now that Homer is ready to face reality, move on, and live his life how it used to be, could Homer remain intact and unaffected if Proserfina suddenly appears again?

Flash news and headlines in the newspapers consistently broadcasts the cold, ruthless and merciless, murder of Homer's close friend, Enrico. Witnesses of the crime already contributes what they have to describe in the authorities and so, the prime suspect of the crime was shown to be familiar to everyone and soon they are all to know about the truth.

Proserfina turns out to be the primary suspect in Enrico Dela Cruz's murder case. Would Homer do the right thing and report his acquaintance with Proserfina?

Homer takes off with Proserfina and the two escape as they realized that their residence was put under surveillance and that a policeman is chasing them. Meanwhile, Rado talks to the police and he introduces himself as Attorney Enriquez--the lawyer of the late father of Proserfina who is a rich businessman named Valdez. Is there any truth about Rado's statements? 

Homer and Proserfina disguise themselves to deceive the authorities and to succeed in withdrawing money from the bank. No matter how dangerous it is to be with Proserfina, Homer chooses to turn his back from the valuable things in his life, including his mother, work, and his normal life in order to help Proserfina. Homer is head over heels in love with Proserfina and he is willing to give up everything inspite of all the consequences just to be with her.

Rado cleans the alleged Proserfina by telling the police that Proserfina is a mentally deranged patient from an asylum who suffers from multiple personality disorder. Rado attempts to convince the authorities that Proserfina plays multiple roles and act out her fantasies in reality due to the depression she has developed after her father's death. Later on, Rado sends another innocent man and instructed the man to surrender himself to the police and be responsible for Enrico's murder.

Episode 21 - 40 synopsis

Today somebody cleans up the mess of Rado and Proserpina and it was an innocent man whom Rado threatens. Rados says he would kill the man's family unless the man admits the murder of Enrico dela Cruz.

Proserpina and her brother Ulysses finally reconciles as Rado frees Ulysses from rehab. It was not long after Rado asks Proserfina to go with him for another illegal business though the latter is still overwhelmed upon seeing her brother after being separated with him for a very long time. Meanwhile, in the same restaurant, Proserfina sees Homer lying unconscious in the restaurant's floor, as Homer is reluctant to stop drinking liquor.

Homer deciphers what Proserfina is keeping from him. Homer connects the dots--fragments after fragments of such bloody, cold, drastic events, which occurred between him and Proserfina. Soon, Homer is about to complete the puzzle that's been hovering his mind for a long time, as he is soon to get the chance to talk with Proserfina once again.

Homer has no idea as to what danger he is going after. For probing deeper in Proserfina's identity and background, Homer finally learns of Proserfina's secret job and connivance with a cold-blooded man named, Rado. Up to what extent is Homer going to probe until Rado finds out his relationship with Proserfina and end his life?

Because of love, Homer makes up his mind to save Proserfina. Not with standing large sums of his stock and money he is about to spend, Homer plans to invest and open a business deal with Rado specializing in selling and purchasing smuggled cars. Could Rado recognize Homer and sense what he is up to?

Aris falls in love with Athena, which means, he is currently in a state of confusion whether he shall continue his priesthood or not and so, Aris decides to just quit though he knows that his mother would not be in favor of his decision. On the other hand, Homer plans a strategy so Proserfina and her brother could escape and get away from the insanity and merciless cruelty of Rado.

Proserfina was stunned to see Rado as she attempts to escape with Ulysses and Alfie and drive away using a car. Consequentially, Rado fires a gunshot to stop Proserfina from escaping. Moreover, Rado surprises Proserfina as he claims that Proserfina's mother is with him.

Homer confirms that he is in the right track with his plans. He calls up his cousin Rommel who works for the NBI and the latter advices him of what he has to do to set up the long-time WANTED, Demeterio Esqueta alias Rado' and be easily picked up by the authorities. It would be a very risky plot to scheme a set up for Rado since he is an untouchable, leader of an illegal syndicate but could Homer stand a chance to bring the bad man down or would it be the other way around?

Rado makes it possible for Proserfina and Ulysses to reconcile with their mother after several years of being separated. However, Proserfina finds it hard to forgive her mother who has left them for escaping her responsibility. Would Proserfina ever forgive her mother and reunite her family or would she rather struggle with her life alone?

Deception. Lies. Nothing is impossible for Rado just so he gets whatever he wants. Rado would do anything it takes to deceive and to lie from Proserfina and even to killjust for the sake of making Proserfina stick and stay with him. When would his evil soul ever end plus the misery he costs very people's lives?

The day has come for Rado's big transaction with Homer. More than that, this is the day when Homer is about to set up Rado and his syndicate and act as an asset for the NBI. However, Proserfina and her family's life is at stake for Rado commands his syndicate to kill Proserfina and her family in case something goes wrong with his transaction.

Homer gets trapped in a dilemma - should he allow Rado be caught by the authorities, Proserfina and her family would get killed, and should Homer let Rado escape, it means the continuous misery for Proserfina and her family. What would Homer do now that he needs Rado in order to get to Proserfina and ensure her safety?

Would you rather do the right thing and follow your principles when the life of your loved one is at stake? In this episode, someone would be put into a difficult situation wherein a decision has to be made. The choice must be done: whether to continue serving Rado in exchange for the life of a loved one, or to follow what is right and stop tolerating Rado's selfish and evil acts.

Rado insists that Proserfina is keeping a secret. He connives with an accomplice who presents herself as Proserfina's mother in order to get the name of Proserfina's secret lover. In case Rado proves that the secret lover is real and gets his name, Homer would be in real, big trouble.

Selena asks Homer to go away and leave Proserfina. Meanwhile, Hera confronts her son Aristotle on having a girlfriend.

Because of her love for her son and Proserfina, Narcisa retracts her statement and tells Rado that Proserfina will not escape.

Proserfina confronts the woman posing as her mother, Narcisa. Meanwhile, the fake Selena confesses those lies and asks forgiveness and help to rescue her son in the hands of Rado.   

Hera sees her son Aristotle with his girlfriend Athena. Meanwhile, Rado meets Digna and kills her.
Seeing Proserfina and Homer kissing, Shiela informs Rado. Meanwhile, Helen is pregnant and she'll tell everyone that Homer is the child's father as part of her plan to be rich again.

To test his loyalty, Rado gives a gun to Homer and commands Homer to shoot Proserfina, not knowing that the gun Rado gave Homer has no bullets.

Episode 41 - 63 synopsis

Rommel and the NBI agents successfully rescues Ulysses, Afi, NArcisa and her son but fails to arrest Rado. Ruel is innocent. Adrian gets the money from the vault. NBI detains Rado.

Homer's family and relatives worries about his condition. Aristotle finds Athena with his friend and former classmate, Jason.  Homer wakes up.

Homer proposes to Proserfina but Heleen steps in and claims that Homer is the father if the child she is bearing. Heleen tries to convince Homer to marry her but Homer declines. Proserfina disagrees.

Everyone reads about the wedding announcement of Homer and Heleen on the newspaper. Greg reveals to Homer that he is the real father of Heleen's child.  Heleen's child is killed while she was fighting with Proserfina.

Afi prepares to join the Sagala de Mujeres and Citas notices and expresses feelings for Ali.  A brawl between Heleen and Proserfina starts. Ruel gets jealous when Anton visits their house, his wife Cassandra's ex-boyfriend. Heleen continues to threaten Homer and Proserfina. Homer invites Hera to the party. Heleen crashes the party.

Homer and Proserfina's wedding. Armored men kidnaps Proserfina. Heleen tries to kill Proserfina. Greg informs Homer and rescues Proserfina from being trapped inside the wall. In a struggle to take revenge and kill Proserfina, Heleen burns the house. Heleen got caught in the fire. Rado escapes the NBI with the help of Sheila.

Proserfina, Homer and his household helps escapes upon knowing that Rado had escaped from the NBI. Ruel is promoted and is based in Batangas.  Rado threatens Hera and Galatea to lure in Homer. Homer comes back to his mother's house to rescue them. Homer attacks Rad.

Heleen discovers that the woman who helped her is Selena, the mother of Proserfina. Rado dies after an encounter with Homer. Heleen uses Selena to lure in and to be able to kill Proserfina. Homer rescues both Ulysses and Proserfina. Jason lets Aristotle and Athena's relationship. Seven years after, Homer and Proserfina throws a party for their children's foundation with their son, Achilles  - End

 Dangerous Love Episode 1 - 26

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Dangerous Love Episode 27 - 28 (Episode Akhir

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